5 Best Room Design Budget Printable Freebies

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Looking for the best free room design budget printable? Check out these helpful downloads to get a designer look for less!

When designing any living space you’ll get the best results with a plan. The fastest way to go over budget is to shop for one piece at a time.

You’ll quickly realize you’ve either spent way more than you thought or have too little or too much stuff. That’s why it’s SUPER important to create a road map to follow in your interior design.

This is why you NEED to download a room design budget printable before you begin. It’ll help you stay organized and on budget. Given the current economic situation, this is a good thing, my friends.

Each budget worksheet is specific to the room you’ll be working on which will keep you focused. Choose where you want to begin and work through the process for that space before you move to the next.

There is a budget worksheet for your living room, bedroom, dining room, office, and nursery. These most commonly used and designed spaces deserve your love, creativity, and attention.

Each printable has a list of the furniture for that room, three price guidelines, and a worksheet to plan your space. There’s also a blank sheet to create a personalized list or use for another room in your home.

This post is all about room design budget printable freebies.

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room design budget printable

Room Design Budget Printable

How do you set an interior design budget?

You set an interior design budget by being mindful and intentional with how you need your space to function. Once you know your goals, it’ll be easier to plan your design and budget.

Steps to follow in the budget process are:

  1. Determine the purpose and use of the space.
  2. Measure your room and make a computerized floor plan.
  3. Create your concept or vision for the space.
  4. Decide if quality, price, or speed is important.
  5. Create a list of the furniture to source.
  6. Choose from the good, better, best price points, or a combination.
  7. Total up the items and swap out any over your budget.
  8. Don’t forget to include tax, shipping, and installation fees.
  9. Source your furniture and fill out the budget worksheet.
  10. Update measurements in your furniture plan to make sure they fit.
  11. Tweak until you are happy with the budget, layout, furniture, and design.

There’s so much more that goes into a good design but these steps will help you create a budget. We have to start somewhere. Baby steps!

What is the average cost of furnishing a living room?

The living room is one of the most used spaces in any home. Many factors affect how much it costs to design this space.

The size, function, and style are things that affect the living room budget. A smaller space will cost less than a larger one unless you choose higher-quality items.

When designing any space think in terms of good, better, and best. Good is more budget-friendly, better will last longer, and best will be an investment for many years to come.

It’s fine and recommended that you combine pieces from each price point. This will help stretch your budget, especially if you’re designing more than one room.

To give you a rough idea a living room design will range anywhere from $6,000 to $60,000. That’s a huge difference I know, but trust me it’s reality.

When shopping for furniture the good or low-priced retailers include Ikea, Walmart, Target, and World Market. Better or mid-price retailers include Crate & Barrel, Arhaus, Lulu and Georgia, and Anthropologie. The best or high-end ones include Perigold, Alchemy Fine Home, Scout & Nimble, McGee & Co., and Jonathan Adler.

Now that you have all the deets it’s time to get to work. Remember no analysis paralysis. We take a deep breath and take action.

A little each day adds up to a lot over time so start now. Ok, motivation rant over haha. Now download your living room budget calculator!

Living Room Design Budget Printable

How much does it cost to design a Bedroom?

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Your bedroom should be a safe, relaxing sanctuary that’s your favorite place in the house. So often the bedroom is overlooked because it won’t be seen by visitors but this is a BIG mistake.

One of the best forms of SELF-LOVE is creating a space that makes us feel calm and at peace. This means no clutter or piles of clothes because anxiety is a real problem.

That said the average main bedroom design will cost between $5,000 and $50,000. Even if you’re on a budget you can still create a blissful, relaxing space.

This is where the bedroom budget calculator comes in. It contains a list of all the future you’ll need for your makeover. You can decide if you want to be in the good, better, or best price range.

Remember the best designs are a combination of all three. There’s always a dupe of that high-end piece you love. I promise! It just takes a little more time and effort.

There is also the mindset that time is money. The amount of time you spend sourcing might cost you more than you save if you get paid hourly. Just saying.

“Work Smarter, Not Harder” and “Keep It Simple” are the two mantras to follow when designing your home. You can always swap out the low-priced item later for the one you had your heart set on.

