13 Gifts For Cool Moms That You’ll Totally Want To Steal For Yourself This Christmas

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Looking for the perfect gifts for cool moms? Check out these ideas that you’ll totally want to steal for yourself this Christmas season!

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Gifts For Cool Moms

Shopping for your mother can be quite a task especially when you have a cool mom. There are just so many awesome products to choose from.

To help you I pulled together some of my favorite products that are totally trending this holiday season. Your mom probably told you she doesn’t need anything because the reality is she probably just wants time.

Time is something we can never get back and I’ve learned it’s a very valuable commodity. Along with the new memories, you’ll create this Christmas here are some gift ideas to get your cool mom.

This post is all about gifts for cool moms.

gifts for cool moms large red christmas ornaments

Best Gifts For Cool Moms

Infrared Sauna BlanketBest Spurge

Carry-On LuggageBest Travel

Dyed Faux Fur BlanketBest Hug

Chakra BraceletBest Good Energy

Massage DeviceBest Love

Chi Hair CurlerBest Beauty

Satin Sleep SetBest Sleep

Norma Kamali: I Am InvincibleBest Inspiration

If your mother is anything like mine she may have dropped a few clues throughout the year of things she likes. Quite often the last person a mom will buy for is herself. Mothers are famous for putting everyone first.

Your mother may be the only one with nothing in her stocking or under the tree. Don’t be that child! It’s the little things that matter to your mom.

Listen to the whispers and pay attention. You’ll get ideas and if you don’t then ask for her thoughts on some of these awesome gifts.

Gifts For Cool Moms Who Have Everything

gifts for cool moms round up

1. Infrared Sauna Blanket // 2. Carry-On Luggage // 3. Dyed Faux Fur Blanket // 4. Electric Lighter // 5. Copper Electric Kettle // 6. Pink Mayberry Slippers // 7. Robot Vacuum // 8. Chakra Bracelet // 9. Weighted Eye Mask // 10. Theragun Massage Device // 11. Chi Hair Curler // 12. It Didn’t Start with You // 13. Norma Kamali: I Am Invincible

Awesome Gifts For Cool Moms:

1. Infrared Sauna Blanket

gifts for cool moms sauna blanket

This one is definitely a splurge but your cool mom is totally worth it, my friends!

An infrared Sauna Blanket will detoxify your body, relax your mind, boost your mood, and promote glowing skin. It will also provide a healthy DOSE of your brain’s feel-good chemicals creating a rejuvenating, euphoric experience that will “get you high, naturally”.

This sauna blanket is the original at-home infrared device used by celebrities and health experts around the world. Mom will get all the benefits of a wellness spa in the comfort of her own home.

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2. Gifts For Cool Moms Carry-On Luggage

gifts for cool moms gold luggage

Since travel is a thing again why not get mom a new trendy carry-on suitcase?! This luggage comes in three colors so if gold is not your jam get black or pink instead.

Naturally, I went back and forth between gold and pink but in the end when for the glam. I mean who doesn’t need a little bling as they travel on their next adventure?

The aluminum frame has zipperless access, a one-click TSA-approved lock, and silent wheels. Mom is sure to love this and you’ll probably want to steal it from her!

All three colors are on sale right now for a savings of $70 so head there now if you LOVE it!!

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3. Dyed Faux Fur Blanket

gifts for cool moms blanket

Mom will feel your love and be wrapped in a great big hug as she cuddles up on the sofa with this super comfy blanket. This dyed faux fur blanket is available in five colors so you may want to pick up another as a backup last-minute gift.

It’s one of the softest blankets you’ll ever feel and is super stylish too. This cozy blanket is perfect for anyone needing some texture and color in their interior design as well.

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4. Electric Lighter

If your mom loves candles she’ll truly appreciate this electric lighter. Choose from one of three colors or get the pack of 3 to give as stocking stuffers.

No more harmful butane to worry about since this electric lighter uses plasma tech instead. This is a much better option for the cool mom who’s already a Glamma (glamorous grandma).

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5. Copper Electric Kettle

gifts for cool moms tea pot

Smeg is an Italian-based company that exudes coolness. Whether your mom gave up coffee for tea or has always preferred it she needs this in her life!

The limited-edition SMEG electric kettle combines iconic midcentury style with modern features. I love the copper as much as the gold option but wanted to change things up a bit.

If gold is more your mom’s thing it will totally make a statement at her house.

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6. Pink Mayberry Slippers Gifts For Cool Moms

gifts for cool moms pink slippers

These pink slippers are a stylish update to the classic x style design. Made of the softest plush shearling mom will totally feel the love as she walks around the house in these.

