17 Best Front Door Wreath Styles That’ll Welcome Your Guests Any Time Of Year

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Looking for the best front door wreath styles to update your home? Check out my favorites that are sure to make your home inviting in 2023!

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Best Front Door Wreath

Now that the fall season is here it’s time to start changing out your home decor. During the summer months, we like colorful flowers and decor.

Once the weather starts to cool off it’s time for the autumn colors and festive vibe. There are many updates you can make during the months leading up to the Holiday season.

You may start with a colorful herb wreath until October then you can change to a black Halloween wreath. After that go for a fall magnolia wreath and finally a festive holiday wreath in December.

If that’s too much of a change there are plenty of options perfect for the fall and winter seasons combined. No matter the look you are after there is a wreath in this roundup that will be perfect for your front door.

Check out all the unique front door wreath resources and let me know which is your favorite!

This post is all about the best front door wreath ideas.

front door with diy wreath ideas

Front Door Wreath Q&A

What size wreath looks best on a front door?

For a standard 36″ front door a 24″ wreath looks best. When hanging your wreath measure down 14″ from the top edge of your door.

This way it’ll be at eye level to welcome your guests in style. Not to mention it’ll be inviting and put a smile on their face.

When should a wreath be hung on a door?

In my opinion, a wreath can be hung on your front door any season. Just change it out depending on the time of year.

For example in the spring hang a colorful wreath with dried flowers or herbs. During Halloween, a black feather wreath would look fabulous.

In the fall go for the eucalyptus or moss wreath. For Thanksgiving, the farmers market wreath is a festive option. Then during the holiday season, a red berry or white feather wreath would look amazing.

Best Front Door Wreath For Any Season

front door wreath ideas

1. Magnolia Wreath // 2. Feather Wreath // 3. Seeds and Berries // 4. Eucalyptus Plant Wreath // 5. Glitter Leaves Wreath // 6. Pampas Taupe Wreath // 7. Olive Wreath // 8. Flocked Wreath // 9. Snowy Village Wreath // 10. Halloween Door Wreaths // 11. Pampas Grass Wreath // 12. Farmers’ Market Herb Wreath // 13. Twig Glitter Wreath // 14. Fall Mum Wreath // 15. Dried Herb Wreath // 16. Bronzed Magnolia Leaf Wreath // 17. Mixed Moss Wreath

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Best Magnolia Front Door Wreath Ideas

Last fall I had the pleasure of attending a Green Art & Kallista Virtual event.

At the end of the presentation, there was a super fun wreath-making craft workshop. A few days prior, I received a box in the mail with all the supplies needed to make my very own wreath.

Lisa from Alice’s Tables was our host and led us through the fun wreath-making project.

Below is the beautiful wreath I made using the supplies from Alice Tables. The event was virtual through Zoom but I have to say it was the highlight of my week! It literally made me so happy!

wreath on front door

The wreath was made out of Magnolia branches and gold decorative pieces. The entire workshop took about an hour to complete the wreath. If you are looking for a similar look below are a few options for you.

1. Magnolia Wreath

magnolia wreath

3. Seeds and Berries Wreath

holiday front door wreath with seeds and berries

16. Bronzed Magnolia Leaf

bronzed magnolia leaf front door wreath

The classic glossy green and brown Magnolia leaves wreath (1) is a great look that will last the entire season. No need to change it out if you are wanting a wreath that is perfect for the cooler weather months.

For a pop of color go for the seeds and berries magnolia wreath (3). This is another fall wreath that is great throughout the winter season. It has a fall vibe and the red berries are awesome for the holiday months.

For a more weathered rustic look, the bronzed magnolia wreath (16) is a great look. My wreath started off green and now has more brown tones a year later. Both looks make a fabulous addition to your front door.

These are the best front door wreath ideas for the fall season.

Best Unique Wreaths For Front Door

6. Pampas Taupe Wreath

pampus autumn door wreaths

10. Halloween Door Wreaths

black feather wreath

11. Pampas Grass Wreath

grass wreath

If you’re looking for a simple modern look these unique wreaths will make a great addition to your home. The neutral taupe wreath (6) is a nice change for the fall season.

