Awesome Pool Floats For Your Back Yard Or Gift Giving

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Looking for awesome pool floats that’ll have you relaxing in style? Check out these cool pool floats that are perfect for your next party!

Summer is officially here so it’s time to break out those awesome cool pool floats. There are so many unique styles that are perfect to relax and chill all summer long.

No matter your age you’ll appreciate these fun colorful designs. If you like to be entertained you’ll love the bull riding, volleyball, or beer pong pool float.

The best part is there’s something for everyone no matter your budget. Prices range from under $20 to as much as $500.

They’re a fun way to add style and personality to your outdoor space. These cool pool floats are so good you’ll probably want more than one!

This post is all about awesome pool floats.

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Pink flamingo awesome pool floats

Where To Shop For Awesome Pool Floats

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There are many places to shop online for cool pool floats.

For this roundup, the resources were from the following:

Awesome Pool Floats For Adults

awesome pool floats collage

1. Floating Party Mat // 2. Avocado // 3. Flamingo // 4. Unicorn // 5. Butterfly // 6. Pineapple // 7. Ottoman // 8. Angel Wings // 9. Mermaid // 10. Rainbow Float // 11. Drift Chaise // 12. Volleyball Float // 13. Inflatable Bull Float // 14. Beer Pong Float // 15. Inflatable Canopy // 16. Float Pump

1. Affordable Floating Party Mat

Floating Party Mat

Relax with friends in style on this oversized giant floating mat. The comfortable design will have you floating on water (literally).

It has a weight limit of 660 lbs so it’ll be able to support several people. If you have little ones they’ll have hours of fun relaxing in the sun.

The affordable mat folds small when not in use and there are two air chambers for added safety. It does also include a repair patch just in case but with care, you won’t need it.

awesome pool floats floating party mat

For those with unlimited funds, this luxury pool float is perfect for a large pool, lake, or beach. It features four cup holders, a mooring line, and velcro straps.

Whether you are looking to tan in the sun or relax with a cocktail this unique pool float will be super fun!

2. Avocado Pool Float

Avocado Pool Float

For all my Avocado lovers this one is for you!

The large size inflatable pool float comes with a cute brown removable beach ball for hours of fun in the sun. It’s made of high-quality environmentally friendly PVC material making it super durable and long-lasting.

3. Flamingo Pool Floatie

Flamingo Pool Float

The super stylish pink flamingo pool float is oversized and includes two cup holders. Relax in the pool with your favorite cocktail and enjoy the sunshine.

This flamingo float is not only durable but tear-resistant and UV fade-resistant. It’s a fabulous option for all my pink home decor fashionistas as well!

4. Unicorn Pool Float For Adults

Unicorn Pool Float

By now you know I’m obsessed with Unicorns so naturally, I included one in this cool pool floats roundup. It’s available in two sizes making it perfect for adults and kids.

You’ll have a magical summer as you relax in style with this trendy float.

5. Affordable Butterfly Pool Floats

Butterfly Pool Float

This colorful butterfly pool float will make a fabulous addition to your outdoor pool decor. It has a rainbow kaleidoscope design that’s sure to attract attention.

There are four built-in drink holders so you’ll be able to float for hours without needing a refill. The durable pool float is environmentally friendly and built to last!

Butterfly Luxury Pool Floats

striped butterfly float

This gorgeous butterfly float is pretty and comfortable. The oversized pool float is made of durable vinyl and can be used in saltwater or chlorinated pools.

Coming in at 9 feet long and 11 inches thick you have plenty of room to spread your wings and fly away.

This pool float will make for fabulous Instagram ready photos as well!

6. Affordable Pineapple Pool Inflatables

Pineapple Pool Float

At just over $25 this affordable pineapple pool float will add some extra sunshine to your outdoor area. It’s made of thick soft vinyl and can hold up to 300 pounds.

This will be your new favorite spot for relaxing in style. It’s also the perfect gift under 25 to give for a birthday, vacation, or summer present.

