17 Feminine Desk Ideas For Your Cloffice Design

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Looking for feminine desk ideas for your cloffice? Check out my favorites that are sure to inspire you to be productive this year!

There are so many trendy ideas when it comes to the desk for your cloffice or traditional office design. Feminine office desk styles come in a variety of colors and materials.

My personal favorites are the unique desk designs from Anthropologie. They’re perfect for inspiring productivity but will get your creative juices flowing.

If you’re looking to create a space where you can enter the flow state you are in the right spot. Check out all the modern desk resources and let me know which is your FAV!

This post is all about feminine desk ideas for your cloffice.

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Feminine Office Desk Ideas

For my cloffice, I’m envisioning a very glam, girly, and feminine space. I love the idea of a peel-and-stick accent wall or large floral decals.

I’m also thinking of a white and gold desk but I’m pretty sure I want it L-shaped. Most of the desks I have seen in that colorway are straight so I have to figure that out.

For the chair, I’m thinking of a velvet fabric with a gold base. I want gold accessories and inspiring girly artwork.

One of the main pieces will be the desk. When I think about how I currently work I know I need space.

I tend to spread out my papers and materials as I work which is why the L-shape has always been my go-to.

Currently, I am using a six-foot white party table and file cabinets with an Ikea top creating the L shape. Since I use a standing desk when I work I need the desk to be large.

That’s the brain dump of thoughts at the moment. Now let’s get into the feminine office desk ideas.

Shopping For Modern Home Office Desks

feminine office desk collage

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I will go into details on these another day but for now, I’m thinking desk #1 or #2 are contenders.

The first one is super large and could pass as a dining table. The second is the L-shape go-to I love. That one also has one file cabinet situation included.

My process is to let things stew and evolve. Since this is the first I’m thinking about it I’ll let it sit a bit and then come back to it.

Side note: I am also in LOVE with the Anthropologie desk options. The patterned designs are super fun.

My only concern is they would compete with the bold wallpaper feature wall I’m planning.

That said I’m thinking the white with gold style is a better choice for me.

The last thing I should mention is desk number #9 does NOT have awesome reviews. It is on the board because I like the feminine details and styling.

If you like them too be sure to double-check the reviews. I would hate to see you unhappy with your purchase.

1. Feminine Office Desk Size

To figure out your desk space you will want to do a floor plan of your space. Head to this post How to Measure and Draw a Floor Plan for help with that.

You can also download the pdf below if you prefer.

For the record, there are so many size options so once you know what your needs are the process will be that much easier.

I tend to look at the style and beauty of a piece first but sometimes they don’t have the size I need. That said it’s best to know the size you need so you are not tempted to look at things that are too small or big.

Once you have your measurements you’ll be able to order your furniture with confidence. This video will help you create a floor plan based on the measurements of your space.

2. Home Office Desk Location

This is important because you need to know where your desk will go. With the big C, many people have been working from home and in nontraditional spaces.

If you’re in the dining room for example you will want a smaller mini desk. Similarly, if your desk is in your bedroom or living room then small and discrete are your friends.

However, when you have a true office space you can go larger and have more fun.

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3. Feminine Office Desk Function

So you will want to determine how this desk needs to function.

Is it for work or just regular web surfing? For me, it’s for work so I need my desk large and in charge.

For many years, I worked on a laptop but when I left my day job I invested in a large Mac desktop computer which I love!

What type of computer do you work on? You can go small and streamlined if you work on a laptop but if you are on a desktop like me then big is better.

Also, think of the essentials you work with regularly. Such as a desk lamp, office supplies, and organizing accessories.

You will want your surface area to be large enough for these items as well.

4. Home Office Desk Style

This is important because we love “all things pretty” right?

So you need to figure out the style of the desk you want. Do you like contemporary, mid-century modern, transitional, or urban? To name just a few.

What type of legs do you prefer? Lucite or are you a gold base type of gal?

5. Modern Home Office Desk Material

Another consideration is the material of the desk.

This can be wood, laminate, glass, metal, lacquer, and more.

burlwood furniture desk with table mirror and wood chair

6. Feminine Office Desk Color

Whether your cloffice desk is wood or laminate you need to decide what color you prefer. For me, I’m thinking white and gold but I do love the look of black as well.

Since your desk is one of the main focal points in your office it’s important to decide on the color before you get into the smaller details.

Most likely your desk will not change for many years to come.

burl wood desk collage

7. Price Range

As you can tell by now I am not guided by price point. I like to see all my options and then get the right piece for my space.

Sometimes I need to compromise if it doesn’t make sense to splurge. But I am very much a hi-lo type of girl. I do not discriminate based on price.

It sets my soul on fire when I design a beautiful space that looks luxurious for less. When I design I usually have “a start of the show”. That tends to be the piece I invest in.

Many times this is the larger piece since I like it to last but that is not always the case. For example, in the cloffice if I go high price on the desk I may go super low on the rug or lighting.

As long as the look and feel I am after are achieved I will mix price points to get there.

8. Shape

Another key factor for your desk is its shape. As I mentioned I prefer the L-shape but there are also rectangle and oval-shaped desks.

This will also depend on the size of the desk because many are available in only one size. They may come in multiple colors but the size is usually set “as is”.

9. Storage Needs

Lastly and probably most important is your storage needs. As I mentioned I have an Ikea top resting on two file cabinets.

File cabinets with a draw area are a must-have for me to stay organized. Not sure how my life would be without my file folders.

I know the answer to that. My life would be not good because that is the THING that keeps papers and documents organized.

It’s a lot to think about I know but this is the first step in the process. We are going to want to nail down the desk early on so you should write a list of your must-haves.

This way you know what you are looking for as you scroll through the internet.

Hope this was helpful and inspired you to begin your cloffice or home office design too.

This post is all about feminine office ideas for your cloffice.

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