Best Platform Bed Frame Ideas For Your Bedroom

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Looking for the best platform bed frame for your bedroom makeover? Check out my favorites that’ll upgrade your home!

If you’re looking for the best platform bed frame to update your modern contemporary bedroom this post is for you! When it comes to this bed style there are many materials, finishes, and silhouettes to choose from.

You can find a tufted bed, cane, wood, fabric, and more! Since the bed is the largest piece in your master bedroom it’s where you should spend the largest amount of your budget.

Quality and comfort should be the goal when sourcing a bed since it’s also where you’ll spend the most time.

For those starting out, there are affordable platform bed styles below for you too. Once you know the look and feel you’re after choosing a bed is the next step in the process.

Check out the platform beds below for inspiration and ideas for your bedroom interior design. You’ve got this!

This post is all about the best platform bed frame.

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best platform bed frame wood beds and upholstered bed

Best Platform Bed Frame Ideas 2024

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Here are the best platform bed frame ideas:

Best Overall: Boucle Snow Channel Bed | Crate & Barrel

Yes, even beds are available in boucle upholstery and this one is stunning!

Best Budget: Modern Platform Upholstered Bed | Walmart

At just under $300 this is the most affordable platform bed of the group.

Best Color: Crosshatch Weave Platform Bed | Urban Outfitters

Add a touch of femininity and style to your bedroom makeover with this pink upholstered bed.

Best Material: Cane Platform Bed | Lulu and Georgia

This cane platform bed will add texture and dimension to your bedroom design.

Best Tufted: Tufted Platform Bed | Lulu and Georgia

This channel-tufted upholstered bed will take any modern contemporary bedroom to the next level.

Bedroom Makeover Platform Beds

best platform bed frame wood beds and upholstered bed

1. Cane Platform Bed // 2. Tufted Platform Bed // 3. Storage Platform Bed // 4. Crosshatch Weave Platform Bed // 5. Modern Cushion Bed // 6. Boucle Snow Channel Bed // 7. Wood Platform Bed // 8. Cane and Oak Bed // 9. Platform Bed Frame With Headboard // 10. Modern Platform Upholstered Bed // 11. Cane Bed Frame

1. Black Cane Platform Bed

best platform bed frame

If you’re looking to add texture and dimension to your bedroom makeover this one is for you. It has a curved silhouette with cane paneling at the foot and headboard.

The natural texture gives this modern bed an organic vibe. It’s the perfect piece to make a statement in your bedroom design.

Choose between the black or natural in king or queen when placing your order online. This timeless bed will last for many years to come and bring joy into your life.

How can I get a discount on Lulu and Georgia?

Glad you asked! As a blog reader, you’ll save 15% at checkout with the discount code INSPIREDDESIGNTALK15. The savings will help you shop guilt free and design the home of your dreams!

You can thank me later AFTER your Lulu and Georgia furniture is delivered to your home. I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again sharing is caring, my friends!

Do I need a mattress foundation with a platform bed?

The beauty of a platform bed is you don’t need to use a mattress foundation or box spring. Typical styles have wood slots that your mattress can be placed directly on top of.

For those who prefer a little extra height, you can use a 4″ foundation which is lower than the usual 9″. This will add an extra layer between the platform and the mattress.

Can any mattress go on a platform bed?

There are a variety of mattress styles that are recommended for use with a platform bed. These include latex, hybrid, or memory foam which will take the comfort level up a notch.

As for the thickness go for a mattress that’s 12-14 inches so your bed is not too low to the ground. The support of the platform bed frame will reduce sagging and wear and tear over time.

2. Velvet Platform Bed

tufted platform bed

Create a focal point in your bedroom with this large-scale, eye-catching bed frame. It has a tall headboard with channel tufting that’ll make an impact on your design.

The velvet upholstery of this platform bed will add a luxurious and sophisticated touch. It’s available in rust, toffee, oatmeal, blue, and balsam depending on the vibe you’re after.

Choose between three sizes and enjoy 15% off with the discount code INSPIREDDESIGNTALK15. Sharing is caring, my friends!

3. Storage Platform Bed

storage platform bed

There’s a reason this bed is a best seller… It’s fabulous!! This platform bed has deep diamond tufting, a wingback silhouette, and nailheads that’ll elevate the look of any space.

The wedge-shaped headboard adds interest to the classic look. It’s well-padded which makes it super comfortable for relaxing in bed.

Choose between eight colorways depending on your color palette. It’ll ship out in 14-16 weeks so order sooner than later if you have a deadline.