Luxury Pineapple Pool Flate

pineapple art float

Enjoy relaxing in the sun on this super fun pineapple float. Made of marine-grade cell foam it’s triple-dipped in heat-processed vinyl for extra durability. 

This luxury pool float is on sale right now so be sure to get it before it sells out.

7. Ottoman Pool Floats

blue lazy day float

The lazy day ottoman is great for those rare occasions when nothing is on the agenda except relaxing and staying present at the moment.

Keep your drinks close by with one of the four cup holders built into the ottoman design. Available in two colorways you may have trouble deciding which you love more!

Be sure to check out the other pieces of this collection which include a pool chair, seat, float, and pool noodle.

8. Angel Wings

angel wings

Take amazing Instagram-worthy photos all summer long while you relax in style on this fun angel wings float.

There are two heavy-duty handles attached to the durable vinyl shell so no need to worry about falling off. At just over $30 it’s sure to make a statement and be the talk of the party!

9. Mermaid

Mermaid Pool Float

Enjoy your favorite cocktail while relaxing on your oversized mermaid pool floatie. Choose between the pink or turquoise colorway depending on the vibe of your pool decor.

On sale right now so don’t miss out on the 11% off savings! Choose between large or extra large when placing your order online.

10. Rainbow Float

Rainbow Pool Float

Where there are unicorns there have to be rainbows so check out the design of this lounge tube float. Featuring every color of the rainbow in this fun style this one is sure to bring sunshine to your day.

You’ll find yourself chilling at the end of the rainbow with your head in the clouds literally!

11. Drift Chaise

These cool pool floats are available in three fabulous colors. They’re perfect to mix and match so you might have trouble choosing just one.

These super comfy pool floats are perfect for floating on water or relaxing on dry land. The soft beads and flexible fabric will contour your body for a luxurious experience.

12. Volleyball Float

Volleyball Pool Float

Not exactly a body float but a cool pool float nonetheless. You’ll never want to leave the pool when your company is over because you’ll be having too much fun.

The set includes a ship-shaped volleyball net and an inflatable ball. Perfect to add to your pool decor or to gift to a friend.

If you’re going on vacation just throw this in your bag for a fun time away from home.

13. Inflatable Bull Float

bull Pool Float

If you’ve ever ridden the bull at your local entertainment spot then you’ll love this inflatable float. It’s sure to be fun for the entire family no matter your age.

This cool pool float is made of puncture-resistant vinyl and has durable connectors and handles to help you stay on. It’s perfect to host a rodeo-themed party with family, friends, adults, and kids!

14. Beer Pong Float

beer pong Pool Float

Level up your pool party with this super fun beer pong float. The 6-foot inflatable has 10 built-in cup holders at each side so you can enjoy the classic drinking game.

When not playing it’s also awesome for relaxing and daydreaming about your next get-together. Enjoy hours of fun with this 3 in 1 pool float.

15. Inflatable Canopy

Inflatable Canopy Pool Float

Last but not least, we have this awesome pool float that’ll elevate the look of your outdoor area. The neutral color will blend in perfectly no matter your design style and add a touch of sophistication.

It’s great to socialize with your girlfriend or husband depending on the conversation topic and support needed. The shade will help keep you cool and protected while lounging in the sun.

There are two air chambers for extra safety and two built-in cup holders. At just over $90 it’s super affordable too!

16. Cool Pool Float Pump

float pump

Phew that was a lot! Now that you have all the choices be sure to grab this pool float pump. It’ll make your life so much easier than having to blow up each float by mouth.

There are three nozzles so no matter the size of the tube you’ll be ready to go. Most floats will take about three minutes to blow up with the help of your new best friend!

We don’t have a pool in our backyard but there are days I wish we did… Especially with all these options.

Hope this post helps you stay cool and relaxed all summer long!

This post is all about awesome pool floats.

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