12 Modern Four Poster Canopy Bed Ideas For Your Bedroom

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Looking for the best modern four poster bed for your bedroom? Check out my favorites that are perfect for a fabulous night’s sleep!

If you’ve been shopping for a new bed you know there are many different types of styles you can choose from. There are four poster, canopy, wingback, sleigh, panel, murphy, storage, and more!

In this post, we’ll be discussing modern four-poster canopy bed styles. This silhouette is available in wood, metal, and upholstered versions. They’re great for larger spaces with higher ceilings.

Even though they have taller posts most modern four-poster bed designs do not visually take up a lot of space. That’s because they tend to have slimmer posts than traditional styles.

The four-post canopy bed style is great for anyone looking to add drama and sophistication to their bedroom design. Check out this roundup and let me know if you have a favorite.

This post is all about the best modern four poster bed.

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best arhaus furniture bedroom

Best Modern Four Poster Beds Of 2024

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Here are the best modern four poster beds of 2024:

Best Overall: Wood Canopy Bed | Arhaus

This wood canopy bed is an excellent option for a timeless neutral bedroom design.

Best Budget: Curved Frame Canopy Bed | Crate & Barrel

At just over $1500 this is the most affordable four-poster canopy bed of the roundup.

Best Splurge: Brass Four Poster Bed | Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams

For those with unlimited funds, this brass four-poster bed will make an impact in your home!

Best Materials: Leather Canopy Bed | Anthropologie

The woven leather straps on this canopy bed will add warmth and texture to your interior design.

Best Style: Acacia Wood Canopy Bed | Crate & Barrel

If you’re looking to make a bold statement in your bedroom this wood canopy bed is for you!

Best Contrast: Poster Bed | Lulu and Georgia

This four-poster bed has the perfect contrast with the light caning and dark wood design.

What is the difference between a canopy bed and a four-poster bed?

The difference between the canopy bed and the four-poster bed is subtle. Both styles have four elongated posts at each corner of the bed.

Canopy beds can have fabric draped over the posts or be connected at the top with cross beams. This style can have a boxy feeling since the top may have slats or be closed off.

Are four poster beds worth it?

Yes!! A four-post bed is worth the investment. It’ll add a focal point and make a statement in any bedroom design.

If you’re looking to add interest and drama to your interior design this modern bed will do the trick. The timeless silhouette will last for many years to come and provide a great night’s sleep.

Four Poster Canopy Bed Shopping Tips

No matter which furniture you’re shopping for start with a floor plan of your space. I know I sound like a broken record but the floor plan will help you avoid costly mistakes.

Download your FREE how-to-measure guide today!

Once you have your measurements you’ll be able to order your furniture with confidence.

This video will help you create a floor plan based on the measurements of your space.

Four Poster Canopy Bed Ideas

modern four poster bed roundup

1. Canopy Bed // 2. Poster Bed // 3. Canopy Storage Bed // 4. Wood Canopy Bed // 5. Brass Four Poster Bed // 6. Canopy Bed // 7. Cane Poster Bed // 8. Teak Wood Bed // 9. Wood Canopy Bed // 10. Leather Canopy Bed // 11. Acacia Wood Canopy Bed // 12. Curved Frame Canopy Bed

1. Modern Canopy Bed

wood canopy bed

This four poster canopy bed is great for the minimalist design style. It has clean lines, a subtle texture, and a tonal look. The modern style is timeless and classic.

The wood platform bed has a light wood finish and would look fabulous with white or neutral bedding. Choose between queen or king depending on the floor plan of your room.

Enter the code INSPIREDDESIGNTALK15 for 15% off your Lulu and Georgia order! Happy shopping!

Do canopy beds make a room look smaller?

Canopy beds can make a room appear smaller since they have four long posts at each corner. They do take up more space than the classic bed so they’re not ideal for small rooms with low ceilings.

Adding this bed style to a smaller room can make it feel claustrophobic and cramped. That said the canopy four-post bed is best for larger spaces that can handle the height of the bed.

If you love the look of a four-post canopy bed for your smaller room go with a metal frame or one with thinner posts. Some styles don’t have the headboard attached which visually takes up less square footage.

I prefer the support of having a headboard but everyone has different needs.

2. Four Poster Bed

wood four poster bed with caning

Furniture with mixed materials is great for interest, texture, and dimension. This four-post bed has natural woven cane paneling with a contrasting black frame.

The modern style is a classic update to the traditional four-poster bed we’ve all come to love. If you’re looking to add an organic vibe to your bedroom makeover this bed is for you.

It’s available in both queen and king depending on your measurements. This style is a best seller so be sure to get on the waitlist if it’s out of stock.

