Modern Master Bedroom Design Ideas (Shop The Look)

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Looking for modern master bedroom design ideas? Check out this makeover that’ll turn your room into a cozy sanctuary!

If you’re in the market for a new modern master bedroom design this makeover is for you! It has everything you need to recreate a similar look in your home.

This living space features a neutral color palette that’s warm and inviting. It’s the perfect backdrop if you love a timeless design that’ll be in style for many years to come.

There are touches of gold that add warmth and sophistication to this space. For those who love a pop of color just pull one from the artwork and scatter it throughout.

The dramatic four-poster bed is fabulous for creating a focal point and making a statement. Mirrors over the night table add contrast and depth to the design.

Loads of texture and pattern are used for interest and movement. This room is perfect for relaxing after a long exhausting day of work or play.

This post is all about modern master bedroom design ideas.

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modern master bedroom design with poster bed, abstract rug, and black nightstands

Modern Master Bedroom Design Inspiration

Here you will find all the pieces from this modern master bedroom design. See the image below for a visual of the different furniture and design.

The pieces are sourced from a variety of retailers for a curated look. Buying from different furniture stores is a great way to create a space that’s unique to you. If you’re looking to get a designer look in your home NEVER buy the showroom set. It’ll make your space look the same as everyone else which is the opposite of what we want.

Add style and personality by shopping at multiple stores when designing any space. Plan it out first and buy over time.

Remember our mantra…

Good Design Takes Time, Don’t Rush The Process

xo Nicole

Shop The Look Mood Board

Below you will find details on the furniture and decor from the design mood board.

modern master bedroom design with poster bed, abstract rug, and black nightstands

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1. Canopy Bed // 2. Abstract Area Rug // 3. Boucle Bench // 4. Two Drawer Nightstand // 5. Rectangle Mirror // 6. Brass Pendant Light // 7. Fashion and Glam Wall // 8. Burl Wood Dresser // 9. Tulca Floor Mirror // 10. Sherling Accent Chair // 11. Clear Acrylic End Table // 12. Black Pillow Cover // 13. “Mr.” Needlepoint Throw Pillow // 14. “&” Needlepoint Throw Pillow // 15. “Mrs.” Needlepoint Throw Pillow

1. Canopy Bed

modern master bedroom design four poster bed

If you have a smaller bedroom but love the look of a modern four-post bed this style is calling your name. It has a thin metal frame that’ll visually appear light and airy.

The linen headboard provides the perfect contrast to the sophisticated dark frame. Just beware if you use a lot of hair products or have oily skin because the linen fabric can stain or discolor.

That said be sure to protect the fabric and/ or add on the accident protection plan. It’s better to be safe than sorry with your investment, my friends.

Four poster beds are awesome for adding height and a dramatic vibe to your bedroom. This bed is available in queen and king sizes depending on your space.

2. Abstract Area Rug

modern master bedroom design rug with grey, ivory, and tan

If you’re looking for a neutral rug to go with any style design this one is for you. The abstract pattern combines ivory, shades of grey, and gold for the perfect backdrop.

It’s made of long-lasting synthetics and is available in multiple sizes and shapes. This affordable area rug is awesome for anyone just starting out but looking for a rug to last many years to come.

Area rugs are fabulous for adding warmth, pattern, and texture to your bedroom. They also help define the sleeping area and make a statement.

3. Boucle Bench

modern master bedroom design arhaus boucle bench

This simple boucle bench has a welcoming silhouette that’s great for creating a special moment in your design. It’s available in two sizes making it a fabulous option for small or large spaces.

For those with a queen-size bed the 55″ is ideal while the 70″ is best in front of a king-size bed. This modern bench would also create a cozy moment in front of a window or any open wall.

If you’re looking to add warmth and luxury to your interior design this style is for you. It has a dense foam cushion that’ll provide a comfortable spot to sit down and chill.

4. Two Drawer Nightstand

modern master bedroom design mixed material nightstand

This mixed-material nightstand is sure to command attention. It’s available in a dark and light finish depending on your design.

If you’re looking to create a bedroom oasis this nightstand is fabulous. It has a white marble top, reeded oak detailing, and brass hardware. The two drawers are awesome for all your storage needs.

Elevate the look of your chic bedroom design with this statement night table. Your hubby is sure to be a fan too!

For those who like to drink in the bedroom while relaxing make sure to use a coaster. The marble top does have a protective wax topcoat but coasters are recommended.

5. Rectangle Mirror

modern master bedroom design gold rectangle mirror

Mirrors are awesome for adding depth and a spacious feeling to any room. In this design, the hanging pendant lights will reflect off the mirror surface for an open-airy vibe.

The rectangle mirror from McGee & Co. has rounded corners and an iron-plated finish. This silhouette is available in antique brass, matte black, or polished nickel.

No matter which finish you choose it’s sure to add interest and style to your interior design.

6. Brass Pendant Light

Brass Pendant Light

If you’re looking for a super affordable pendant light this Amazon pendant light is for you. At just under $65 it’s fabulous for anyone just starting out.

There are multiple finishes and styles to choose from when placing your order depending on the look and feel you’re after. This pendant light is great for adding depth and drama to your modern master bedroom design.

