Best Expandable Furniture Styles That’ll Save Space

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Looking for the best expandable furniture to update your home? Check out my favorites that are perfect to maximize any living space!

If you’re looking to maximize the space in your home expandable furniture is the way to go! Think coffee tables that turn into dining tables, rotating Murphy beds, cabinets that turn into desks, and so much more!

They’re perfect for small spaces that need to serve a dual purpose. Just like any other furniture they come in multiple styles, finishes, sizes, and colors.

Transforming furniture is especially popular for urban spaces since it’s meant to adapt and expand. The innovative designs provide practicality and efficiency while looking super cool.

If you have different needs for every day but still want to be able to entertain then expandable furniture is perfect for you. Check out the Expand Furniture designs below… You’ll be totally surprised by how creative they are!

This post is all about the best expandable furniture.

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expandable furniture black coffee table with blue velvet sofa

Best Expandable Furniture Of 2024

*This post is sponsored by Expand Furniture. All product selections and opinions are my own! This post contains affiliate links, which means that if you make a purchase, I’ll make a small commission at no extra charge to you. Please read my full disclosure here.

Here is the best expandable furniture of 2024:

Best Overall: Glass Box Coffee

This coffee to dining table is perfect for everyday use and for entertaining.

Best Console: Junior Giant Extending Table

At just under $2000 this investment piece will be your best friend during the holidays.

Best Bookshelf: Convertible Bookshelf to Table

For those tight on space this convertible bookshelf is great for the occasional get-together.

Best Desk: Transforming Office

This small cabinet transforms into a functional at-home workspace that’ll keep you organized and productive.

Best Murphy Bed: Wall bed Revolving Bookcase

If you’re looking to maximize your living space this rotating Murphy bed is a bookshelf, desk, and bed all in one

Best Seating: Bench and Chair Bundle

Add extra seating for any occasion with this bench and chair combo.

Types of Expandable Furniture

There are many types of expandable furniture to fit the needs of any room in your home. Each design is meant to solve a different problem.

Maybe you only use your dining table during the holidays so a coffee-to-dining table would fit your life perfectly. If you only need an extra bed when your family or friends crash for the night… a rotating Murphy bed is for you.

Here are the different types of expanding furniture:

  1. Coffee to Dining Tables
  2. Console to Dining Tables
  3. Space Saving Storage
  4. Extending Tables
  5. Bookshelf to Table
  6. Folding Dining Chairs
  7. Expanding Bench Seat
  8. Storage Ottomans Nesting Furniture
  9. Wall Bed Desks and Tables
  10. Rotating Murphy Beds
  11. Lift Storage Beds
  12. Sofa Beds
  13. Wall Bed Sofa Combo
  14. Cabinet to desk
  15. Adjustable Desks

As you can see it’s a pretty extensive list. We’ll get into more details about each below.

Expand Furniture

Space Saving Furniture Ideas

To help you understand why multifunctional furniture is so fabulous let me tell you about my journey. A few years ago we changed our unused dining room into a sitting room off the kitchen.

Our dining room used to be a catch-all for jackets, backpacks, keys, and anything else my family dropped when they walked into the house.

It was such a bad use of the space and the only time it was used as a dining room was during the holidays when we entertained my ridiculously LARGE family.

So while renovating our home out of the Tuscan trend I decided to turn the room from a waisted space into one that gets used every. single. day.


tuscan trend dining room with ethan allen table and venetian plaster walls
Dining Room


accent chair ideas navy blue sofa in living room with marble coffee table
Sitting Room

As you can see it was a DRAMATIC change! We are thrilled with the result. Now we used the space to hang out, play games, and socialize.

There’s no TV in the room so it encourages intimate conversations with family and friends. For the past several years, we enjoyed the new space and it functioned perfectly.

Fast forward to today…both our children are out of the house and when they visit it’s usually with a “friend”. Now we’re finding the peninsula in the kitchen isn’t enough space for our party of six instead of four.

So when Expand Furniture reached out for a partnership with their multi-purpose furniture, I jumped at the chance to collaborate. The decision was between the Glass Box Coffee to Dining Table and the Junior Giant – Extending Table.

In the end, we chose the transforming coffee table which I explain “why” in more detail below. Here’s a preview of the new look which is stunning.

expandable furniture black coffee table with blue velvet sofa
expandable furniture black coffee table with blue velvet sofa

Shopping Tip: Download your FREE how-to-measure guide today!