As a blog reader, you’ll save 15% at checkout with the discount code INSPIREDDESIGNTALK15.

3. Canopy Bed With Storage

wood modern four poster bed

For those who need storage solutions in their living space, this canopy bed is perfect. The platform frame has spacious drawers that are perfect for storing blankets, sweaters, seasonal clothes, and more.

This bed has a bold minimalist silhouette that was hand finished by craftsmen. The “organically aged” patina is created using a six-step application that creates an elegant finish.

It’s available in ebony or salvaged grey in both queen and king sizes. No matter the size of your bedroom there’s one to fit your needs.

4. Wood Canopy Bed

modern four poster bed

Love the modern lines of this wood four-post canopy bed. It has embossed shagreen faux leather inserts that are the perfect complement to the hand-finished bed.

The metal accents add a sophisticated vibe to the stylish design. Choose between bone or sparrow when placing your order online.

This bed is also available in both queen and king sizes.

5. Brass Four Poster Bed

modern four poster bed

There’s so much to love about this best-selling canopy metal frame canopy bed. It’s a modern take on the classic design that’ll take your bedroom to the next level.

The stunning design features a fully upholstered headboard and metal frame. It’s the perfect blend of comfort and style.

The custom headboard is available in multiple fabrics and leather finishes. If gold is not your jam then go for the pewter finish instead.

No matter which material and metal you choose this four poster bed will command attention in your bedroom. Queen or king sizes are available depending on your dimensions.

6. Metal Four Poster Bed

modern four poster bed

If you have a smaller bedroom but love the look of a four-post bed this style is calling your name. It has a thin metal frame that’ll visually appear light and airy.

The linen headboard provides the perfect contrast to the sophisticated dark frame. Just beware if you use a lot of hair products or have oily skin because the linen fabric can stain or discolor.

That said be sure to protect the fabric and/ or add on the accident protection plan. It’s better to be safe than sorry with your investment, my friends.

Queen and king sizes are available in this upholstered bed as well.

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7. Cane Poster Bed

cane and wood beds

This cane poster bed is fabulous for making a statement in any bedroom design. It’s a modern take on the classic bed style with clean lines and a hand-stained finish.

The thin tapered wood posts won’t overpower or feel heavy making this bed a great option for small and large spaces. It features bold headboard cutouts, a mid-century style, and caning details for an elevated vibe.

Choose between three finishes in queen or king when placing your order online. It’s on sale right now for savings of over $1500 so order ASAP if you’re in love!!

8. Teak Wood Bed

wood beds

This teak wood bed will ship in 4-6 weeks making it a great option for those on a tighter timeline. It has a timeless classic silhouette that’s warm and inviting.

The richly-grained sandblasted teak finish is perfect for layering in texture and interest. It has antique brass feet that add a sophisticated glam touch to take any design to the next level.

It’s available in queen, king, and California king depending on your needs. This bed will make a fabulous addition to your master bedroom, guest room, and more!

9. Wood Canopy Bed

modern four poster bed

You can add this wood canopy bed to any style of home. It’s inspired by contemporary European design with its clean lines and purposeful silhouette.

The solid wood oak is sustainably sourced making it good for the environment. It’s designed to be used without a boxspring which will save you dinero (money).

Choose between the queen or king sizes. This style is on sale for a great saving so order ASAP if you’re in love!

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10. Leather Canopy Bed

leather canopy beds

Add pattern, texture, and dimension to your bedroom design with the addition of this leather and oak wood canopy bed.

It has contrasting dyed leather straps that are woven together to create a focal point and command attention. This modern bed is the perfect balance between function and a work of art.

It’s available in queen or king for a super affordable price so run don’t walk to order yours today! This sale is sure to make it sell out fast.

11. Acacia Wood Canopy Bed

acacia wood canopy bed frame

Add this stylish upholstered bed to your modern contemporary design for an elevated look. You’ll create your very own sanctuary retreat that’ll have you dreaming of unicorns and rainbows all night long.

This bed features eye-catching curves with a mix of wood and fabric. The slubby cotton-blend fabric headboard adds a touch of softness and contrast to the natural reclaimed wood.

12. Curved Frame Canopy Bed

metal curved canopy beds

Last up is this metal canopy bed from Crate & Barrel. It has a curved frame, a dramatic canopy, and an upholstered headboard.

The cognac-colored leather wraps add the perfect contrast to the metal finish and linen-like ivory fabric. This bed will make a fabulous addition to your master bedroom, guest room, or Airbnb design.

Choose between queen or king in a brass or dark pewter frame when placing your order. This bed will make a dramatic statement in any room of your home.

I hope these modern bed styles inspire you to design a bedroom you love!

This post is all about the best modern four poster canopy bed.

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