13 Neutral Bachelor Pad Bedroom Ideas You’ll Totally Be Obsessed With

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This post is all about neutral bachelor pad bedroom ideas to create a look and feel in your space.

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Neutral Bachelor Pad Bedroom Ideas

My big boy Quimes who turned 29 today inspired today’s post!

He recently followed his dream of living in California and is loving life these days.

He stayed with us in June because he was not feeling the city during the quarantine (like many other New Yorkers).

Also, after living in Queens, Brooklyn, and NYC he was probably done with that phase of his life.

Santa Barbara Beach Pier Harbor

One morning we were in the office and he told me he was thinking of moving to Santa Monica, CA.

I literally told him “I am just listening to you talk through this but at the end of the day, you have to decide what’s best for you”.

It took years for me to get to this point.

I wanted him to figure out what was best for him without my influence.

One of the best things we can learn in life is: make a decision and own it.

Good or Bad it’s yours and don’t blame anyone else.

If I screw up the best thing I can do is learn the lesson and move on.

Similarly, if I succeed I need to analyze what worked so I can repeat that process.

That said Quimes packed up his jeep on June 26th and drove across the county for about a week from NY to CA.

Check out the pictures from his last day in NY at the end of this post.

Now back to the Neutral Bachelor Pad Bedroom Ideas!

This is what Quimes’ room currently looks like.


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I helped him through eDesign create the look and feel of his bedroom virtually.

The TV and sidewall still need to be completed but this is where it’s at.

Here is the floor plan of the space.

Check out this cute reading area!

He recently bought the plant he has by the window.

The Crate and Barrel chair was a score from Craigslist.

Most of what Quimes purchased was from Ikea to keep the cost down.

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Neutral Bachelor Pad


1. King of Street Art Print | 2. Wood & Resin Coasters | 3. Tripod Floor Lamp  | 4. Faux Fur Chinchilla Throw | 5. Faux Leather Decorative Pillow Brown | 6. Stripe Designer Pillow Cover | 7. Upholstered Storage Bed | 8. Fern Plant Tree | 9. Table Lamp | 10. Faux Fur Pillow | 11. Wood Tiled Nightstand | 12. Club Leather Chair | 13. California Art Print

Quimes bought his mattress and bed from a company called Nectar.

The artwork for over his bed is on order from Etsy and he recently hung his TV on the wall.

He bought an inexpensive TV console from Ikea to use temporarily.

The TV wall and wall by the chair still need to be completed.

For that area, he would like shelving options and plants included.

That’s it for now…

Check back for project updates!

Have an awesome day full of Unicorns and Rainbows!

xo Nicole

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Quimes’ last day in NY:

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