Once you have your measurements you’ll be able to order your furniture with confidence. This video will help you create a floor plan based on the measurements of your space.

Transforming Tables | Expanding Furniture

expandable furniture collage

1. Glass Box Coffee // 2. Junior Giant Extending Table // 3. Alzare Long Coffee Diner Table // 4. The Flip Console To Table // 5. Compass Round Expandable Table // 6. Space Saver Coffee Transformer // 7. Convertible Bookshelf to Table

When it comes to expanding tables there are many styles to choose from. No matter the living space Expand Furniture has a table for you.

Depending on your needs, choose between a coffee table, a console table, and even a bookcase that converts to a dining table. There are also extending tables that can be made larger with their innovative design.

As a reader of the blog, you’ll save 10% off your order at Expand Furniture with the code: GoExpand

Transforming Furniture Styles

Aside from tables, there are other multifunctional furniture designs available. They’re perfect if you live in a small space or have a large family you entertain during the holidays.

The benefits of transformable furniture are they’re compact for everyday use but expand when hosting. Some styles like the cabinet to-desk silhouette are meant to hide clutter when friends and family are over.

Whether you need more space or extra seating expandable furniture is the way to go. Check out the innovative designs and styles below.

Coffee to Dining Tables

glass box coffee table expandable furniture

As mentioned above, we chose this Glass Box Coffee Table for our home. When my children are over we usually eat at the peninsula in the kitchen.

It sits up to six and fits our needs, however, there’s something to be said about the intimacy of a dining table. We don’t need it for everyday use but having one for special occasions is a beautiful thing.

That said after going back and forth we decided on the coffee table to dining table because it’s compact. Three extensions are stored right inside the coffee table.

It has hidden wheels so it’s super easy to move. There’s a lever at the side that makes it easy to change the height depending on your needs.

When you want the dining table simply push it open and take out the extensions. They slide in place and there’s a lever underneath to lock it from moving.

The table will seat up to 10 people comfortably but you can make it smaller by using 1 or 2 extensions instead. For game night, keep the size as is but raise it to table height for added comfort.

This table is super versatile and has a sleek modern design. It makes a statement and is the star of the show!

Here’s another look at the black glass coffee table in our space!

Glass Box Coffee Table | Convertible Furniture

expandable furniture black coffee table with blue velvet sofa

The coffee table looks stunning and we could not be happier! Delivery was seamless and the overall experience was fabulous.

In total, we received 5 boxes. One for the table, one for the extensions, and three for the chairs. The table was fully together and just had to be removed from the box.

We took down the sides of the box and simply rolled it into place. It could not have been easier and there was no damage due to the protective packing it was shipped in.

After we had it in place we raised it to table height, spread it open, and stored the sleeves. The weight of the extensions was helpful when adjusting it to the coffee table height.

Ours is set to 15 1/2′ which is the same height as our sofa seat. Remember your coffee table should be no more than 2″ lower than the seat of your sofa.

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The glass box coffee table is available in black, white, or light grey. Choose the one that fits your design best!

This coffee table was designed with flexibility in mind. It’s easy to move, rearrange, and adapt to the changing activities and needs of our growing family.

Folding Dining Chairs

black folding chair in black gloss with gold legs

I originally requested the glossy black and satin gold chairs which are stunning. Instead, we received the all-black version which is just as nice.

Each chair has a slim profile and folding design. I was able to store all ten in a closet off the living room so they’ll be easy to access when entertaining.

expandable furniture folding chairs

The folding chairs have a sturdy frame, curved backrest, and comfortable padded seats. There’s also a folding hook available if you prefer to hang the chairs on the wall.

Having a set of ten chairs is perfect for our growing family. It’s also great for hosting dinner parties with friends.

This folding dining chair is available in seven colorways. Choose the one that fits your home best!

Console to Dining Tables Expandable Furniture

console to dining table expandable furniture

This console to dining table was also a contender for our sitting room. My thoughts for this one were to keep it in the hall, my office, or the living room.

Since it’s a compact console table when not extended it doesn’t take up that much space. My only concern was having to store not only the chairs but also the 5 extension leaves.

I also felt the coffee table would get used way more since it’s easy to raise to table height and extend out. The other thing is, when the console table was opened, I would either have to move the sitting room coffee table out or use it in the hall.

