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11 Best Curved Sectional Couch To Elevate Your Modern Living Room

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Looking for the best curved sectional couch styles for your home? Check out my favorites to elevate your modern living room!

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Curved Sectional Couch

Let’s talk about the curved sectional sofa, shall we? It’s also known as a crescent couch which is characterized by its crescent or semi-circular shape.

The curved sectional is great for making a bold statement in the center of a living room. It’s not only beautiful from the front but the back is stunning too.

This sofa is not only comfortable but it’s visually appealing too. The shape is also great for guiding the traffic flow of a room.

If you have little ones the curved edges mean fewer bumps and bruises from sharp corners. Not every room can accommodate the scale and shape of a curved sectional so make sure you measure first.

For those who can fit a crescent-sectional be prepared for oohs and ahhs. This style sofa is meant to make a statement and attract attention.

This post is all about the best curved sectional couch.

curved sectional couch collage

What is a curved sectional called?

There are many names for the curved sectional. Some call it a crescent sectional or circular sectional.

Both are correct in that they describe the distinctive design and semi-circular shape. Depending on where you’re shopping and the sofa brand there are other names you may hear.

These include a round sectional sofa, modular curved couch, and contemporary sectional couch. No matter the name or term used this style couch will make a fabulous addition to any living space.

Are curved sofas a good idea?

Deciding if curved sofas are a good idea for you will depend on the size of your room. Not every space will be able to fit the oversized scale of this style.

For example, they’re not best for long narrow rooms but are fabulous for open floor plans. This style is fabulous to float in the center of a room, to divide spaces, or angled in a corner.

The shape of the curved sectional sofa will promote intimate gatherings and social engagement. They encourage long conversations and allow users direct eye contact to the person across from them.

Things to consider when deciding on a curved sectional are:

  • Available space
  • Floor plan layout
  • Seating requirements
  • The aesthetic of your room
  • Budget

Are curved sectionals comfortable?

The comfort level of your curved sectional will depend on several factors. Things to consider are the design, construction, and quality of materials.

Other factors are the thickness of the cushions and springs used. The upholstery material can also affect the comfort level of your sofa.

It’ll also depend on the seat depth, firmness, frame quality, and size. Whenever possible sit in the curved sectional before you order and always request a fabric swatch!

What to pair with curved couch?

A round or oval coffee table is ideal to pair with a curved couch. It’ll complement the curves and help guide traffic flow.

Round area rugs are fabulous paired with the crescent sofa. They’ll define the seating area and create radial balance.

Radial Balance: Visual elements are arranged around a central point in a room.

End tables at either side of the sectional and a drink table in front will give you places to put down your drink or book. When adding other furniture consider the curves and shape of the sectional couch.

The following furniture can be paired with a curved sofa:

Try adding different pieces to create a space that’s balanced and harmonious. The end result will be a room that’s inviting and well-designed.

Best Curved Sectional Couches Of 2023

Here are the best Curved Sectional Couch styles of 2023:

Best Overall: White Performance Fabric Curved Sectional Couch // CB2

This crescent sectional sofa will add sophistication and elegance to any space it’s in.

Best Budget: Two Piece Curved Sectional // Amazon

At just under $1600 this two-piece curved sectional couch is great for anyone just starting out.

Best Splurge: Snow Four Piece Curved Sectional // Arhaus

For those with unlimited funds, this four-piece curved sectional sofa is calling your name.

Best Velvet: Camel Velvet Sectional Sofa // Lulu and Georgia

Add a touch of luxury to your living room with the addition of this camel velvet sectional sofa.

Best Leather: Leather Curved Sectional // Ahaus

This curved leather sectional is fabulous to elevate the look of your living room design.

Best Tufted: Navy Curved Sectional Sofa // Walmart

Make a statement in any living space with this channel-tufted sectional sofa.

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Curved Sectional Sofa Shopping Tips

No matter which furniture you’re shopping for it’s important to always start with a floor plan. I know I sound like a broken record but the floor plan will help you avoid costly mistakes.

Download your FREE how-to-measure guide today!

Once you have your measurements you’ll be able to order your furniture with confidence.

This video will help you create a floor plan based on the measurements of your space.

Crescent Sectional Sofa Ideas

curved sectional couch collage

1. Blue 5-Piece Curved Sectional // 2. Curved 2-Piece Sectional // 3. Snow Four Piece Curved Sectional // 4. Leather Curved Sectional // 5. Bumper Curved Sectional // 6. Diamond Tufted Curved Sectional // 7. Channel Tufted Curved Sectional // 8. Navy Curved Sectional Sofa // 9. White Performance Fabric Curved Sectional Couch // 10. Curved Sectional // 11. Chenille Curved Sectional Sofa

Best Curved Sectional Couch Resources

1. Blue 5-Piece Curved Sectional Sofa

blue pottery barn curved sectional

This crescent sectional couch is large and in charge. You’ll definitely want a floor plan created to make sure it fits.

