Best Acrylic Lucite Furniture Ideas (Save or Splurge)

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Looking for the best acrylic lucite furniture to update your living space? Check out my favorites that’ll make any room look open and airy!

Acrylic or lucite furniture is perfect for smaller spaces where you need to maximize your square footage. It’ll give the appearance of a light and airy vibe because of its clear design.

If you’ve been shopping for this niche furniture then you know it comes in a variety of styles. There are coffee tables, bookcases, bar carts, side tables, desks, and more!

This post is full of popular styles but there are so many options available. The beauty of this furniture is the scale will feel smaller than it is.

That means you’ll have the surface area you need but not the bulkiness of solid furniture. If you’re looking to add style and originality to your interior design this roundup is for you!

This post is all about the best acrylic lucite furniture.

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lucite furniture side table next to navy velvet sofa

Best Acrylic Lucite Furniture Of 2024

Acrylic furniture is timeless and has been around since the 1930s. The clear furniture is also known as lucite which is the brand name for the resin that’s similar to plexiglass.

It was created in the 30s as a safer alternative to glass. The material was popular during the Hollywood Regency and Disco era.

This classic furniture style is still going strong today and is perfect for adding personality to your interior design.

Shop Furniture Ideas Online

lucite furniture coffee table, side table, bar cart, bookcase, swing chair

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Here you will find all the lucite furniture details to shop online.

1. Acrylic Glass End Table

lucite furniture glass table

Add this stylish acrylic end table on either side of your sofa for an updated look. The affordable accent table is available at Walmart for just over $130 which is awesome!

It has a 20″ round surface area, acrylic legs, and a rose gold frame for a touch of sophistication. The bottom glass shelf is great for displaying books or your favorite home decor.

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Once you have your measurements you’ll be able to order your furniture with confidence.

2. Best Budget: Clear Acrylic End Table

Clear Acrylic End Table

At just over $150 this is the most affordable acrylic side table of the bunch.

Add this clear acrylic side table next to an accent chair to create a moment in your interior design. The stylish piece combines acrylic with brushed brass metal in a modern silhouette.

At just under $160 the affordable accent table is great for an apartment or anyone just starting out. It’s sure to be a conversation starter with friends and family.

3. Acrylic Side Table

Acrylic Side Table

This Amazon acrylic table is the perfect combination of style and function. There’s space on top to hold your drink of choice while the slotted design is great for displaying magazines.

If you’re tight on space this piece will help you stay organized and maximize your area to the fullest. Furniture with a dual purpose is always a good thing for smaller spaces.

4. C-Shaped Acrylic Table

acrylic c table

A C-shaped end table will allow you to bring the surface closer to you than a traditional design. It’s awesome if you’re working on the couch or eating breakfast in bed.

This table has a 15″ wide surface which is enough space for your laptop or bowl of popcorn. The clear design will make your room feel expansive since it’ll take up very little visual space.

Add this acrylic table to your contemporary glam living room, bedroom, or home office. It’s sure to be a fan favorite!

5. Round Acrylic Table

round acrylic table

Complete the look of any room with the addition of this cute side table. The simple design has sleek lines, turned detailing, and smooth edges.

Round tables are great to incorporate in spaces with a lot of straight edges to soften the room. They also help with traffic flow since you’ll be naturally inclined to follow the curves.

This elegant side table features a high-quality acrylic surface that’s lightweight and easy to move. Clean up fingerprints and spills with a soft damp cloth in a circular motion.

6. Clear Nesting Tables

lucite furniture nesting tables

Nesting tables are perfect for smaller spaces and those who love to entertain. For everyday use, the tables can be stacked to maximize space.

When your company arrives they can be pulled apart and used separately so you have more surface space. They’re a flexible option to add both style and function to your interior design.

These tables have a modern silhouette with waterfall edges that’ll update any living space. They can be used as an accent table next to your sofa, bed, side chair, and more!

7. Lucite Round Coffee Table

round lucite coffee table

If you’re looking for a statement coffee table this one is for you! This stylish design has a lucite frame, tempered glass top, mirrored shelf, and polished brass details.

It’s the perfect style and design to create a focal point in the center of your living room. At just under $950 this cocktail table is an investment piece that you’ll have in your home for many years to come.

8. Acrylic Cocktail Table

lucite furniture coffee table

Make a statement in your contemporary living room design with the addition of this lucite coffee table. As usual, Jonathan Adler does not disappoint with this memorable silhouette.

