Best Travertine Furniture Ideas (Shopping List) 2024

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Looking for the best travertine furniture ideas to update your living space? Check out my favorites that are perfect for modern contemporary homes!

Let’s talk about travertine furniture and why you’ll want to add it to your home. The organic material has a unique appearance, distinct veining, and natural color variations.

Depending on the piece there will be variations of colors from ivory to beige and sometimes gold or red. This material can be found in countertops, tables, consoles, stools, benches, home decor, and more!

Aside from the beauty factor travertine is highly durable, full of texture, and eco-friendly. It can be combined with other materials such as wood, metal, or glass.

The natural material can be formed into sculptural furniture which will make a statement in your design. If you’re looking to add style, function, and personality travertine furniture is for you!

This post is all about the best travertine furniture ideas.

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travertine furniture nesting coffee tables with ivory sofa

What is travertine furniture?

Travertine furniture is made from a natural material that’s a form of limestone. It has beautiful veining and a unique patina.

The furniture made of this stone material is durable and suitable for everyday use. It has a timeless appearance plus it’s resistant to scratches and heat.

Due to the natural material, each piece will be one-of-a-kind. This makes it perfect to create a focal point and make a statement in any living space.

This style of furniture works well with modern, contemporary, California eclectic, rustic, and classic design styles.

Best Travertine Furniture Ideas Of 2024

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Here are the best travertine furniture ideas of 2024:

Best Overall: Rectangle Coffee Table | Arhaus

This rectangular coffee table will create a focal point in your living room design.

Best Budget: Travertine Side Table | CB2

At just under $300 this is the most affordable travertine furniture of the bunch.

Best Splurge: Travertine Stool | Lulu and Georgia

For those with unlimited funds, this travertine stool will make a statement in any living space!

Best Texture: Fluted Travertine Drum Side Table | Eternity Modern

Add texture and dimension to your living room or bedroom with a pair of fluted side tables.

Best Seating: Modern Travertine Bench | CB2

If you’re looking to add extra seating in your living room, bedroom, or foyer this stylish bench is for you!

Best Materials: Round Round Accent Table | Pottery Barn

This mixed materials round accent table will be the star of the show!

No matter which furniture you’re shopping for it’s important to always start with a floor plan. I know I sound like a broken record but the floor plan will help you avoid costly mistakes.

Download your FREE how-to-measure guide today!

Once you have your measurements you’ll be able to order your furniture with confidence.

This video will help you create a floor plan based on the measurements of your space.

Modern Travertine Furniture Ideas

travertine furniture collage

Travertine furniture will add texture, style, and dimension to your living space. When designing with neutrals this is especially important because you don’t want your design to come off as flat.

In modern spaces, there tend to be a lot of straight edges and smooth finishes. Despite being a stone material travertine furniture will add warmth and soften the look.

If you don’t have the budget for a complete makeover adding a new travertine furniture piece will update your space. It’s a great way to make a statement and add personality.

Travertine Coffee Tables

stone coffee table collage

1. Rectangle Coffee Table // Arhaus

Create a focal point in your living room with the addition of this stone coffee table. It has a classic rectangular pedestal silhouette that’s made of Italian travertine.

Due to the natural material, the tones and patterns will vary from piece to piece. This table is great to add an organic element to your home.

Choose between two sizes when placing your order online. Make sure to order a cute set of coasters to protect the surface area of your new coffee table.

2. Round Coffee Table // Anthropologie

The Anthropologie coffee table features a travertine top with cylindrical, hardwood legs. It has a modern simplicity that’s fabulous for minimalist spaces.

3. Modern Coffee Table // West Elm

Add character and style to your living room with this mixed-material coffee table. The elegant round travertine top contrasts perfectly with the sustainably sourced mango wood legs.

It has a naturally weathered finish that’ll add a rustic and luxurious style to your living room. The contract-grade table is built to last and be a part of your furniture family for many years to come.

4. Square Coffee Table // Wayfair

Add timeless elegance to your living room with the addition of this square coffee table. The sand color will work beautifully when combined with a neutral color palette.

