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11 New Apartment Gifts That’ll Be Loved and Actually Get Used

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On the hunt for new apartment gifts? Check out my favorite products that’ll be the perfect finishing touch in any new home!

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New Apartment Gifts

Moving to a new place can become stressful financially and mentally. A fresh start usually comes with a hefty price but thinking of first apartment gifts shouldn’t be!

The below roundup of the best new apartment gifts is sourced from Williams-Sonoma and West Elm. They have a luxurious finish and are perfect to show you care.

This gift guide for apartments will give you 11 practical ideas to choose from. These products will make life a little easier and let the receiver know you care.

The list includes options for every budget. Whether you’re looking to go all out, or just getting a small thoughtful gift, we have you covered.

Anything from the latest apartment decor to kitchen essentials, you’re all set with our to-go options. Shop these awesome products for a stress-free holiday shopping experience.

This post is all about new apartment gifts.

new apartment gift ideas roundup with napkins, mirror, mixer, pink smeg and lamp

Best New Apartment Gifts From Williams Sonoma:

Here are the best new apartment gifts for fresh movers, that’ll make them feel loved.

Best Overall: Kitchen Aid Mixer

This mixer makes an awesome gift for anyone who loves to bake and entertain.

Best For Your Health Conscious Friends: Dried Fruit & Nut Gift Box

Make a statement with this beautifully decorated fruit and nut gift box. Perfect for your health-conscious friend who you never know what to gift.

Best Home Decor: Handcrafted Jar

This hand-crafted jar is great for a housewarming gift and can be used as a dinner table centerpiece too.

Best For Hosting Dinners: Autumn Harvest Napkins

Celebrate love at the dinner table with these intricately designed colorful napkins.

Best For Wine Lovers: Honeycomb Wine Chiller

A uniquely designed wine chiller that can also be used for decor at dinner parties, who doesn’t love that?

Best For Tea Lovers: Smeg Electric Kettle

Treat your friends with this gorgeous retro electric kettle, that comes in five different colors so you can choose your favorite!

What should I bring my friend to a new apartment?

A unique home decor piece like a vase or salt and pepper shakers are great to bring to your friend’s new apartment. Not only are they thoughtful but they’ll also get a lot of use.

If you’re looking for a more neutral gift, opting for a nut and fruit basket is a fabulous idea as well.

A small token of appreciation will make them feel welcome in their new home. Every time they use it, they’ll be sure to think of you and how much you care!

What is an appropriate hostess gift?

If your friend’s hosting a dinner party at their new apartment, and you’re confused about what to take, we’re here to help! Giving them a gift that’ll be useful and can be used after the party, will make a great choice.

A wine chiller or napkin set, are some handy options to choose from. Each one of our gifting selections covers anyone from your best friend or parents to far-off family members.

With exclusive selections from Williams Sonoma, our gift guide offers various price points. Choose from our list if you’re looking to stay on a budget or planning on splurging for something extra special.

What are some kitchen gifts for your first apartment?

While shopping for your first kitchen sounds exciting, it can easily become expensive once you start spending. Surprise the new homeowner with some classic kitchen essentials that can also be used as decor. These gifts will go a long way for someone who just moved in and they’ll be sure to thank you for it!

Whether you pick from kitchen gadgets or essentials, each gift will take them closer to making their new space feel like home. They’ll totally appreciate a useful gift in their space and enjoy it to the fullest.

Invest in a quality gift for a timeless look that’ll be of use for many years to come.

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New Home Gifts To Spread Love

new apartment gift ideas roundup with napkins, mirror, mixer, pink smeg and lamp

1. Autumn Harvest Napkins // 2. Handcrafted Jar // 3. Honeycomb Wine Chiller // 4. Rechargeable Salt & Pepper Mills // 5. Diffused Table Lamp // 6. Kitchen Aid Mixer // 7. Everyday Mug // 8. Dried Fruit & Nut Gift Box // 9. Smeg Electric Kettle // 10. Gray Wall Mirror // 11. Butterfly Bloom Tea Set

New Apartment Gifts For A Sweet Gesture:

1. Autumn Harvest Napkins

Autumn Harvest Napkins

This four-piece napkin set is beautifully illustrated and a fabulous apartment gift idea. It has a happy printed pattern that’ll add personality and style to any space it’s in.

