Disco Ball Decor Ideas That’ll Get The Party Started

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Looking for the best disco ball decor ideas? Check out these ideas that’ll get the party started faster no matter the season!

In case you missed the design trend memo the ’70s are trending and with that comes disco balls! As we know everything in fashion and home decor comes back around but with a new twist.

Designers look to the past to create updated versions of things that worked hoping to repeat the success. This is the beautiful thing about design. I love to see the merging of the decades and what new ideas and inspirations come about.

The disco ball decor has been morphed into wall art, sculptural pieces of art, Christmas ornaments, planters and so much more!

If you’re looking for a fun way to add style and personality to your home design check out the resources below!

This post is all about disco ball decor.

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Disco Ball Decor Inspiration

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This post was inspired by two of my favorite interior designers. The first is Kelly Wearstler who teamed up with Dutch studio Rotganzen to create a club-inspired line of melted disco balls.

She posted them on Instagram and I totally fell in love. Naturally, they are not cheap but they’ll make a statement in any style of home.

The limited-edition hand-sculpted glass mirror objects of art are hand-sculpted by the Dutch art collective Rotganzen, editioned, and signed.

Each piece playfully reminisces glamorous nights full of melancholic nostalgia for times past, as seen through a distinctively Los Angeles lens.

Here are images from Pinterest for inspiration:

The second designer is Leanne Ford who has a line of furniture and home decor with Crate & Barrel. For the holiday season, she designed multi-color disco ball ornaments that are so cool.

These are much more attainable and are super affordable. The set of 12 will run you about $60.

See below for more details on both collections. Let me know if you love them as much as I do!

Shop The Roundup

disco ball decor collage

1. Melting Disco Ball Sculpture // 2. Disco Ball Planter // 3. Wall Clock Disco Ball // 4. Mini Disco Ball Hanging Flowerpots // 5. Mirror Disco Ball // 6. Round Mosaic Mirror // 7. Mushroom Disco Ball // 8. Ice Bucket Disco Ball // 9. Disco String Lights // 10. Neon Sign Disco Ball // 11. Mosaic Canister // 12. Melting Disco Ball Planter // 13. Pink Disco Balls // 14. Hanging Mirror Disco Ball // 15. Wall Art Disco Ball Quote // 16. Disco Mirror Coffee Table // 17. Letter Disco Ball

1. Melting Disco Ball Sculpture

melting disco ball

This is the Kelly Wearstler melted disco ball sculpture that inspired the roundup. The stunning accent piece looks as though it’s melting right off the table. Mirrored glass tiles on the surface will catch the light and sparkle like a disco ball.

You’ll make a statement with the 5.91H x 27.56W x 21.65D work of art. If you love to entertain this disco ball decor will be the talk of the party!

Melting Disco Ball Sculpture Dupe

For those on a budget, you can get a similar look with either of these melting disco ball dupes from Etsy. They’re both under $200 which is a fraction of what the real deal will set you back.

If you’re looking to make a statement in your interior design this trendy home decor is for you. Not only will it be a focal point but friends will want to know where they can get one for their homes too!

2. Disco Ball Plant Hanger

disco planter

4. Disco Ball Vase

disco ball decor planter

If you’re looking for a disco ball decor idea that’ll last the whole year check these out. Both are available on Etsy and will add a touch of nostalgia and glam to your home.

If you have a Bohonavian design add the hanging planter. For a glam vibe, add one or more of the disco ball vases to your interior design.

3. Wall Clock Disco Ball

disco ball wall clocks

Update any space in your home with this disco ball wall clock. It’s a fun twist to the classic traditional timepiece that’s sure to be a conversation starter.

It’s made with shatter-resistant materials and is available in a black, white, or natural frame. You can also choose between black or white for the clock hand as well.

5. Mirror Disco Ball

Mirror Disco Ball

This 12′ mirror disco ball is great for a party or everyday living. It’s well-constructed with a plastic inner ball (instead of Styrofoam) and real glass tiles for shiny lighting and flickering effects.

Add a few to make a dramatic statement in your living space.

Statement Globe Chandelier

disco chandelier

If you’re looking for the real deal this disco ball-inspired globe chandelier from Wayfair is awesome. It features laser-cut crystals in a sizeable crystal sphere that will elevate the look of any space.

It’s on sale right now for under $300 which is amazing. As of now, there are only 7 left so order sooner than later if you love her!

6. Round Mosaic Mirror

disco ball decor mirror

Add a sophisticated touch to your bedroom, hallway, or dorm room with this round disco mirror. It’s great for checking yourself before you head out for a night on the town.

The eye-catching unique silhouette is ethically made with love at the Nommo Home workshop in Istanbul.

As 31.5″ round it’s the perfect size for over a dresser, fireplace mantel, console table, or entryway bench. It’s sure to add sparkle and glam to any space it’s in.