The natural veining and unique texture will make a statement in the center of your living room. Level up the look of your contemporary or classic interior with this chic coffee table.

Travertine Side Table Ideas

stone accent tables collage

5. Travertine Pedestal Table // CB2

This triple-tier pedestal table is the perfect combination of style and function. It’s made of honed travertine stone and has unique veining.

Each table will be a one-of-a-kind piece due to the natural material. It’s great for adding an organic vibe to your interior design.

6. Natural End Table // Perigold

Four Hands is one of my favorite furniture vendors to visit at HPMKT. They have unique pieces that’ll make your home stand out from the rest.

This travertine side table has the look of wood with the durability of travertine. The timeless silhouette is sure to command attention in any room it’s in.

7. Round Accent Table // Pottery Barn

I love the stylish silhouette of this mixed material side table. It has soft edges and clean lines that are perfect for modern contemporary spaces.

The travertine top has enough surface area for your drink of choice, book, or decorative vase. It has a contrasting hammered metal base in black with pewter accents.

8. Travertine Cocktail Table // CB2

These travertine coffee tables will add a neutral earthy vibe to your living room. They’re inspired by 1970s Italian modern design and have an architectural silhouette.

The fluted details on the base and the variation in the natural travertine add to the vintage vibe. If you’re looking to make a statement these nesting tables are sure to command attention.

9. Red Travertine Side Table // CB2

Make a bold statement in your living room or bedroom with this red travertine square side table. The sculptural silhouette has natural tonal variations with streaks of red and orange veining throughout.

Each piece will be unique due to the natural material. It’s available in three colorways and two sizes depending on the vibe you’re after.

Travertine Console Table, Bench, & Stool

travertine furniture console table and bench collage

10. Travertine Console // McGee & Co.

Elevate the look of your entryway, foyer, or living room with the addition of this travertine console table. It has a hammered iron base that’ll add a timeless elegance to your home.

The slim design has the perfect amount of surface space for displaying your favorite home decor. Add the gleaming primrose mirror above to complete the look.

11. Stone Console Table // Williams-Sonoma

Make a statement in your interior design with this stunning travertine console table. It has a contemporary design with an oversized silhouette.

The intersecting cross-cut design highlights the stone’s dramatic markings and natural veining. This piece is unsealed so be sure to use your favorite coasters to protect the surface.

12. Travertine Bench // CB2

Create a moment in your living room, bedroom, or foyer with this stylish travertine bench. It has a plush toffee velvet upholstered cushion that compliments the sculptural silhouette perfectly.

The clean lines and modern design will elevate the look of any space it’s in. Each piece will be different due to the one-of-a-kind material.

13. Modern Travertine Stool // Lulu and Georgia

If you’re looking for the perfect conversation piece look no further. This travertine stool is the perfect blend of style and function.

It has a female-inspired silhouette that’s meant to make a statement. The chic stool will add extra seating and sculptural elegance to any room in your home.

Is travertine good for furniture?

Yes, travertine is a very good material for furniture. It’s durable and heat resistant so it’s perfect for everyday use.

The natural beauty and organic style will add texture and pattern to your living room. It has a versatile look that complements many design styles.

Also, it’s great for adding depth and interest. Since travertine is a natural stone it’s environmentally friendly so its production will have a minimal impact on the environment.

How do you care for travertine furniture?

Caring for travertine furniture is a simple process. It should be sealed regularly to protect the porous material from stains and spills.

You’ll need to clean it regularly with a soft non-abrasive cloth or sponge. Blot spills right away with an absorbent cloth or paper towel to prevent staining.

When caring for travertine furniture avoid the following:

  • Abrasive materials
  • Direct exposure to heat
  • Harsh chemicals
  • Acidic cleaners
  • Abrasive scrubbing pads

If your furniture does get stains, scratches, or damage it can be professionally restored. A certified stone restoration professional can polish, repair, or refinish the surface back to its original beauty.

That’s a wrap, my friends. I hope these travertine furniture ideas help you design a home you love!

This post is all about the best travertine furniture ideas.

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