Backyard Graduation Party Ideas

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Looking for the best backyard graduation party ideas? Check out our favorites that the class of 2024 is sure to love!

Now that spring is right around the corner you know what that means right?!

Yes, Graduation season is upon us.

Over here at Inspired Design Talk, we are going to assume that the big C is a thing of the past, and backyard graduation parties are back again.

In 2020 my daughter graduated from High School and we had a small gathering. I have to say we all felt weird energy that day.

Everyone stayed in their own “tribe” of people and did NOT intermingle.

My daughter and husband both mentioned they felt awkward. It felt like we had to split our attention between the separate family and friends.

That said let’s all hope for better times now that the vaccine is here.

Hey, a girl can hope my friends!

Fingers crossed for a somewhat “normal” graduation season. I believe we all need to get our social lives back and what better way than a celebration?

If your graduation plans include an outdoor graduation party then you are in the right place.

This post is all about backyard graduation party ideas.

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Best Backyard Graduation Party Ideas

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Best Theme: Fresh Lei “Orchid Lei” from Hawaii

Throwing a party around a theme is a great way to add personality and originality. Since my daughter went to college in Hawai’i this was a fitting theme for her party.

If you order the Lei put it in the fridge when it arrives until you need it. That will keep it fresh. We had our order arrive two days before the event. in a new tab)

Best Sign: Congrats Grad Giant Sign

This garage door sign is perfect to announce your senior’s amazing accomplishment.

Best Idea: Party Water Bottle Labels

Great idea to give your guests to make sure they stay hydrated.

Best Decor: Graduation Decorations 2023

Love this backdrop for picture taking. Such a great way to capture all the awesome memories and special guests.

Best Lawn Decor: Yard Sign and Outdoor Lawn Decorations

This is the perfect decor that will get all those who drive by to “honk” for the grad.

Best Favor: Popcorn Graduation Favor Bags

Such a great idea to give as a favor to your guests.

I mean everyone loves popcorn No?!

Best Advice: Advice Cards 2023

These are perfect so your guests can give the senior loving advice as they go through their journey.

As my Boho Beautiful yoga teacher says “we are all on our own personal journey and it’s a beautiful journey for each of us”.

We are all on our own personal journey and it’s a beautiful journey for each of us.

Boho Beautiful

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1. Graduation Yard Sign // 2. Printed Graduation banner // 3. Vinyl Decal Vinyl Sticker // 4. Party Invitation // 5. Fresh Lei “Orchid Lei” from Hawaii // 6. Graduation Headband // 7. Party Invitation // 8. Advice Cards 2022 // 9. Favor Bags // 10. Thank You Tags // 11. Party Water Bottle Labels // 12. Mini Candy Bar Wrapper // 13. Graduation Yard Sign 2022 // 14. Yard Sign and Outdoor Lawn Decorations // 15. Graduation Decorations 2022 // 16. Congrats Grad Giant Sign // 17. Gold Dot Paper Plates Dinnerware

1. Graduation Yard Sign

Graduation Yard Sign

Let guests know they’re at the right house with this customized lawn sign. It also lets your neighbors share in the excitement of the recent grad.

Customize the colors to match your high school or college. You can attach balloons to the posts for even more attention.

2. Printed Graduation banner

Printed Graduation banner

Add this printed graduation banner to your outdoor patio, fence, or garage to make the graduate feel special. There are two sizes available depending on the size of your outdoor space.

3. Vinyl Decal Vinyl Sticker

Vinyl Decal Vinyl Sticker

Let everyone know you have a graduate in the house with this vinyl car decal sticker. Customize the size to how much attention you want to get from onlookers.

4. Party Invitation

grad party invite

Edit this download printable based on the details of your party. Make life simpler with this ready-made design that you can download and print yourself.

Save time and energy as much as you can so you can focus all your attention on the star of the show… The Graduate!

5. Fresh Lei “Orchid Lei” from Hawaii

Fresh Lei Orchid Lei from Hawaii

Whether your child is going off to college in Hawaii or not this Lei will make them feel super special. Order it a few days before and store it in the fridge until the day of the party.

6. Graduation Headband

Graduation Headband

Draw attention to the graduates with this fun headband they can wear during the party. Select the glitter and fringe color that coordinates with the theme of your celebration.

7. Party Invitation

Party Invitation

Love the look of this simple party invitation design. Unlike the other invitation, this one is a physical product that’ll be mailed to your home.

It comes complete with the invitations and envelopes. You just need to add the details and decide on the amount you need.

8. Advice Cards 2022

Advice Cards

This is a fabulous gift to give to your graduate. Have friends and family offer words of wisdom the graduate can refer to as they go on their life journey.

9. Favor Bags

popcorn favor bags

If you are looking for a fun favor idea these thanks for popping by bags are perfect! Just add popcorn and voila instant party favors!

10. Thank You Tags


These custom thank you tags are great to add to whatever party favor you’re giving out. They’re awesome to hang on a tumbler, candy jar, or bottle to show guests how much you care.

11. Party Water Bottle Labels

Party Water Bottle Labels

Class of 2022 party water bottle labels are a fabulous way to make your graduation party special. They’re super easy to apply and safe to chill on ice or in the fridge.

12. Mini Candy Bar Wrapper


Super cute way you show your Class of 2022 grad you care. Just add these custom wrappers to your mini chocolate bars for instant party decor.

Guests will love these!

13. Graduation Yard Sign 2022


Let EVERYONE know where the party is with this oversized graduation lawn sign. Customize the number of letters and colors when placing your order.

14. Yard Sign and Outdoor Lawn Decorations


Decorate your lawn with these yard signs and lawn decorations. Perfect to let EVERYONE know exactly where the party’s at!

15. Graduation Decorations 2022

Graduation Decorations

Use this graduation party decor as the backdrop for pictures. It’s also great to use behind the DJ or cake table.

16. Congrats Grad Giant Sign


This large customizable sign is perfect to hang on your fence or garage door. It’s awesome to announce all the details of the graduate.

17. Gold Dot Paper Plates Dinnerware

Gold Dot Paper Plates Dinnerware

Last up is this fun gold dot paper plate dinnerware. The set comes complete with everything you need to get the party started.

It’s a service of 50 so you may need more than one depending on how many people you invite.

Hope this gave you ideas and inspiration for your senior High School or College graduation outdoor party.

This post is all about backyard graduation party ideas.

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