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Try Glimpse Airbnb | Free Luxury Product Placement To Elevate Your Short-Term Rental

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Looking to add a touch of luxury to your Airbnb? Sign up for Glimpse Airbnb to get free products to add to your short-term rental property!

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Try Glimpse Airbnb


A great way to attract guests to your Airbnb is by providing a luxury experience. Glimpse is one company that’ll help you do just that.

They connect you with brands that provide FREE high-quality products to add to your listing. Approved spaces are short-term rentals and boutique hotels and resorts.

Being a Glimpse host partner will help you drive traffic to your rental property. It’ll also earn you passive income when guests purchase the products.

If you’re a host on Airbnb you should definitely consider joining Glimpse to elevate your guest’s experience.

This post is all about Glimpse FREE product placements.


Glimpse Airbnb Q&A

How to join Glimpse?

Glimpse is looking for properties that have a high turnover rate. To qualify your short-term rental properties should have multiple bookings per month.

Since you’re representing the Glimpse brand you need to have high ratings and reviews on Airbnb. They’re also looking for well-designed spaces where luxury products will enhance the customer experience.

Once you register your properties on the platform you’ll become eligible to receive and request offers from a variety of brand partners.

What Brands does Glimpse partner with?

The luxury brands Glimpse partners with are Pillow Guy, Gravity Blankets, Hypervolt Go, Lyric Massager, and more!

Some of the products they offer are hair stylers, air purifiers, bedside lamps, google assist clocks, rugs, towels, pillows, and blankets to name a few.

They really have a wide selection of quality products to choose from.

Do I pay to receive products? 

No! You do NOT need to pay to receive the products. The product and place cards will be shipped to you at no cost.

After you receive the item you’ll be able to purchase more (if you want) at a discounted rate through the Glimpse platform.

Can I choose which products to have in my space?

Yes! You can choose which luxury products you’d like to include in your Airbnb. At times Glimpse will reach out with offers but you can decline if they don’t work with your space.

We were offered a treadmill but declined since we do not have room for one.

How are space and brand pairings decided?

Space and brand pairings are decided on in one of two ways. You can request brands if they’re available or the brand can reach out to you.

You have the option of approving or declining any requests. If you change your mind about a product you showed interest in you can decline that as well.

Why are Brands Giving Away Products?

Brands are giving away products for awareness and exposure. It’s basically free advertising once the product is placed.

Since the requirement is Airbnb’s with multiple monthly bookings it brings a wider audience to try their product. Not only will guests purchase but they’ll tell friends and family which is more potential customers.

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Try Glimpse Airbnb

The first step to getting accepted into Glimpse is to fill out the questionnaire online. You’ll be asked how many spaces you have, average monthly bookings, average rating, link to your listing, and social media handles.

After you’re approved the next step is to upload images and information about your listing. Then you can go through the product offerings and select the ones you like.

There are many products but not all of them will be available. The Marketplace link will show completed for any closed campaigns.

You’ll have to wait for them to reopen to apply. When I signed up I applied for the Pillow Guy Down Alternative Pillows and the Gravity Blanket.

Those were the only open campaigns that worked with our Airbnb.

Glimpse Airbnb Products


1. Pillow Guy Pillows // 2. Over-Sized Bath Towel & Hand Towel // 3. Weighted Blanket // 4. Molekule Air Mini Air Purifier // 5. Wireless Charging // 6. Drinkworks Home Bar // 7. LifeSpan Walking Treadmill // 8. T3 Ceramic Flat Iron // 9. Deep Tissue Percussion Massage Gun // 10. Chirp Wheel+ Foam Roller // 11. Echo Dot Smart Speaker

Luxury Airbnb Resources

1. Pillow Guy Pillows

When I signed up for Glimpse I requested the Pillow Guy pillows and we now have them on our Airbnb. The pillows arrived first and we received the place cards a few days later.

These pillows are so comfy and luxurious! I’m sure our future guests are going to love them. There are two beds in our Airbnb so I put them on the one guests use the most.