The Williams Sonoma napkin set is a tribute to vintage botanical illustrations, giving the impression of an artist’s canvas. It also makes a great housewarming gift.

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2. Handcrafted Jar

Blue pattern Handcrafted Jar

This carefully crafted handmade jar would be a pretty centerpiece on any TV stand or coffee table. It’s an awesome gift idea for someone who just moved into a new apartment.

The vibrant hue and gold trim adds a touch of sophistication to the rounded silhouette. It can be used as a piece of decor or to store valuables out of view.

3. Honeycomb Wine Chiller

Honeycomb Wine Chiller in marble with gold bees and trim

If you’re looking for a unique gift idea for a stylish home this one is for you! It’ll add a sweet touch to festive gatherings.

The hand-carved marble wine chiller has gold bees around the sides in an angled design. It has a honeycomb-patterned etching and intricate markings for a stylish design.

This apartment gift can be used for chilling wine, as a vase, or even to store cutlery. There are just so many possibilities with this unique gift idea.

4. Rechargeable Salt & Pepper Mills

Rechargeable Salt and Pepper Mills in silver

Take a break from boring salt and pepper mills by getting these tech-savvy electronic ones. They make a great new apartment gift and can be used as a quick easy fix for your boring usual shakers.

They feature a carbon-steel grinding mechanism for superior performance, these mills are a must-have. The manual settings let you adjust the grind from coarse to fine, just the way you like!

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5. Diffused Table Lamp

Diffused Table Lamp with wood base

This lamp would make a fabulous addition to an entryway or bedside table. Save your friends time and money by gifting them this stylish chic lamp.

The iconic Williams Sonoma piece will command attention and elevate the look in any space of your home. It makes for a great housewarming gift and the natural wood tones will add a touch of warmth.

6. KitchenAid Mixer

KitchenAid Mixer hostess gifts

For your friends who are trying to achieve work-life balance, this mixer is perfect. You’ll make their lives easier as they whip up their favorite recipes in minutes.

This mixer is the perfect excuse to get baking while adding in quality time with friends and family. This new apartment gift is sure to put a smile on their face and have them thank you for it over and over.

7. Everyday Mug

everyday mug college student gifts

This gorgeous mug is a sweet gesture for your coffee or tea-loving family members. Its beautiful design will serve as a gentle reminder every time they use it and enjoy their favorite beverage.

It comes in five vibrant colors, so you can choose your favorite one or mix and match them to create a fabulous gift set. This mug also makes a great gift for your artistic bestie!

8. Dried Fruit & Nut Gift Box

Dried Fruit Nut Gift Box

For your super picky health-conscious friends, this pretty gift basket is a courteous gesture that’s sure to wow. The pretty assortment of dried fruits and nuts makes this gift platter an awesome housewarming present.

The assortment includes roasted pistachios, smoked and raw natural almonds, salted cashews, and dried fruit. It’s ideal for the gift-giving season and great to have on hand for unexpected guests around the holidays.

9. Smeg Electric Kettle

pink Smeg Electric Kettle

This super cute smeg electric kettle will add a retro spin to any space it’s in. Treat any pink lover or your mom to this stylish kettle.

Choose from five fabulous colors when placing your order online. It’s sure to make a statement in any trendy apartment design.

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10. Gray Wall Mirror

Gray Wall Mirror

Mirrors are an essential part of any new apartment design. They’re great decor pieces that help create the look and feel of a room.

This mirror would be fabulous for friends or family who love a sophisticated monochromatic design. The simple but stylish design will add texture and interest to any room.

It’s one of the best new apartment gifts to stand the test of time.

11. Butterfly Bloom Tea Set

Butterfly Bloom Tea Set housewarming gifts

Sometimes an intricate vintage-style tea set is all your new apartment friend needs. This elegant fine china-crafted design is a fabulous gift for anyone who enjoys the small luxuries in life.

The unique design has colorful pastel butterflies that’ll add personality and style to your kitchen decor. It’s a great new apartment gift for anyone who loves a good vintage find as well.

I hope this roundup of new apartment gifts helps you pick presents that are thoughtful and unique. Make gift-giving memorable with these one-of-a-kind Williams Sonoma and West Elm picks.

Have an amazing day full of Unicorns & Rainbows!

xo Nicole

This post is all about new apartment gifts.

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