For our space, the coffee table was a no-brainer since it would stay put and there was less to store. That said I do still love the idea of the console to dining table.

Watch the video for a visual of this table in action. It has a revolutionary design with a revolving support leg in the center. The 5 extensions have built-in magnets that lock into place.

This table is almost 6″ wider than the box coffee table which is lovely for hosting dinner parties. It’s also almost 20″ longer and seats up to twelve people comfortably.

The size of this table was one of the things that made it hard to choose. I love the idea of hosting and having food in the center of the wide table but super happy with the box coffee table.

This console table is available in seven colorways. No matter the style of your home there’s one perfect for you!

Expandable Furniture Space Saving Storage

If you have the budget there are space-saving furniture pieces you can add to your purchase. This is great for anyone starting with a clean slate because they can be worked into your design.

They’re awesome for those in apartments or smaller homes with less storage space. Not everyone has large closets so these innovative designs are fabulous.

Storage Mirror For Extensions

Storage Mirror for table leaf extensions

This mirror was designed to store the five extension leaves of the Junior Giant Table. There’s an opening behind the mirror to hide them out of site.

Create a moment in your home with this mirror above the console table. It’s the perfect look for your foyer, entryway, hallway, or living room!

There are also two coffee table styles with room to store for up to four chairs. Choose between the Trove or the Cache to complete the look.

Extension Table Storage

Storage Coffee Table Glossy white

If you need to finish an entire space this coffee table is another fabulous option. There’s room to store the five Junior Giant Table extension table leaves.

It has a sleek design that’ll complement any modern contemporary home. The beauty of this innovative style is the leaves are easily accessible whether you need a few or all.

Just add your favorite coffee table books to complete the look.

This extension storage coffee table is available in four colorways. Coordinate the color with your console table and chairs.

Extending Tables

compass round expandable table

This round expandable table is a modern update to the classic table with leaves. It has a sleek design with hidden leaves that rotate into place.

At just under 50 inches it’s the perfect size for everyday use. For entertaining it’ll expand to 67 inches which is great for hosting dinner parties in style.

If you’re tight on space this is a great option since the extension leaves are stored within the table. Choose between black wood, oak, and walnut when placing your order online.

Bookshelf to Table Expandable Furniture

convertible bookshelf to table

Friends and family will be in shock when they see this transformation! The transforming shelf table has an innovative design that transforms from a bookshelf to a large table.

This space-saving furniture style is great if you live in a small space but still love to entertain. The best part is the bookshelf turns into a table without having to remove a thing.

Simply unlock the lever and lower the shelf down to form a table that’ll sit 4-6 comfortably. It’s perfect for displaying your favorite home decor daily and hosting when needed.

Expanding Bench Seat

white expanding bench seat

Aside from the folding chairs, there are other innovative seating options to choose from. If you don’t have space to store extra furniture this expanding bench seat is fabulous.

Use it as an ottoman under the console table or in your living room for everyday use. When you need extra seating it extends to sit 5 comfortably.

It’s made of wood and has an easy-to-clean PU leather seat cushion. 5 extensions are stored inside the compact design.

Use one or all of the extensions depending on your needs. The expandable bench comes in four colors and two sizes.

Storage Ottomans Nesting Furniture

cube ottoman chair in black leather

Another seating option is the storage ottoman which has five hidden seats! When it comes to space-saving furniture this design takes it to another level.

The cube walls detach from the ottoman and stack on the nested metal bases. The storage ottomans are great for apartments, urban living, and small spaces.

There are five colorways available in this innovative furniture style. Add a pair to your living room for a balanced design and plenty of extra seating.

Wall Bed Desks and Tables

Revolving Murphy Bed with Table in White

Aside from table and seating styles Expand Furniture has a plethora of other categories. This revolving bed is an updated version of the classic Murphy bed you know and love.

Use it as a workstation by day… At night fold the table up, rotate the bookcase, and flip down the Murphy bed. This cool transforming furniture style is sure to command attention.

The bookshelf storage will keep you organized and productive. Add your favorite books or home decor to make a statement.

It comes complete with an Italian memory foam mattress which is a bonus. This popular space-saving furniture is available in ten colorways!

Wall-mounted furniture frees up floor space and provides storage or workspace options without cluttering your room.

