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Looking for the best back to school supplies list for professors? This roundup has everything you need to make the school year a success.

If you read my about page you may have noticed I’m a Professor at the college where I received my second degree in Interior Design. My first degree is in Fashion Design from FIT.

Since my experience was in Fashion Design I thought it made sense to apply to that department. After failing the test: of draping, cutting, and sewing a striped garment in a day on an industrial machine the plan changed.

When I attended FIT I was a ROCK STAR at all those skills BUT after 10 years, of not using them in the industry not so much!

After that, my Interior Design professors helped me get into their department. While there, I taught Textiles, Color for Interiors, and eventually Intro to Interior Design.

I had less time to teach as my daughter, Bella got older so I decided to take a break. Meanwhile, during quarantine, I saw my name listed as a professor on the college website.

I thought that was interesting and I wondered if I filled out my availability and if anyone would contact me.

Long story short the answer was YES.

This post is all about the Back To School supplies list for professors.

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back to school supplies list for professors desk setup

Trust The Universe

I know it’s a little woo woo but I’m all about that these days. I’m willing to try anything to not just survive but THRIVE in this one life I have.

Back to the sorry… not only did the college call but they did so two weeks before classes started. I filled out the HR paperwork, requested my transcript from FIT, and took the required Blackboard training.

As a result of a professor dropping out at the last minute due to a family emergency, I was given three classes. Classes were fully remote and ALL classes were new to me.

Two were in Fashion Buying and Merchandising (same class but two sections) and the other was in Marketing. Since I never taught either before I took a deep breath, requested the books, and created the course outline as the semester progressed.

This roundup is the supplies that helped me have a successful and fulfilling semester. I’m truly grateful for the opportunity to teach and share my knowledge with the next generation!

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Best Back To School Supplies

back to school supplies list

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1. Daily Planner // 2. Acrylic Calendar // 3. Notebook // 4. Small Post It Notes // 5. Metal Binder Clips // 6. Standing Desk Riser // 7. Apple AirPods // 8. Rhinestone Cover Skin // 9. Apple iMac // 10. Water Bottle // 11. Translucent Square Glasses // 12. Cushioned Floor Mat // 13. Dry Erase Marker // 14. Funny Mousepad // 15. Pocket Folders // 16. Correction Tape // 17. Pilot G2 07 Pens // 18. Color Highlighters // 19. Post-it Page Markers

Check out the supply list of gift ideas below.

1. Daily Planner

Daily Planner

A daily planner is a must-have to keep yourself organized. This one is an academic year planner which is perfect for college professors, teachers, or students.

I’ve tried Google Calendar and time chunking in the past but I find a good old-fashioned day planner works best for me. You know the saying when something works leave it alone!

Not only will this planner keep you organized but it’s super stylish as well. The black and white design will go with any style of office decor.

2. Acrylic Calendar

Acrylic Calendar

This acrylic wall calendar is great for seeing the big picture. It’s essential on the back-to-school supplies list.

The clear design will complement any style of decor and the reusable design is great for monthly planning. There is a “to do” and “notes” section at the side for anything special events you want to highlight.

It has a minimalist design that’ll help you stay calm and zen as you go through the school year. Mount it to your wall for a daily reminder of everything you need to get done.

See below for a colorful dry-erase set for all your monthly planning needs.

3. Notebook


A pretty notebook is also high on the back to school supplies list. They say the best way to retain information is to write it down.

I find that even if I don’t go back and review my notes, just by writing them, the information stays fresh longer. That said jot down anything you want to remember or refer back to in this super cute designer notebook.

4. Small Post-It Notes

Small Post it Notes

Love a set of post-it notes especially when they’re the color of the rainbow. Use them for notes, important reminders, or as a bookmark.

This set of 100 small post-it notes will keep you focused and on track the entire school year.

5. Metal Binder Clips

Metal Binder Clips

Stay motivated and organized with these cute gold assorted clips. They’re great for keeping important papers together or hanging documents on your corkboard.