This is the image I uploaded to Glimpse after I placed the product. The pillows are exposed however I’ll cover them for our guests. I also plan to keep the product card on the table, not on the bed.

Many guests arrive late so I don’t think they’d appreciate uncovered pillows. Just saying!


Product Placement Cards

Below is a closeup of the pillow product card on the table and the second placement card on the desk. The desk has the Welcome book with the WiFi code so I’m sure the card will be seen.


Each product you receive comes with its own card to be placed with the item. The card with the larger barcode will bring guests to ALL the products in your Airbnb. It should be located in the common area of your space.

Pillow Place Card On The Table Next To The Bed
All Product Place Card On The Desk/ Common Area

If your placement image is not approved when you upload it you’ll receive a message about what to fix. After I resubmitted it was approved and good to go.

The product will show in your Glimpse account as placed and there will be a Catalog URL for the item. Guests will get 20% off their purchase when they scan the bar code.

They’ll be instructed to make their purchase during their stay to receive the discount.

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2. Over-Sized Bath Towel & Hand Towel

There are so many other products offered but they’re not all available. These towels are also by Pillow Guy which I have my eye on.

The turquoise color is shown but they also come in white which would be fabulous for our Airbnb. They’re Turkish-made and will add a luxurious look and feel to any space they’re in.

3. Weighted Blanket

I was able to request the weighted blanket but we have not received it yet. Since there’s an AC unit near the second bed I know our guests will appreciate this item.

There are many sizes and weights to choose from depending on your space.

4. Molekule Air Mini Air Purifier

An air purifier is an awesome item to add to your Airbnb. It’s perfect for destroying viruses, allergens, bacteria, mold, chemicals & more.

This one has five speeds from a quiet whisper to a high boost. For us, this would be awesome since I know most guests do not turn on the ensuite bathroom fan.

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5. Wireless Charging Power Bank

Love this wireless charging power bank! It’s great for anyone who has an older phone that loses its charge quickly.

Umm, That would be me! I never got the memo to NOT leave the phone charging overnight!!

6. Drinkworks Home Bar

How cool is the Drinkworks home bar?! I originally thought it was a coffee maker but nope it’s for mixed drinks!

It prepares cocktails, brews, and more at the push of a button which is AMAZING! The fancy drink pods contain all ingredients including alcohol. It even adds chilled water and carbonation.

Like what?! Insane right!!

This one is definitely on my list of products I can’t wait to become available.

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7. LifeSpan Walking Treadmill

If you have the space this is a great product! The concept is you add a standing desk over the treadmill so guests can walk while they work. We were offered this product for our space but I declined.

We don’t have the room for it but I do think guests would love it!

8. T3 Ceramic Flat Iron

This is another awesome product on my list! The Glimpse site shows it as a set with the flat iron, hair dryer, and curling iron which is amazing.

We have a lot of guests staying for concerts at Jones Beach so I know they’d absolutely love this item. Hopefully, it’ll be available soon!

9. Deep Tissue Percussion Massage Gun

LOVE LOVE LOVE this one!! I’m totally obsessed and want one in our home. Naturally, the deep tissue percussion massage gun is not available but I have my eye on this bad boy.

We have a bike trail near our Airbnb that goes to the beach. This would be perfect for the sore muscles after the ride.

As soon as it’s up again I’ll be applying for this campaign. I know my guests would love and appreciate it too! 

10. Chirp Wheel+ Foam Roller

Another fabulous product for pain relief and muscle therapy. Are you noticing a theme? Love a good massage!

There are multiple packages to choose from depending on your needs. The Glimpse site has the 3 pack available which is perfect!

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11. Echo Dot Smart Speaker

The echo dot smart speaker is another great product. We have the smaller version in our house and use it to play music.

Since we tend to host middle-aged couples I’m not worried about the music being loud. We have been very fortunate to have respectful guests who’ve been courteous and quiet.

Have an amazing day full of Unicorns & Rainbows!

xo Nicole

This post is all about Glimpse FREE product placements.

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