The clean modern lines and tailored silhouette give it a minimalist vibe. It’s inspired by mid-century modern design and has a curved shelter arm.

It has hidden steel connectors to hold the modular pieces in place so no need to worry about it separating. There’s a limited quantity available so order ASAP before it sells out!

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2. Curved 2-Piece Sectional Couch

two piece curved sectional couch

Who knew Pottery Barn furniture was modern and contemporary? This crescent sectional couch and the one above are the perfect examples.

Inspired by Italian design this sofa is fabulous for making a sophisticated statement in your living room. Float it in the center of a room or in a corner for a cozy moment.

It’s made with sinuous wire springs for extra comfort and includes four toss pillows. Both the gray and ivory colorways are in stock and ready to ship.

2b. Armless Camel Velvet Curved Sectional

camel velvet curved sectional couch

For those who prefer the luxe look of velvet this armless sectional sofa is for you. It has a modern clean silhouette that’ll elevate the look of any living space.

The oversized crescent shape will make a bold impact and be a conversation starter. This two-piece sectional can be arranged spread apart for a dramatic vibe or to fit a smaller space.

Choose between camel or olive velvet for an elevated look. It’s also available in ivory linen for those who prefer neutrals.

Enter the code INSPIREDDESIGNTALK15 for 15% off your Lulu and Georgia order! Happy shopping!

3. Snow Four Piece Curved Sectional

four piece curved sectional couch

The Arhaus Beale collection is by far one of my favorite lines they carry. It has a chic modern silhouette that’s functional and comfortable.

Aside from the traditional sofa and modular pit sofa it also comes in this curved sectional sofa. Elevate the look of your living room with this versatile design.

The modular pieces can be arranged in the perfect layout to fit the needs of your home. Relax in comfort with friends, and family, or solo on the sinuous-spring goose-padded cushions.

Choose between the three or four-piece sectional depending on your floor plan. There are seven colorways available but if you can’t decide order free swatches.

That way you can look at the color and fabric in your home and lighting. It’s also great to bring when shopping for additional furniture and decor for your room.

4. Leather Curved Sectional

leather curved sectional

The same curved sectional couch from above is also available in leather upholstery. This three-piece sectional design will add beauty and sophistication.

There are six leather upholstery options with free swatches available for order. Once you decide on the perfect color it’ll be ready to ship in 8 weeks.

Just in time for the holiday season!

5. Bumper Curved Sectional

bumper curved sectional

Let’s talk about this fabulous curved sectional from West Elm. It has graceful curves that’ll bring comfort and style to your living room design.

The low profile silhouette is great for making the height of a room appear taller. This curved sectional couch is contract grade and built to last.

Select the direction, color, and fabric of your choice when ordering online. Order free swatches to help you decide and get the ball rolling.

6. Diamond Tufted Curved Sectional

tufted curved back sectional

Add sophistication to your living room with this luxe curved sectional couch. It has a low profile, diamond tufted back, and bench seat cushions.

Choose between over 35 fabrics and colors. Order a fabric swatch by clicking the link or you call the Z Gallerie sales department at 424-999-4627.

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7. Channel Tufted Curved Sectional

channel tufted curved sectional

This stunning channel-tufted curved sectional from Z Gallerie is a thing of beauty. The classy silhouette is perfect for creating a moment in the center of any room.

It has plush padding, a modern style, and luxurious comfort. It’s available in ivory velvet which is the perfect backdrop for any neutral design.

8. Navy Curved Sectional Sofa

navy velvet sofa with silver legs

Make a statement in your home with this navy velvet moon-shaped sofa. The modular pieces can be arranged together or separately depending on your floor plan.

It has a symmetrical design that’s perfect for adding balance and harmony. This sofa is a timeless classic that’s sure to be a part of your home for many years to come.

9. White Performance Fabric Curved Sectional Couch

performance fabric sofa with curve silhouette

If you have a larger space this ivory sectional sofa is awesome. It’s not every day you find a curved back sofa as sleek as this one.

The three-piece sectional features ivory upholstery and a modern silhouette. It’s the perfect backdrop to design a sophisticated neutral space around.

This curved sectional will add a sh@t ton of personality and totally level up your home. It’s sure to be a focal point in any living space.

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10. Curved Sectional

At just under $1600 this just might be the most affordable curved corner sectional. It’s sized perfectly for hours of conversation, reading, or watching movies.

The streamlined design is made with a sturdy wood frame, thick cushions, and boucle upholstery. This sectional sofa is awesome for anyone just starting out or on a tight budget.

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11. Chenille Curved Sectional Sofa

chenille curved sofa

Last up we have this curved three-piece sectional from Crate & Barrel. The lounge seats and curved arms make it a great choice for casual to formal spaces.

It has soft but firm cushions for hours of intimate conversations or relaxation. Friends and family will totally think you hired a designer when they stop by for a visit.

I hope these curved sectional couches inspire you to design a home you love!

Have an amazing day full of Unicorns & Rainbows!

xo Nicole

This post is all about the best curved sectional couch.

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