Rotating Murphy Beds Expandable Furniture

wall bed revolving shelf

If you don’t need the extra table area here’s another rotating Murphy bed option. It’s perfect for extra bedrooms or Studio apartments.

No need to worry about the bed being in the way when friends are over. Just push it up and rotate it to display your beautiful bookshelf arrangement.

Two things are lacking in the average apartment design storage and space. This innovative design will help solve both problems while being a conversation starter.

This rotating Murphy bed includes a memory foam mattress and is available in ten fashionable colors. Choose the one that fits your interior design style best.

Bookshelves and storage units will maximize your space while keeping the floor area clear.

Lift Storage Beds

lift under storage bed in grey with deep storage

This bed is perfect when you have room for a bed but still lack storage solutions. Just pull up the bed to access the space below.

It’s great for storing the nano chairs or extension leaves if you do a complete Expand Furniture makeover. If not store your seasonal clothes, memorabilia, or anything you want to save but don’t need to access daily.

Choose between the queen or king sizes when placing your order online. The neutral grey upholstered bed will complement any modern home including yours! haha

Hidden bed storage areas are great to minimize clutter and add a sense of spaciousness. Remember less is more when it comes to good design.

Sofa Beds

bunk bed couch

When it comes to cool furniture it doesn’t get much better than this! By day this transforming sofa is just under 90″ wide and sits three comfortably.

By night it transforms into a twin-size bunk bed with a built-in ladder. It takes less than a minute to transform making it the perfect solution for small spaces and friends who crash for the night.

There’s even a support guard for the top bunk for those who had too much to drink or little ones. This space-saving sofa is available in grey, blue, and custom fabrics.

Wall Bed Sofa Combo

Queen Murphy Bed with Floating Shelf

For a more classic look, this modern sofa and Murphy bed combo are perfect. The sofa provides extra seating for everyday use and has a floating shelf for displaying books and home decor.

There’s also storage under the sofa cushions for bedding and pillows. The white wall bed has clean lines and a bright surface to keep your space looking fresh.

Pull down the bed for the perfect living room to bedroom transformation. This style is made to impress and is the perfect balance of form meets function.

Cabinet to desk Expandable Furniture

white desk with hidden chair and table

You’re going to LOVE this cabinet-to-desk transformation! When it comes to transforming furniture this one takes the prize.

The compact cabinet opens to reveal a small office perfect for tight spaces. It has two drawers and a filing cabinet to keep all your important documents organized and out of site.

The innovation desk folds from the side of the cabinet and includes a chair that slides into place as well. Choose between three colorways when placing your order online.

Collapsible furniture is great because it can be easily stored away when not in use. This gives you more room when friends and family come for a visit.

Adjustable Desks

Adjustable lift Desk matte white

Last but not least is this adjustable desk which everyone who works from home NEEDS, in my opinion. It’s so easy to lose track of time and sit all day but not with this functional desk.

This apartment-sized standing desk is fabulous for small spaces. Adjust the height to the one that’s perfect for you with one of five settings.

It’ll not only help with your posture but it’ll make you super productive too! There are three colorways to choose from in this expanding desk design.

What is transformable furniture?

If you made it this far… then you know what transformable furniture is! It’s the perfect balance of form and function designed to solve any space-saving dilemma.

The innovative furniture is made to adapt and transform to fit the needs of your space. Whether you need more seating, a larger table, or an extra bed this furniture is perfect.

It’s great for studios, small apartments, offices, basements, multi-functional rooms, and more!

What is an example of a multi-functional furniture?

Examples of multi-functional furniture include:

  • Sofa beds
  • Folding tables
  • Expandable dining tables
  • Wall beds
  • Modular storage systems
  • Convertible desks
  • Nesting furniture
  • Stackable chairs

They’re designed to be easily adjusted, folded, expanded, and reconfigured. Multifunctional furniture can serve different purposes and accommodate a variety of floor plan arrangements.

How do you make a small space multifunctional?

The BEST way to make a small space multifunctional is with Expand Furniture of course! They have so many innovative tables, desks, sofas, Murphy beds, and so much more!

When designing your space it’s super important to do a floor plan and furniture layout. This will help you plan and maximize every inch of square footage.

Once you know what will fit it’s time to order your expandable furniture. Yes, it’s an investment but it will save on the amount of furniture you need in the long run.

I hope these expandable furniture ideas help you maximize the space in your home!

This post is all about the best cane furniture.

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