For those with more time, there are 367 custom-order upholstery fabrics to create a one-of-a-kind design for your bedroom. The possibilities are endless on this platform bed style!

4. Crosshatch Weave Platform Bed

crosshatch weave platform bed

For a more minimalist vibe, this platform bed is calling your name. It has a sleek silhouette, brass legs, and a slatted base.

This bed will add a chic modern look to your bedroom makeover. Add a pop of pink to make a statement and add a touch of femininity to your room.

If pink isn’t your jam choose from one of the other four upholstery colors available. Measure your space and create a floor plan so you know if you need a full, queen, or king-size bed.

5. Modern Cushion Bed

modern cushion platform bed

Add a cozy vibe to any bedroom design with the addition of this cushioned bed. It has an urban cool vibe that’s perfect for modern contemporary spaces.

This bed is available in navy or tan upholstery in queen or king size. At under $2000 for a king-size bed, it’s great for anyone looking to level up their bedroom design.

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6. Boucle Snow Channel Bed

boucle bed

Boucle fabric is great for adding a homey cozy vibe to any space. By now you know this upholstery fabric can be found in everything from sofas to chairs, pillows, and more!

This boucle channel tufted platform bed will add texture, dimension, and coziness to your bedroom. If you prefer a smoother fabric like velvet or linen that’s available in this bed style as well.

Just click the link to customize the bed that’s perfect for your space. Production time is 2 to 4 weeks making it a fabulous option if you’re on a tight timeline.

7. Wood Platform Bed

wood platform bed frame

Add this mixed material platform bed to make a bold statement in your bedroom design. The sustainable acacia wood platform will add warmth and an organic vibe to any space.

It’s the perfect complement to the plush upholstered headboard. This modern bed is full of style and personality not to mention it’s just cool looking! Just saying!

Choose between the ivory or leather headboard when placing your order online. It’s available in four sizes depending on your floor plan and bedroom needs.

8. Cane and Oak Platform Bed

cane and oak bed

Add style and personality to your bedroom design with this caned oak veneer and a solid oak platform bed. It has a wooden slat support system that you can just add your mattress directly over.

The timeless design is perfect for adding warmth and texture to your bedroom design. If you love the organic look of natural wood this platform bed is for you!

Choose between queen or king when placing your order. At just under $2500 for the king size, it’s perfect for anyone looking to level up their bedroom design.

9. Platform Bed Frame With Headboard

taupe boucle bed

For those just starting out or on a budget this style is for you. The king-size platform bed is just under $800 making it super affordable for most people.

This bed has clean lines and a cozy silhouette that’s awesome for adding warmth and style. It has an upholstered headboard that’s available in five colorways. There are four sizes to choose from as well.

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10. Affordable Upholstered Bed

grey wingback bed

The next two upholstered beds are great for anyone on a budget, living in an apartment, or just starting out. If you’re going for a timeless look this wing-back upholstered platform bed is fabulous.

It’s on sale right now for just over $200 which is super affordable. Choose from three sizes and five colorways when placing your order online.

11. Cane Bed Frame

cane queen bed

This bed will make a dramatic statement in any bedroom design. It has a woven cane headboard that will add texture, pattern, and interest to any room.

Inspired by the 1930s curves and mid-century style the eye-catching silhouette is full of personality. The black frame and platform base are the perfect contrast to the warm natural caning tone.

This bed is great for creating a relaxing zen retreat that won’t go out of style anytime soon!

When You Know Better You Do Better

What is the point of a platform bed?

The point of the platform bed is it’s trendy, modern, and cool looking! Aside from that, it supports a mattress without the need for a box spring or foundation.
This will save you a little dinero (money which is always a good thing!
They have a low-profile silhouette and sturdy base that’s usually metal, slatted, or solid. Platform beds sit closer to the ground and raise the mattress on average 12″ off the floor.
Slats are typically much more supportive than a foundation and mattress. They’ll help your mattress stay put and not sink or slide.

What are the disadvantages of a platform bed?

The disadvantage of a platform bed is it can be too firm for those who prefer a soft, sink-in, contouring sleep surface. Also depending on the style, they can give off extra heat since they don’t allow for air circulation beneath the mattress.
If you have concerns be sure to visit your local furniture store to test out the options in person. Your bed should be a decision you don’t take lightly because a good night’s sleep is crucial for your well-being and happiness.

I hope this round-up of the best platform bed styles inspires you to design your bedroom sanctuary. Remember to get a solid eight hours of sleep to help you live your best life!!

This post is all about the best platform bed frame.

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