Delayed gratification will make that piece more special in the long run. You’ll be forever grateful for how hard you worked to reward yourself.

With that in mind download your bedroom budget calculator and start planning out your space today!

Bedroom Design Budget Worksheet Printable

How much does it cost to decorate a dining room?

When compared to the living room and bedroom a dining room costs less. The average cost to decorate a dining room will be between $3,000 and $35,000.

This will depend on the use of the room and whether the space will be formal or casual. Also, the dimensions and how much seating you need will factor into the equation.

Shoppers are often surprised by the fact that dining chairs typically cost more than the table. It’s probably strategic on the part of the furniture companies but we’ll save that discussion for a later date.

When planning out your dining room budget ask the following questions:

  • Will this be used every day or only for special occasions?
  • Is it a formal dining area or casual?
  • Will you host extended family gatherings?
  • Is the space open and an extension of your kitchen?
  • Who will be using the space (kids or only adults)?
  • Do you need storage?
  • How large is your family?

Use this list as a guide to plan out your dining room space. Remember you can always invest in a quality table now and go with affordable dining chairs.

It’s better to buy what you can afford now and upgrade later. As tempting as those “buy now pay later” furniture plans are let’s work smarter, not harder.

Quite often when you mix high and low no one will be the wiser. It’s about the look and feel not the price tag because no one will see that.

Also, remember people only know the information you share with them. If you don’t want opinions or comments don’t share extra information.

Take the compliment and just say THANK YOU! You deserve it.

That said download your dining room budget worksheet NOW so you’re ready for the holiday season.

Dining Room Design Budget Worksheet Printable

How much does it cost to decorate a home office?

On average a home office will cost you $3,500 to $25,00. It just depends on how the space will function and your exact needs.

The amount of furniture you add to the list will factor into the calculations as well. Also, the square footage you are dedicating to your home office.

If the space needs to serve a dual purpose it’ll cost less than if it’s a designated office where you’ll also meet with clients. It also depends on if it’s a cloffice space where you’ll shoot outfit content and do work.

There’s so much to take into account when it comes to the budget of your home office. This is a space where productivity is SUPER important so you’ll want it to be pretty and functional.

Determine your needs and then download the budget worksheet to begin the design process. Oh and don’t forget to have fun and smile.

If you work from home this is a room you’ll spend A LOT of time and energy in.

Office Design Budget Worksheet Printable

How much should I budget for the nursery?

And then we have the nursery budget which will range between $2500 and 25,000. It all just depends on the look and feel you’re after and where you do the shopping.

An entire design from Walmart will be way less than one from Perigold. It also depends if you’re footing the bill or the ecstatic grandparents-to-be are.

A nursery is where the budget can get out of hand VERY quickly. By the time you’re at the stage of designing the nursery, you’ll probably be emotional and full of joy.

You will only want the best for your new bundle of joy and no one will be there to pull the reins in. That was my experience anyway.

Everyone will be so excited for you that they’ll encourage you to spend a little more or splurge on that stunning acrylic crib.

This is where we need to be super strategic and intentional. To do so start planning when you’re less obsessed.

Nothing has to be set in stone or ordered. All I’m saying is pin the inspiration to Pinterest, measure and make a floor plan, and create a concept board in Canva.

Have fun and design the nursery of your dreams. Add up all the over-the-top high-ticket items, take a breath, and find the dupes I told you about.

Unless you plan on having A LOT of kids this room will change and evolve. It will only be in the “nursery” phase for a short amount of time and then you’ll be redesigning it to fit the needs of your growing child.

Get the look and feel you’re after but work with a realistic budget because daycare is no joke. Oh, and the thing everyone forgets to tell you is you’ll be paying for daycare a second time when that baby is off to college.

It’ll be here before you know it and trust me you’ll be counting the days until they graduate. Sorry for the reality check but we like to keep it real over here.

Also, the chances you’ve read this far are probably slim to none if you just stopped by to get your nursery budget worksheet printable, haha.

You can download that now but just remember our conversation. Unless of course, you have it like that in which case, by all means, go all out and do you!

Nursery Design Budget Worksheet Printable

No judgments here. I’m the queen of high-ticket pretty things for your home! As always, Happy Designing.

This post is all about room design budget printable freebies.

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