Follow that up with the black Halloween wreath (10) for a more seasonal vibe.

I love the vibrant hue of the rust grass wreath (11) which is also available in a neutral white colorway. If you are after a wintery white vibe this one will look awesome!

These are the best front door wreath ideas for making a statement.

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Best Fall Wreaths 2022

2. Feather Front Door Wreath

feather wreath

4. Eucalyptus Plant Wreath

eucalyptus plant front door wreath ideas

14. Fall Mum Wreath

fall mum front door wreath

For those looking for the perfect fall season wreath, these are for you! Whether you like more color or a tonal look the above choices are awesome.

The feather wreath (2) is fabulous for the autumn months. The harvest-inspired wreath features pheasant feathers, dried pomegranates, stalks of millet, flax, club, wheat oak, and salal leaves. It’s the perfect mix of colorful fall botanicals.

For a more rustic look, the rusted eucalyptus wreath (4) is a great choice. It has a simple classic vibe that will make a statement on your front door. It’s available in two sizes making it a lovely option no matter the size of your home.

If you love color the fall mum wreath (14) is for you. It combines all the colors of the autumn season with tones of red, orange, and yellow in the maple leaves.

These are the best front door wreath ideas to hang during Thanksgiving.

Best Front Door Holiday Wreaths

5. Glitter Leaves Wreath

glitter leaves wreath

9. Snowy Village Wreath

village light up wreath

13. Twig Glitter Wreath

berry front door wreath

Add a touch of glam and glitter with the stunning gold leaves wreath (5) from West Elm. It’s a great look for the holiday season that doesn’t scream traditional.

For a more classic vibe, the snowy village wreath (9) with townhouses, bottle brush trees, and snowy bushes has a festive look to welcome the holiday season. This one is perfect to hang over the mantel or on your front door.

Another holiday favorite is the faux berries twig glitter wreath (13). It will look awesome in the fall and during the holidays. For a pop of color, you can also hang this beautiful berry wreath above the fireplace as well.

These are the best front door wreath ideas during the holiday season.

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Best Colorful Front Door Wreaths

8. Flocked Wreath

flocked light up wreath

12. Farmers’ Market Herb Wreath

farmers market herb front door wreath

15. Dried Herb Wreath

dried herb front door wreath

If you’re looking for a more colorful wreath choose from one of these three options. The flocked light-up wreath (8) features a beautiful blush hue and light-up feature that’ll add a festive glow to any space.

For even more color the farmers market herb wreath (12) is full of vibrant hues that will make your guests feel welcome. The seasonal botanicals feature a mix of colorful dried flowers and fragrant herbs that will add beauty to your home.

To add a pop of blue to your front door the dried herb wreath (15) will do the trick. It features dried marjoram, sage, savory, ammobium, lavender, and bay.

These are the best front door wreath ideas in the spring as the weather gets warmer.

Best Greenery Wreath Front Door

7. Olive Front Door Wreath

olive wreath

17. Mixed Moss Wreath

moss front door wreath

To add a simple touch of greenery to your front door consider the olive or mixed moss wreath. Either one will add a simple touch of the outdoors to your front door.

For a Mediterranean vibe add the soft grey-green olive branch wreath (7) which is accented with olives. This one is perfect to use in your home all year long.

The mixed moss wreath (17) features a vibrant blend of preserved clump moss, reindeer moss, sheet moss, and lichen forms in the hand-crafted wreath. Love the look of this one so much I’m definitely considering it for my home this fall!

These are the best front door wreath ideas for any time of year!

As you can see there are so many options to choose from. In the spring I usually have a lavender or berry theme wreath. For the fall I love my new Magnolia wreath. Then in the winter, I have a beautiful feather wreath a friend made me.

No matter the season a stylish front door wreath is a great way to welcome guests to your home!

Have an amazing day full of Unicorns & Rainbows!

xo Nicole

This post is all about the best front door wreath ideas.

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