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15 Graduation Gifts The Class of 2021 And Beyond Will Actually Love

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Looking for the best graduation gifts for the class of 2021 and beyond? Here are our top picks your grad is sure to love and actually use!

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Graduation Gifts

I can’t believe it’s almost been a year since my daughter graduated from High School. Due to Covid, it was definitely a different experience from when my son graduated.

My daughter made the best of it and 2020 was all about adapting while going with the flow… Literally.

So here we are a year later and the end of Covid is finally in sight. Now that things are starting to return to the new normal it’s time to get back to the family events.

If you have a senior graduating this year you will want to make it a special occasion. That said I’ve pulled together the top graduation gifts the class of 2021 will love and use!

This post is all about graduation gifts the class of 2021 and beyond will actually love.


Graduation Gifts 2021 And Beyond Top Picks

Best Overall: Mac Laptop

Every grad needs a new laptop for their future studies or career as a professional blogger. ; )

Best Budget: Leigh Glasses

There is so much screen time these days blue light glasses are awesome to protect your eyes.

Most Cozy: Mayberry Slippers

Every woman needs a pair of these slippers in my opinion. They are just so freaking cute!

Most Entertaining: Fire TV Stick

Both my kids LOVE Netflix and what better way to watch than with an Amazon Firestick?

Most Inspiring: Mantra Bracelets

What better way to remember your daily mantra than to wear it on your wrist?

Best For Documenting: Canon PowerShot Camera

This setup is perfect to start that vlog and document the journey.

Most Practical: Amazon.com Gift Card

I mean if all else fails who doesn’t want an Amazon gift card these days?!

High School & College Graduation Gifts 2023


1. Amazon.com Gift Card | 2. Mac Laptop | 3. Leigh Glasses | 4. Canon PowerShot Camera | 5. Travel Case for Canon PowerShot | 6. Fujifilm Mini Instant Camera | 7. Tabletop Jewelry Stand | 8. Monogram Pendant Necklace | 9. Embrace Ambition Enamel Bracelet | 10. Mantra Bracelets | 11. Apple Watch Band  | 12. Echo Dot | 13. Apple AirPods | 14. Fire TV Stick | 15. YETI 14 oz. Rambler Mug | 16. Star Patch Lace Up Splice Sneakers | 17. Blue Yeti | 18. Facial Steamer | 19. Priming Moisturizer Rich | 20. Mayberry Slippers | 21. Pro Rainbow Titanium Flat Iron | 22. Keurig K200 Coffee Maker | 23. Women’s Schools Out Backpack | 24. How to Feed Yourself | 25. Hello Gorgeous Stackable Mug

Best Graduation Gifts 2021 And Beyond

1. Amazon.com Gift Card

An Amazon gift card is the way to go if you are tight on time or have no idea what to get. These days I don’t think there is one person on the planet that couldn’t use this gift.

The beauty of this card is you can add any amount you’d like making it the perfect gift idea.

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2. Mac Laptop


Your graduate is going to need a laptop no matter what the next step in their journey is.

We bought this one for my daughter and she loves it. It has been the best graduation present she has had by far.

This MacBook Air will get the job done unless your child is going for graphic design. In that case, you’ll want to look at the power books instead.

3. Leigh Glasses


Protect your eyes! That’s the new motto because we are on the screen so much. Your future self will thank you as will your graduate.

These stylish blue light glasses will look super cute on your class of 2021 graduates.

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4. Canon PowerShot Camera

We bought this set up for my daughter to “document the journey” while in college at HPU (Hawai’i). She’s yet to start that vlog but a mom can still be hopeful.

If you are starting a vlog this is everything you need to get started.

5. Travel Case for Canon PowerShot

This case is perfect to store and protect the Canon camera above.

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6. Fujifilm Mini Instant Camera


Having an instant camera is a quick and effective way to capture and share those memories. They also are great wall decor for your future college dorm room.

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7. Tabletop Jewelry Stand


Perfect gift for the graduate who is going away or staying local. Great to keep all that jewelry organized.

The tiered bars are great for holding your jewelry no matter the length.

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8. Monogram Pendant Necklace


This is the perfect gift for any graduate who loves a pretty necklace. Monogram necklaces are all the rage these days.

9. Embrace Ambition Enamel Bracelet


I would love this bracelet for myself but it makes for an awesome gift as well. This is the black and gold version but there are other colorways available as well.

10. Mantra Bracelets


Again the perfect reminder of that daily mantra. The only way to see a change is to literally work at it every single freaking day.

11. Apple Watch Band

My daughter requested multiple of these watch bands for Christmas so pretty sure your graduate will love them too.

This set comes as a four-pack so there is a band to match every outfit.

12. Echo Dot

Great for playing music or as an alarm clock while away at school.

13. Apple AirPods


Everyone needs a pair of these for sure. The reason for the classic pair is that I’ve heard from several young adults they don’t like the newer style.

Sometimes change is not needed when it’s a good thing. Just saying.

14. Fire TV Stick

If you watch Netflix you need one of these firesticks in your life. They are awesome for binge-watching your favorite shows.

Just be careful because they can be a time sucker as well.

15. YETI 14 oz. Rambler Mug

high school graduation gifts

The entire series of Yeti products are super practical and awesome. My daughter has two and carries one with her on the daily.

No matter what your favorite color is, Yeti has you covered!

16. Star Patch Lace Up Splice Sneakers


Super cute sneakers your grad will love. You may even want a pair for yourself as well… I know I do!! Ha

17. Blue Yeti

So my girlfriend and I started a podcast on the DL this year after being inspired by her daughter. This is definitely a new trend among the youngsters so why not help inspire them to share their knowledge.

I believe we can learn so much from the younger generation. They have a different perspective that at times can actually be very insightful.

Here’s the link for anyone interested. Share a comment if you listen. : )

18. Facial Steamer


Since we spend more time indoors it’s very important to hydrate. I definitely struggle in this area but we all MUST take care of our skin.

19. Priming Moisturizer Rich


Another great product for your grad and her skincare routine. I personally love my Vanicream Moisturizing Lotion but this is a great product as well.

20. Mayberry Slippers

high school graduation gifts

Super cute slippers that every grad and woman needs in her life including me! I need to get on this one for sure.

21. Pro Rainbow Titanium Flat Iron

high school graduation gifts

You know I love me some unicorns and rainbows! This rainbow flat iron is a super addition to any lady’s life.

22. Keurig Coffee Maker


Your class of 2021 grad will love this for her dorm life. My daughter does anyway so sure yours will too.

23. Women’s Schools Out Backpack

Perfect graduation gift that is practical too. My daughter requested this exact backpack for Christmas this year.

She’s basically at the beach on the daily but this is great for weekend travel as well.

24. How to Feed Yourself

Because the grad needs to eat and when they are away at college they will have to learn some cooking skills to get by.

25. Hello Gorgeous Stackable Mug

high school graduation gifts

Super cute mug for the super cute grad!

That’s a wrap on the unique graduation gifts for the class of 2023.

Hope this was helpful and inspiring. If you are like me there are a few you’d love for yourself too! HAHA

Have an amazing night full of Unicorns & Rainbows!

xo Nicole

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