6. Standing Desk Riser

Standing Desk Riser

A standing desk is a must-have for teachers who have Zoom meetings or the occasional need to teach from home. Sitting all day is bad for our hips so a standing desk is fabulous for keeping your muscles active.

It also helps with confidence, clarity, and posture. This standing desk is available in multiple colors and sizes. It has a separate shelf that’s great for your keyboard or anything else you want to keep out of the way.

Lift the riser in one smooth motion and you’ll be ready to go.

7. Apple AirPods

Apple AirPods

Connect these AirPods to your phone, computer, or iPad to stay focused. They’ll also help eliminate distractions and outside noise.

Once the workday is complete use them to work out or listen to your favorite podcast episode. If you’re an early riser they’re perfect for your morning routine as well.

8. Rhinestone Cover Skin

Rhinestone Cover Skin

Keep your AirPods safe and secure in this rhinestone cover skin case. It’s great for adding a little sparkle and shine to your day.

9. Apple iMac

Apple iMac

Gone are the days when you need a power mac computer to get the job done. Nowadays the iMac is just as powerful and super compact.

This is the computer I use for everything I do and three years later it’s still running fabulously. I have to say there’s nothing like a mac computer.

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10. Water Bottle

Water Bottle

For those who struggle to get a bottle of water down during the day, this is a must-have. It’s a pretty reminder to “drink water” and stay hydrated.

There are multiple colors available so choose the color palette that speaks to you. Keep it on your desk or in your work bag for a daily reminder.

11. Translucent Square Glasses

Translucent Square Glasses

Blue light glasses are great for protecting your eyes from the glare of the computer. This stylish pair will go with any outfit and help prevent fatigue.

12. Cushioned Floor Mat

Cushioned Floor Mat

An anti-fatigue cushioned mat is a must-have on the back-to-school supplies list. If you purchased the standing desk it’ll help cushion your feet and support your back.

13. Dry Erase Marker

Dry Erase Marker

This dry erase set is awesome for the acrylic calendar above. The multi-color set will help you stay organized and focused.

It comes with spray and an eraser to make sure your board is clean and well maintained.

14. Funny Mousepad

Funny Mousepad

Obsessed with this mouse pad! It’ll be a daily reminder to be the unicorn in the field of horses and do you! There are other funny designs and saying if you prefer one with less of a potty mouth. Ha Ha

15. Pocket Folders

Pocket Folders

These stylish folders are both pretty and functional. The sayings are great to help you power through the year as the fierce, strong, and unstoppable best version of yourself.

We’re all a work in progress my friends and the struggle is real!

16. Correction Tape

Correction Tape

Never be afraid to make a mistake. It’s part of the journey and the best way to learn and grow. Just remember to hear the message the first time.

So often we repeat the same mistakes over and over. Again it’s a daily practice!

That said this correction tape is high on the back to school supplies list!

17. Pilot G2 07 Pens

Pilot G2 07 Pens

These are the BEST. PENS. EVER!! Whether you’re using them for journaling, keeping notes, or grading papers they get the job done.

They have a thin smooth ink that’ll flow across the page.

18. Color Highlighters

No products found.

Add these highlighter pens to your back to school supplies list. They’re great for highlighting the important facts, details, and information in your important documents, books, or notebooks.

19. Post-it Page Markers

Post it Page Markers

These fun post-it page markers are perfect for bookmarking your favorite pages or for simple reminders. Just hang them throughout your home with mantras, notes, or appointments.

You can never have too many notes to help you stay on track.

I hope this post helps you stay organized and motivated as you go through the school year.

This post is all about the Back To School supplies list for professors.

Side note: I am so very grateful for this opportunity to be teaching again. I’m also excited about helping my students learn and grow this semester!

The faculty and staff have been extremely helpful and I couldn’t be happier! I’m learning to Trust The Universe more and more each day and know it’ll all work out the way it is supposed to. : ))

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