The thick glass tabletop rests on top of two colorful acrylic ram heads that meet in the middle. Add a touch of drama and sophistication with this unique cocktail table.

9. Acrylic Clear Coffee Table

modern glam coffee table

At just under $300 this modern glam acrylic coffee table is fabulous for anyone on a budget or just starting out. It has a sleek waterfall design that’ll attract onlookers.

This table will keep your space open and airy with its transparent design. It’s perfect for small spaces that you want to appear larger.

If you have an area rug you want to highlight a transparent table is the way to go! The beauty of the rug will show through the clear table surface area.

10. Rectangular Acrylic Coffee Table

lucite coffee table

For a modern glam style update, this coffee table is perfect. It features refractive lucite legs with a brass base. The translucent legs are meant to catch the light and create a focal point.

The Art Deco-inspired lines will add a level of sophistication to your interior design like no other. This is the perfect addition to that new sofa you just ordered!

Awesome piece to add to your contemporary modern home.

11. Best Overall: Acrylic Swing Accent Chair

Acrylic Swing Accent Chair

Friends and family will be obsessed with this acrylic and gold swing chair! It’s such an awesome find. It’s one to act fast on because it’s sure to go out of stock.

Imagine this in your little girl’s room or a fun living room design. You’re never too old for an egg chair especially if it makes you happy!

Add this trendy accent chair to any space in your home in need of additional seating. It’ll add a cool vibe and be the talk of the party.

12. Best Splurge: Modern Acrylic Bar Cart

acrylic gold bar cart

For those with unlimited funds, this acrylic bar cart is awesome for displaying all your accessories and cordials!

Even if you’ve gone dry you can add this modern glam bar cart to your interior design. It’s great to use as a coffee, tea, or traditional alcohol bar cart.

Two glass shelves offer plenty of space for all your cocktails and barware. This stylish lucite and gold bar cart will add a touch of glam and sophistication to your design.

It’s awesome to transform a space in your home and highlight your favorite beverages. This one is fabulous for modern glam homes.

13. Lucite Acrylic Desk

lucite furniture desk

This desk is awesome for smaller rooms where you want to maximize your space.

An acrylic desk is the way to go if you’re working from home and have a small living space. This one features waterfall edges and clean lines.

It’s the perfect amount of space for your laptop and papers. Add it in a free corner or behind your couch where it’ll double as a sofa table.

This clear desk will keep your space light and airy not to mention it’s super cute too.

14. Acrylic Desk Chair

lucite furniture desk chair

Pair your clear desk with this stylish acrylic chair. It has a curved back, a woven seat cushion, and a sleek design. A comfortable chair is a must to keep you productive and happy!

If you living in a smaller apartment or even a studio it’s great for adding extra seating too.

15. Lucite Mirrored Bookshelf

lucite furniture bookcase

Last up we have this fabulous lucite bookshelf that’s perfect for displaying books, pictures, and home decor. There are four clear shelves with one mirrored glass shelf.

The stylish silhouette has brass accents for a touch of glam and sophistication. This stylish design is an investment piece that’ll be in your home for many years to come.

Fill it with memorabilia and awards to stay motivated as you follow your dreams and accomplish those goals. Remember if your dreams don’t scare you they’re not big enough!

When You Know Better You Do Better

Is acrylic good for furniture?

Acrylic is good for furniture since it’s strong and durable. The transparent material allows for light to pass through which makes spaces feel bright and more open.
It’s easy to clean and maintain plus it resists mildew and UV rays. The material is not recommended for high-traffic areas since it can scratch and crack under heavy impact.

Does acrylic furniture scratch easily?

Acrylic furniture will scratch if it comes in contact with sharp or abrasive objects. That said it’s not the best choice for family rooms or spaces with active little ones.
It also depends on the quality of your lucite acrylic furniture since all styles are not created equal. Treated high-quality acrylic will be less prone to scratching than that of lower quality.
As always you get what you pay for!

How do you maintain acrylic furniture?

Protecting your acrylic furniture with coasters or placemats when entertaining will help maintain its beauty. If you do get a scratch it can usually be buffed out or polished with a soft damp cloth and a mild cleaner.
To keep your furniture looking its best you should dust it regularly, clean spills immediately, dry it thoroughly, and protect it from direct sunlight. The best way to maintain any furniture is to be mindful of regular upkeep.

I hope these clear furniture styles inspire you to design your modern home!

This post is all about the best acrylic lucite furniture.

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