20 Modern Poufs And Ottoman Ideas For Any Room

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Looking for modern poufs and ottoman ideas? These styles will add extra seating to any room in your home!

A great way to add style and personality to your living space is by adding a modern pouf or ottoman. These are small items that pack a punch and serve multiple functions.

If you’re not familiar with these you are missing out on a great way to level up your home decor. Not only do they serve as extra seating but they are a great way to add color, pattern, and texture to your space.

Adding interesting items to your home decor is an easy way to make your space look creative and interesting. We are all individuals and our spaces should reflect our unique personalities.

That said check out my favorite modern poufs and ottoman resources below.

This post is all about modern poufs and ottoman ideas.

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What’s the difference between Modern Poufs and Ottomans?

A pouf is similar to an oversized pillow and usually sits flat on the ground. They can be used for extra seating but not as a table since they tend to be small and soft.

Ottomans are usually firmer than a pouf and typically have legs. They can be used as additional seating or as coffee tables. Ottomans also tend to be larger than the average pouf.

Will a Modern Pouf or Ottoman be better for my space?

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This will come down to preference but as a rule of thumb poufs tend to be more casual and ottomans more formal. Poufs usually cost less but this can vary depending on the material used and vendor.

Poufs are great for smaller spaces where your goal is to add extra seating, color, pattern, or texture.

Ottomans are often found in high-end designs for seating, drama, style, and interest.

Both poufs and ottomans are great accent pieces that’ll help complete and create a polished look and feel. They’re both versions of a low stool that can serve as a footrest.

Either can also be used to create a visual focal point in your room.

Best Ottoman Ideas Of 2024


1. Off White Pouf // 2. Pleat Pouf-Ottoman // 3. Moroccan Leather Pouf // 4. Criss Knit Black Pouf // 5. Xbase Dhurrie Pouf // 6. Brown Leather Pouf  // 7. Tibetan Sheep Pouf // 8. Pisa Faux Fur Ottoman // 9. Pietro Mid-Century Round Ottoman // 10. Arteriors Pagoda Ottoman // 11. Velvet Square Standard Ottoman // 12. Borrego Small Round Ottoman // 13. Isolde Hexagonal Leather Ottoman // 14. Jute Tassel Boucle // 15. Harper Round Ottoman // 16. Leather Hide Round Ottoman // 17. Tulip Velvet Ottoman // 18. Bailee Ottoman // 19. Marvel Ottoman // 20. Boucle Ottoman

When it comes to the options you will want to consider the following features.

1. Function

When choosing any piece of furniture or home decor it is important to think about what purpose it will serve.

Ask yourself the following questions:

Is the modern pouf ottoman for extra seating?

Does it need storage?

Is it to add color, interest, pattern, or texture to my space?

Does it need casters to move easier?

Will it also be used as a table?

2. Material

There are so many different types of materials available in this category. You can choose from hide, leather, cotton, linen, velvet, chenille, tweed, or boucle to name a few.

If you are more into the beachy coastal vibe there are even rattan ottomans.

For those with small children or pets consider high-performance fabrics as an option.

3. Color & Pattern

When it comes to adding an accent or pop color to your design there are many tricks designers use. Many times color will be infused by the use of pillows, a rug, artwork, and accessories.

Modern pouf and ottomans are another great way to add a pop color and tie a design together.

A patterned ottoman can also be used as a jumping-off point to create a look and feel around.

4. Size & Shape

When choosing your pouf and ottoman also check the description section. Since every style is different you should check all the dimensions to make sure the size and shape will work in your space.

As always do a floor plan before making your purchase.

When it comes to shapes don’t just think round or square. Pouf ottomans also come in oval, rectangular, wedge, and freeform.

The options are endless and this category is not one size fits all.

As a rule of thumb, ottomans shouldn’t be longer than two-thirds your sofa length when they will be used as a coffee table.

5. Style & Design

This is another area that will be determined by the look and feel of your space.

If your look is Cali eclectic vibe maybe you want a leather pouf.

Is your vibe more contemporary glam? You’ll probably love a fur ottoman with gold legs.

If your jam is more elevated and formal maybe you’d love a tufted or cowhide ottoman.

For those who love the casual clean Bohonavian look, you’d most likely love the textured fringe options available.

Another consideration is the style of legs you want which can be wood, metal, or even stone.

As you can see just from these descriptions you must determine the look you are after first and then work your pieces into that design style.

Also since poufs and ottomans tend to be at the lower price point don’t be afraid to make your purchase. You can always move the ottomans to another room if you change your mind later.

These are great accent pieces that will work in many areas of the home.

How to design with Modern Poufs and Ottomans

If you are still not convinced on why poufs and ottomans are fabulous check out these Pinterest images for ideas and inspiration.

Modern Poufs Add a Pop of Color


These fabulous Fuschia pink ottomans add a pop of color that ties back to the artwork, pillows, and flowers in this design.

Modern Pouf As Extra Seating

home lighting

The quilted velvet ottomans in this design add texture and interest to the neutral space.

These ottomans are great for seating at the table or can be pulled out as needed into the main living area.

Modern Pouf Under a Console

If you have an open bottom console this can be a great place to store extra seating. Just pull the ottomans out as needed when you have guests over.

It’s also a super cute design feature and a great way to add pattern, color, or texture to your room.

Modern Pouf As a Coffee Table

A larger ottoman is perfect to use as a coffee table or extra seating.

It is another way to add texture and interest in a neutral space as shown in this design.

Fireplace Seating With Modern Pouf

Everyone always loves to sit by the fireplace! What better way to invite your guests to enjoy the fire than by having seating ready for them?

These McGee & Co. textured boucle fabric poufs are super cute.

Modern Pouf As Storage

An ottoman can also be used as a storage solution in your space. They are the perfect place to store blankets and other items that you want to keep hidden.

Since less is more these days having a place to keep everything needed and tidy is a good thing. The less clutter the clearer your mind.

Modern Pouf As a Foot Rest

An ottoman or pouf is great to have nearby when you need a place to put your feet up and relax.

Make sure the height is 1-2″ lower than your sofa seat. If the ottoman is taller than the seat it won’t be comfortable long term.

By now I’m sure you can see why I’m obsessed with these super trendy modern poufs and ottomans. There are just so many benefits to adding them to your space.

They’re available in a wide range of price points so there truly is something for everyone.

Whether you are looking to add interest, a storage solution, a footrest, or a focal point do consider these as options.

I hope this was helpful and gave you inspiration for your modern living room.

This post is all about modern poufs and ottoman ideas.

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