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7. Mushroom Disco Ball

Mushroom Disco Ball

These fun disco ball mushrooms are available in both gold and silver. They’re handmade and unique making them a great addition anywhere you want to add interest to your interior design.

If you’re looking for an original housewarming gift they’re perfect for that as well. Add them to your graduation party or any other disco-themed occasion.

8. Ice Bucket

silver ice bucket

This disco ball ice bucket is perfect for birthdays, showers, and holiday parties. It’ll bring the dance party right to your bar cart.

It also makes for a great holiday gift idea as well.

9. Disco String Lights

disco string lights

Add a touch of glam and sparkle to any room with the addition of these super cute disco string lights. They’re perfect for the living room, backyard, or dorm room.

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15. Disco Ball Quote

disco ball wall decor

10. LED Neon Sign

neon disco ball

For those looking for the disco ball vibe without the actual item, these wall art ideas are perfect.

The first one has the quote “sparkle like a disco ball” which you look awesome in a family game room. The neon sign “follow the call of the disco ball” would look great in a living room, bedroom, or teen space as well.

These are a fun way to add style and personality to any living space.

11. Mosaic Canister

disco ball decor canister

This mosaic canister will make a great addition to your console table, mantel, shelf, coffee table, or bookcase. It’s an update to the classic glass canister that’s often found in well-designed homes.

The mosaic mirrored pieces are hand applied for a unique original look. Add fun and interest to your interior design with this stylish home decor.

12. Melting Disco Ball Planter

melting decor

If you’re looking to create a focal point in your interior design this melting disco ball planter is perfect! Add it to the edge of any table or shelf where you want to add interest and make a statement.

It’s available in both gold and silver depending on the vibe you’re after. This piece is sure to be the talk of the party!

13. Pink Disco Balls

pink ball decor

These pink disco balls are great to add to your party decor, outdoor space, or holiday decorations. At just over $13 they’re super affordable as well.

There are five colors available if pink decor is not your jam. If you love rainbows like me mix up the colors to make an impact in your living space.

14. Hanging Mirror Disco Ball

Hanging Mirror Disco Ball

This mini disco ball 20-piece set is great for New Year’s Eve, the holiday season, or any other celebration. They come in multiple sizes that can be mixed and matched to make a statement in your design.

It’s an affordable way to set the vibe and get the party started!

16. Disco Mirror Coffee Table

disco ball decor coffee table

Add sparkle to your living room design with this cool disco mirror coffee table. It’s on sale right now for under $3000 and comes with FREE shipping.

This modern coffee table is sure to turn heads and attract attention. It has a pebble shape and mosaic mirror surface that’ll add a touch of glam to any space it’s in.

The simple curved silhouette means there are no sharp edges to worry about. Just add coasters or a tray to the flat surface when serving to avoid fingerprints.

17. Letter Disco Ball

disco ball decor

Make a statement at your graduation, birthday, or other celebration with these fun letter disco ball accessories. They’ll add a touch of glam and contrast to your green lawn.

Call attention to the guest of honor with these decorative disco letters.

Holiday Disco Ball Decor

These are currently sold out but hoping they make a comeback this holiday season. Disco ball decor is a great way to update your traditional Christmas holiday decor.

It’s especially perfect if your home is the family party house!

18. Large Disco Tree

large tree

19. Small Disco Tree

small tree disco ball

20. Tree Topper

disco tree topper

Z Gallerie has several pieces in their holiday collection that were inspired by the classic disco ball. They have two sizes in the disco tree decor and a tree topper to match.

Deck your holiday season out in “all things disco ball” this year. I mean most people are still trying to get back what they missed in 2020 so it’s ok to be a little over the top this year.

21. Disco Wreath

disco ball wreath

Welcome guests to your home with this fabulous disco wreath. What a great way to add sparkle and shine right when guests arrive.

They’ll be ready for the party from the moment they step up to your front door.

22. Disco Ball Christmas Tree Ornaments

mixed ornaments

23. Gold Mirrored Disco Ball

gold ornament

I’m obsessed with all the disco ball ornament styles available. You can get them in a variety of sizes, colors, and price points.

The first set is the collection I talked about above by my design bestie on my head the super cool Leanne Ford. She beats to her own drum which is why I love her so much!

24. Rainbow Disco Ball

rainbow disco ornament

25. Disco Ball Ornaments

silver ornaments

Naturally, I’m just a little obsessed with the rainbow disco balls because we all know I’m a believer in unicorns and rainbows.

I’d probably still do a mix of gold and silver since I love the look of mixed metals even on the Christmas tree.

I hope this short but sweet roundup gave you ideas and inspiration on how you can bring a little sparkle to your home. Let me know if you have a favorite piece.

No go and get your party on!!

This post is all about disco ball decor.

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