Best Christmas Party Games Your Family Will Love

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Looking for the best Christmas party games your whole family will love? Check out our favorites that are sure to make your holiday season more fun!

I recently learned that life goes through 10-year cycles. When I thought about my life this statement is true.

We will start after college and I would say those first 10 years were spent working nonstop. During that time I don’t think I got much sleep at all.

I graduated from college (FIT) started working and hustled as much as possible. Not only did I work full time but I freelanced nights and weekends.

In 1996, I graduated from college. By 1998, we purchased Willow House by living off one salary and sacrificing.

Then in 2005 we remodeled Willow House and added a second floor. So from 2005 to 2015, we spent that time decorating and paying back the home equity loan we had from the remodel.

Then the light bulb went off and I realized I was just showing up for life. No real purpose since I had accomplished the goal of becoming a children’s designer.

This post is all about the best Christmas party games.

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Our Pool Table in her new home!

Favorite Childhood Memories

Fast forward to today and the purpose of this post. The holiday season is a great time to create memories with your family.

When we remodeled the basement design it had to include two things. One was a pool table since I grew up watching my uncles play.

The second was Ms. Pacman because cousin Joanne had the coolest basement growing up with arcade games. The space needed for a regulation size 8 ft foot pool table is 13 1/2 feet.

We moved support poles to get that measurement.

Having the pool table and Ms. Pacman was a lifetime goal for me. I felt like we made it when we got both.

The funny thing about goals and dreams is they are short-lived. They don’t bring true happiness and at the end of the day can be dust collectors.

That said this year we sold the pool table to a local family. The new owner took the entire pool table apart himself after watching YouTube videos and then put it back together again.

Another picture from the new owner

This was very impressive. Since I live by the motto “You are only as smart as how quickly you can Google or in this case YouTube” I wasn’t too surprised.

You are only as smart as how quickly you can google or youtube.

~Nicole delacruz

This is the perfect intro for today’s post on awesome Christmas Party Game ideas your family will love! I have to say we had many memories with that pool table but I am super grateful she has a new family to show her love.

Next up is to sell Ms. Pacman who my daughter has an attachment to BUT never plays. That said here is the topic of the post and all those awesome holiday game night ideas for your family.

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Best Christmas Party Games

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Forgot to add this one above so including it here. This Checkerboard Backgammon Set from Jonathan Adler is so fun!


There are so many awesome Christmas Family Games to choose from today. I love the cute tic tac toe options. The board games are super fun as well.

We usually have a Monopoly Tournament on Christmas Day with my dad’s family.

Jarrid so proud he won after years of playing!

In the past, we had Holiday Pool Table Tournaments with pairs of two on my mom’s side.

Uncle Tommy & Jose the Last Winners

There was a trophy for both of these events. My family is all about competition so they love a good trophy and first place award. I never play BTW lol.

Games create memories that last a lifetime!

xo Nicole

Hopefully, this post will inspire you to play some fun games with your family. Whether the holiday time or just a rainy day start creating those memories with your loved ones.

This post is all about the best Christmas party games.

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