This style is available in six colorways each one cuter than the next. Sizes are selling out so order sooner than later if this gift idea is perfect for your mom.

7. Robot Vacuum

The ratings are high on this trendy robot vacuum so your mom is sure to be grateful when she opens this gift. It features powerful suction and deep cleaning power.

The self-cleaning brush roll removes pet hair and long hair as it cleans. Mom can schedule whole-home cleanings or focus on one area at a time.

After its job is done the Shark IQ Robot vacuum will return to the dock, recharge, and be ready to start again.

Every cool mom will LOVE this product!

8. Chakra Bracelet

gifts for cool moms chakra braclet

For the mom who is all about zen vibes and healing energy, this is the gift! Mom will stay grounded and have

“Good Vibes Only” with the Hematite Chakra Bracelet.

It’s made of protecting and healing gemstones. Each colored crystal represents one of the seven chakras through color, element, shape, and belief system.

The Hematite beads will absorb negative energy from the body, and eliminate stress, anxiety, and worry. Just what every mom needs! Cool or not!!

Characteristics of this bracelet include:

  • Chakra Symbolism: creativity, wisdom, strength.
  • Agate Stones: balance, grounding, harmony, stability.
  • Gold Plated Hamsa Charm: protection.
  • Faceted Hematite Beads: calming, grounding, focus, centering

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9. Satin Pillow Eye Mask

pink weighted eye mask

Every mom deserves a fabulous night’s sleep. This weighted eye mask will block any unwanted light as mom gets her beauty sleep.

Choose from one of the three colorways when placing your order or get one of each. Mom will love the fact that she can change the color depending on her mood.

It’s fabulous for anyone who suffers from migraines, anxiety, or insomnia. The strap-free design is made from ultra-soft cotton jersey and microfiber fleece.

10. Massage Device

gifts for cool moms theragun massage

If your mom is cool she probably takes care of herself and loves working out. She may also be feeling pain or soreness after a good yoga or pilates class.

That said mom will be OBSESSED with this handheld percussive massager. The quiet massager is ergonomically designed with everyone in mind. It’s perfect for releasing everyday strain and stress.

Mom will appreciate this massager and the whole family will want to steal it.

11. Gifts For Cool Moms Chi Hair Curler

Whether mom’s hair is naturally straight or curly and she flat irons it, she’ll love this product. It’s definitely better for those with longer hair so if your mom likes to keep her hairstyle short skip this one.

Here is a video that shows how awesome this Chi curler is:

It comes in 5 colorways so get a different color for yourself than Mom so you don’t have to steal hers. Create beautiful curls for every day, a special occasion, or a night out with the girls.

12. It Didn’t Start with You: How Inherited Family Trauma Shapes Who We Are and How to End the Cycle

This book is a must-have for anyone trying to break the cycle of inherited family trauma. Many times the thing that’s keeping you stuck isn’t your story but one passed down from your parents, grandparents, and even great-grandparents.

If you have a family history of depression, anxiety, chronic pain, phobias, or obsessive thoughts this book will help you unpack all that baggage. You’ll be shocked by what you uncover while reading this book.

Personally, after a Google search of my great-grandmother, I discovered my grandfather was left at an orphanage at around five, not an infant. Oh, and his parents got divorced and “orphaned off” FIVE children him being the oldest.

My mom had no idea because apparently my grandfather was so traumatized he blocked out the fact he was one of FIVE children! How insane is that?!

13. Norma Kamali: I Am Invincible

Norma Kamali is a fashion legend and at 75 years old she has a lot of wisdom and advice to share. She literally goes through the ages all the way past the ’70s with an insight into what she experienced so you know what to expect.

This book is a stylish, inspiring, and heartfelt handbook for moving boldly through each of life’s decades with purpose and power. You’ll be inspired to go after your dreams and never look back.

Norma lives a healthy lifestyle and shares her lessons on authentic beauty, timeless style, career-building, fitness, and health through personal stories, worldly insight, and actionable advice.

Norma’s fabulous book will help your mom create her happiest, healthiest, most successful, and most fulfilling life.

I hope you loved this list as much as I loved pulling it together. These are the best gifts that will show your cool mom some love this year.

Remember it’s the thought that counts not the money so stay within your budget. No matter if it’s large or small there’s an affordable gift idea perfect for your awesome mom.

Have an amazing day full of Unicorns & Rainbows!

xo Nicole

This post is all about gifts for cool moms.

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