7. Fashion and Glam Wall

channel floral artwork

If you love the look of the oversized floral peel-and-stick wallpaper but aren’t ready to commit this piece is a great alternative. The chic wall decor will be the focal point of your bedroom makeover.

It has a dark floral print background and contrasting fashion-inspired white intersecting c’s. The frame is available in black, champagne, gold, or white depending on the vibe you’re after.

The colors used within this piece can be pulled out and used as accents in your room. Just be sure to add it in three places for balance and flow.

This piece would look fabulous alone or as part of a gallery wall design. Check out the other designs online to complete the look.

8. Burl Wood Dresser

modern master bedroom design six drawer burlwood dressers

Upgrade the look of your bedroom interior design with this modern burlwood dresser. The beauty of this wood is it has natural knots and graining for an organic vibe.

It has a geometric design with antique brass pulls that’ll add function and beauty to any space. Add your favorite artwork or round mirror above to create a moment in your bedroom design.

The brass iron drawer pulls are the perfect complement to the pattern and texture of this timeless piece. If you’re looking to add personality to your bedroom makeover this dresser is for you.

It’ll pair perfectly with the natural tones of the linen headboard. The brass pulls complement the other metal accents throughout this bedroom design.

9. Tulca Floor Mirror

gold tulca floor mirror

The Tulca floor mirror is perfect for all my influencer friends in need of a special place to take mirror selfies. This vintage mirror dupe will make a statement in any space it’s in.

It has a similar vibe to the Anthropologie best-selling Primrose mirror but it’s about HALF the price! Add this oversized mirror to your bedroom design for interest and to make your space appear larger.

No bedroom design is complete without the addition of a floor-length mirror in my opinion. They’re awesome to check your outfit and make any space appear larger. Win-Win!

This 36″W x 70″H mirror is available in gold, oil-rubbed bronze, or silver. Save 15% off at checkout with the discount code INSPIREDDESIGNTALK15.

10. Sherling Accent Chair

shearling chair with metal legs

This stylish Anthropologie sheepskin chair was inspired by a piece from a French antique market. It has a hand-finished hardwood frame and cozy shearling overlay.

Add this chair to your bedroom makeover and it’s sure to be your new favorite spot for relaxing or meditation. Once you sit down you’ll never want to get up!

11. Clear Acrylic End Table

Clear Acrylic End Table

Clear acrylic side tables are a great choice for small spaces. Since the table is essentially see thru it’ll create a light and airy look in your bedroom design.

This table is perfect to add next to the shearling chair above for a place to put down your beverage of choice. It’s on sale right now for just under $140 so order ASAP so you don’t miss out.

12. Black Pillow Cover

black moroccan pillow

Add a set of three 26″ euro black pillows across your four-poster bed for a dramatic look. This pillow cover will look awesome layered with the Jonathan Adler pillows below.

Make sure to order the pillow fill with your cover to complete the look. I would usually say to size up 2″ on the fill however the 26″ euro fill is the largest one available.

13. “Mr.” Needlepoint Throw Pillow

jonathan adler black and white mrs. pillow

Need a gift idea for a newly engaged couple or just married sweethearts? The Mr. & Mrs. pillow set is a fun way to acknowledge their love and new union.

They’re great as a wedding or shower gift too. Not to mention the black and white color story will go with any style of home.

Add them to your bed or sofa to make a statement and add interest. This one and its companion are 16″ square so they’ll stand out in front of the black 26″ euro pillows above.

14. “&” Needlepoint Throw Pillow

jonathan adler pillow black and white & pillow

You’ll want the “&” too so make sure you add it to your cart. It’ll join the other two together for impact in any space.

This one is 12″ and sized perfectly to place in front of the pair above. It’s embroidered by hand and has a luxurious velvet backing.

15. “Mrs.” Needlepoint Throw Pillow

jonathan adler pillow in black and white with mrs. verbiage

Don’t forget the “Mrs.” to the complete set. You can also layer a colored pillow behind it for a pop of color and contrast.

When You Know Better You Do Better

How do you make a master bedroom modern?

To make a master bedroom modern you’ll want to add updated furniture styles. Clean lines, mixed materials, and touches of metallic are elements that’ll take your space to the next level.
Fabrics such as boucle, linen, and fur are classic and timeless. Materials like burlwood, marble, metal, and reeded wood are awesome in modern bedroom designs as well.

What should a modern bedroom have?

A modern bedroom should have a neutral color palette, texture, and graphics that make a statement. Aside from the obvious bed, night tables, dresser, and area rug it’ll have updated lighting, dramatic artwork, mirrors, and accent pieces.
A polished design will include rich textures, sculptural furniture, and metal elements.

What are the modern colors for the bedroom?

The modern bedroom color palette is quite often neutral. These include soothing tones of white, grey, beige, tan, black, greige, or taupe.
When you use a monochromatic or neutral base it’s easy to add in any accent color for interest. It’s also great if you get bored easily because you can remove or change the pop color for a new look.

And that’s a wrap, my friends!

I hope this modern master bedroom design inspires you to create the home of your dreams.

This post is all about modern master bedroom design ideas.

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