13 Cute Office Chairs For Your Cloffice Design

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Looking for cute office chairs that will be comfortable and stylish? Check out all these beauties that will look fab in your cloffice!

So you decided you want to turn a room in your home into a cloffice. If this is your first time here let me explain what that is.

A cloffice is a new trendy design that combines an office and closet space in one. So essentially you turn your closet into an office or vice versa.

This is a great space for fashionistas, influencers, bloggers, and the average chic who is inspired by all things pretty. That would be you!

There are many things you will need to consider for this new space. For desk ideas refer to this post 17 Feminine Office Desk Ideas For Your Cloffice.

Today we will get into stylish and comfy chairs (on wheels) for your glam home office.

By breaking down a design into bite-size chunks the design process will be super fun and inspiring.

Trust me it is way less overwhelming when you first research your options and then work out which is best for your needs.

Don’t worry I’m here to guide and hold your hand through the process.

You’ve got this, my friend!

This post is all about cute office chairs that are comfortable and stylish.

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How To Choose Cute Office Chairs

When choosing your office chair you will want to consider the following:

  1. Style
  2. Fabric type
  3. Height adjustable
  4. Seat depth and width
  5. Lumbar support
  6. Arm or armless
  7. Swivel, Casters, or stationary
  8. Lumbar support
  9. Ergonomic
  10. Backrest
  11. Price

This will give you a starting point as you begin sourcing stylish office chairs. If you know what features you are looking for in the beginning you can eliminate those that are not a match.

For this post, all the office chairs have wheels and are adjustable.

I’ll come back with other options in the future that will provide more inspiration.

Now for all the cute office chairs, I found to help you get started!

Comfortable Chic Desk Chairs

pretty home office chairs collage

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These are the best pretty office chairs for the modern home. Not only are they stylish but they’ll inspire you to be super productive all day long!

1. Pink Velvet Office Chair

Pink Velvet Office Chair

By now you know pink is my favorite color right up there with black. The first four chairs in this round-up are pink for all my feminine boss ladies out there.

This first pink velvet office chair is sleek but the scale is on the smaller side so it’s perfect for anyone who likes to push the chair completely in.

It features an adjustable seat height, swivel base, and caster wheels for easy mobility. This is one of the best office chairs for small spaces.

2. Petal Back Pretty Office Chairs

Petal Back Office Chair

This petal back furry chair is super cute and will level up your cloffice. The seat is adjustable and is perfect for your desk, makeup, or study area.

If you are redoing your daughter’s room this is a comfortable and stylish desk chair for her as well.

3. Velvet Chic Office Chair

Velvet Chic Office Chair

This feminine office chair features soft luxe velvet that will make a statement in your home office. The back is low and the scale small making it perfect for when you have limited space.

Love the cut-out peekaboo feature at the back and the curved sides. If you are looking to add a pop of pink to your office this velvet upholstered office chair is for you.

4. Velvet Frame Swivel Office Chair

pink home office chair

West Elm does not disappoint when it comes to beautiful office chairs. This cute office chair features a slim steel frame that gives it an airy feel. The Art Deco design is awesome for the modern contemporary office design.

This is another stylish office chair that features an adjustable seat with a super stylish wheeled base. She is so comfy and offers just the right amount of back support.

Love a good chic comfortable office chair. The fact that this is a pink office chair is even better!

5. Executive Swivel Office Chair

Executive Swivel Office Chair

For those who love a more classic tall back, this swivel office chair is for you. Featuring leather upholstery and an executive-style design this chair is great for a home office or commercial space.

The built-in lumbar support will keep you supported and comfortable throughout your workday. This cute office chair is sure to make a statement and be a focal point in your workspace.

6. Feminine Office Chair

white cute office chair

No matter the style or color story of your cloffice this white office chair will look fabulous. Whether you work from home for hours or just to take the occasional call this stylish office chair is your new best friend.

The saddle seat, gold armrests, and lumbar back will support you all day long. We all need a little unconditional support throughout our lives and this chair will do the trick.

The foam-filled faux leather seat is super comfy too.

7. Upholstered Tufted Velvet Chair

green tufted cute office chairs

Last up is this gorgeous upholstered curved back chair. This upholstered office chair has the style and comfort of your living room side chair.

The wingback design rounded back and sloped arms create an elegant look that is super luxurious. The button-tufted back adds texture and interest to your contemporary glam office design.

8. Navy Velvet Swivel Cute Office Chairs

blue velvet cute office chairs

If you have too much black in your home and are looking for an alternative navy is a great substitute.

Paired with the gold caster base this chair has a super modern contemporary vibe. This upholstered velvet chair from West Elm will add a touch of sophistication and glamour to your home office.

9. Upholstered Home Cute Office Chair

Upholstered Home Office Chair

If you like the feeling of comfort as you work this fashionable office chair is awesome. The soft and luxurious velvet will feel more like a living room chair than an office chair.

Add a touch of glamour and sophistication to your home office with this beauty.

10. Acrylic Office Chair

Acrylic Office Chair

Acrylic ghost chairs are still a thing and this one is stunning! If you are looking for more comfort add a cute fur throw but this clear desk chair is super comfy alone as well.

For those who have small spaces, this stylish office chair is a great option to add the illusion of depth. Love the look of this feminine desk chair.

11. Elowen Swivel Pretty Office Chair

chartreuse cute office chairs

Love this modern chartreuse velvet upholstered chair so much! If you are looking to make a statement and add a pop color consider this chic desk chair.

The vintage Italian classic design is sure to pack a punch in your home office. This pretty office chair is sure to support and love you all day as you type that super informative helpful blog post.

Because we are all bloggers these days no?

12. Velvet Grey with Gold Base

Velvet Grey with Gold Base

This super comfy office chair design will inspire you to work for long periods. The channel-tufted back is modern and stylish adding just the right interest to the classic silhouette.

Use this chair in your home office or pull her into the living room when company is over for extra seating.

13. Two-Toned Upholstered Tilt Cute Office Chair

blue cute office chairs

Whether your space is commercial or residential this elegant desk chair will look beautiful and is built to last. The two-toned design is super unique and will make your office unique.

This trendy office chair features vintage leatherette and fabric that is durable. Perfect for the at-home office or the conference room. 

Update your office decor with this fashionable office chair.

As you can see no matter your budget there is a stylish office chair for you! I love the channel-tufted Kelly Wearstler inspired velvet office chair with the gold base. There are just so many that I have to narrow it down.

Whenever I design a space I first look at ALL the choices. I like to make sure I explore all the possibilities and don’t miss any.

When I finally make my selection I find I LOVE the piece even more.

Never rush design. Know that “Good design takes time”.

Good design takes time.

Hope this was helpful and gave you inspiration for your home office design.

This post is all about cute office chairs that are comfortable and stylish.

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