21 Top Christmas Gift Ideas For College Students That They’ll Actually Love

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Looking for the top Christmas gift ideas for college students this holiday season? Check out these resources that your favorite student is sure to love!

Top Christmas Gift Ideas

The holiday season will be here before we know it. With that comes family time and gift-giving! If you’re at a loss for what you get your college-age student for the holidays this year I’ve got you covered.

These gift ideas are fun and practical. Many are perfect to help your child excel in and out of the classroom. Practical gifts are the best because while they might cost a little more they will last for years.

Who doesn’t love a good techy gift to make their day a little brighter? I know my adult children would love most of the items in this roundup.

Check out all the ideas and let me know your favorites!

This post is all about top Christmas gift ideas for college students.

top christmas gift ideas with pink and gold wrapping paper

Top Christmas Gift Ideas For College Students

Many of these gift ideas are awesome for young and old alike. They are great to keep you connected with your loved ones and stay in touch.

The featured electronics can be used for multiple purposes from doing school work, checking emails, surfing the web, and watching your favorite shows. They help make life simpler and more enjoyable.

top christmas gift ideas roundup

1. Laptop from Apple // 2. USB-C TO USB Adapter // 3. USB-C Charge Cable // 4. MacBook Adapter Extension Cable // 5. Airpods // 6. iPad Pro // 7. Apple Pencil // 8. Keyboard for iPad // 9. Power Strip Surge Protector //10. Portable Charger // 11. 10″ Charger // 12. Wireless Charging Station // 13. Apple Watch // 14. Echo Dot // 15. Echo Show // 16. Portable Speaker // 17. Laptop Lock // 18. Fitbit // 19. TV/ Internet Cable // 20. Fire Stick // 21. Alarm Clock

1. Laptop from Apple

If you’re looking for the perfect laptop for a college student the Apple MacBook Air is awesome. We purchased this for my daughter for college and so far it’s been amazing.

She is able to get all her schoolwork done and also uses it to watch her favorite shows. She got the gold color which is so pretty in person.

The future plan is to purchase a MacBook Pro that can be used for travel. My dream in life is to be a full-time coffee shop blogger and the Pro will help make it a reality.

I currently work on a desktop Mac Pro which I love but obviously, it’s not portable!

The beauty of purchasing through Apple is their 12 months at 0% finance credit card. Just apply for a card and make monthly installments to pay off your new computer. Learn more >

This is the MacBook Pro we are looking at right now.

Top Christmas Gift Ideas Laptop Accessories

Clear Laptop Case

We did not want to cover up the stunning gold color laptop so we got the clear case. This lets you keep the laptop protected and lets its beauty shine.

There is no point in having technology in color if you are going to cover it up. Just saying! If you get the laptop as a gift don’t forget the protective clear cover.

Backup Flash Drive

You may not think this is necessary but it is for so many reasons. I have lost work on many occasions so now I back up my computer to multiple devices.

This is one of those things where you are better safe than sorry. You can save large files or images so they are safe for future use.

2. USB-C TO USB Adapter

You will need this to connect USB devices to your MacBook. You know how Apple works by now right?! They never make the new products compatible with the old devices.

If they did you would probably NEVER upgrade your technology. I know I wouldn’t.

3. USB-C Charge Cable (2m)

You will need this cable to charge or sync your iPhone to your laptop. You can never have too many chargers so this is a great gift idea to go with that new Apple laptop.

4. MacBook Adapter Extension Cable

Your college student will appreciate the thought that went into this one. It’s always helpful depending on how far you are from the outlet.

5. Airpods Top Christmas Gift Ideas

These are awesome but I actually LOVE the original version. My girlfriend has this pair and is obsessed with the noise-canceling feature.

For any college student still attending classes through Zoom, these are perfect.

6. iPad Pro

Another option for some will be the iPad Pro which is just as good as a laptop for many and is super lightweight for travel.

This is a great holiday gift for graphic, fashion, and interior design majors because they can create a portfolio of their digital work to show at interviews.

Those bulky large portfolios are just a thing of the past in my experience.

7. Apple Pencil

This is great to pair with the iPad especially if you will use it to draw. You can even get Photoshop on the iPad now!

I have a friend Xihua Wang, who creates beautiful watercolor drawings all using her iPad pro. She is amazing!

8. Keyboard for iPad

Having the keyboard makes your iPad feel just like a laptop. This is a must-have for anyone substituting a laptop for an iPad.

9. Power Strip Surge Protector

A surge protector is another must-have and this is a great option. Makes a fantastic gift for the college student away from home.

10. Portable Charger Top Christmas Gift Ideas

Always a great gift for those who are out and about a lot. If you are like me you may have left your phone charging overnight one too many times.

I literally have to carry my backup charger with me when I travel so my phone does not die. It’s terrible but super grateful for my backup charger.

11. 10″ Charger

Perfect to keep in your backpack so your phone never goes dead. The extra-long length will definitely come in handy.

Top Christmas Gift Ideas 2023

12. Wireless Charging Station

Awesome for charging all your devices. Instead of having multiple cords image everything in one spot. This is a fabulous gift idea college students will totally be obsessed with.

13. Apple Watch

This is great a great gift idea! Perfect for keeping in touch without having your phone right next to you. It’s also fabulous for a college athlete who wants to keep track of their steps and activity.

14. Echo Dot

This is awesome for playing music or asking questions like “Alexa what’s the weather like today?”

My son actually bought us one last Christmas and we love it. We have one in the bedroom and use it as an alarm.

You know what they say about the phone right? Put it in another room at night so it’s not the first thing you look at when you wake up.

15. Echo Show

My son also bought us two of these so my daughter can call us from Hawaii. It keeps us up to date on all the happenings and is perfect for pulling up quick recipes.

16. Portable Speaker Top Christmas Gift Ideas

Awesome gift to listen to your favorite music! We have multiple speakers which my husband and daughter use all the time. Whether in the home gym or at the beach this speaker is awesome!

17. Laptop Lock

Perfect to keep your laptop safe and secure. As much as we’d like to trust everyone it’s just not reality.

Better safe than sorry, my friends.

18. FitBit

This is great for anyone on a sports team or who loves working out. If you have an Apple watch you won’t need this.

19. TV/ Internet Cable (Coaxial, HDMI, Ethernet)

If you have a TV and not just your laptop for watching shows you are going to need one of these.

20. Fire Stick Top Christmas Gift Ideas

The best way to watch Netflix on your TV instead of your phone or laptop! We have this in the Airbnb bedroom also and it’s perfect for guests since we cut out the cable TV.

21. Alarm Clock

May be dated for the average college student some people still like a good alarm clock. It’s way better than sleeping with the phone next to you! Just saying!!

These are just a few of the awesome Christmas gift ideas for college students in 2023.

Hope it was helpful for your Holiday planning!

Have a great day full of Unicorns + Rainbows!

xo Nicole

This post is all about top Christmas gift ideas for college students.

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