16 Flower Garden Essentials That’ll Inspire You To Plant Flowers

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Looking for the best flower garden essentials? Check out our favorites that’ll inspire you to plant flowers this spring!

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Flower Garden Essentials

It’s that time of year again! Spring is here so it’s time to plant the flowers!

Not my thing but my husband will be out there soon planting his pretty garden. When it comes to the front yard it is similar to designing a room in that you need to determine the color palette.

Last year the front garden color scheme was red and white. This year it’s going to have purple in it for a change.

For me, the important thing is looking cute and having pretty flower garden essentials on hand.

There are so many fun products that I can’t wait to share with you. If you are looking for stylish trendy gardening tools to update your old boring ones then keep scrolling.

This post is all about flower garden essentials.

front porch garden

The above photos are the images from last years garden. That’s my husband out there enjoying his hard work.

Best Flower Garden Essentials For The Wife Of The Gardener


1. Garden Gloves | 2. Canvas Garden Apron | 3. Gardener Tote Bag | 4. Gardening Gift Set | 5. Watering Can | 6. Ultimate Garden Tool Set | 7. Gardening Folding Seat | 8. Steel Blade | 9. Essential Gardening Tools | 10. Lattice Palm Hat | 11. Pruning Shears | 12. Pink Sloggers | 13. Garden Cart | 14. Pink Soil Knife | 15. Plant Sprayer Mister | 16. Garden Storage

Flower Garden Essentials List:

1. Garden Gloves


These have to be the cutest gloves ever. They are perfect to keep your hands and wrists protected as you work in the garden.

They even have a tension pull at the upper arm to keep the gloves snug.

2. Canvas Garden Apron


Love this stylish and functional apron. The pockets are awesome for keeping all your gardening essentials handy.

Made of canvas just while her down with a cloth and she’ll be good as new.

3. Gardener Tote Bag


This basket is perfect to keep close by as you work in the garden. The pockets are perfect for storing tools and supplies.

4. Gardening Gift Set


This is great if you need a gift for a gardener or for yourself. The bronze colorway is right on trend and stylish.

5. Watering Can


Available in two colorways this is a great addition to your garden essentials. Personally love the bronze but it comes in emerald green as well.

6. Ultimate Garden Tool Set


This literally is the ultimate gardening essentials set. Look at all those tools! Love the gold touch at the handle too!

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7. Gardening Folding Seat


This is a must-have for the garden enthusiast. Not only is it a seat but it is also a holder for all your tools.

The lightweight frame is foldable making it the perfect addition to your essentials list.

8. Steel Blade

A great tool that serves two functions in one. This one is a must for hand tilling, weeding, and digging in your garden.

9. Essential Gardening Tools


These are each sold separately so buy according to your needs. The hoe and scissors feature a walnut handle and heat-treated stainless steel.

They are rust-resistant and will be super durable.

10. Lattice Palm Hat


The perfect stylish hat to keep your face protected while out in the sun.

It features an asymmetrical brim made of sustainable woven palm with a suede strap.

11. Pruning Shears

If you are a pink lover like me then these are for you! I mean we can never have too much pink in our lives, right?

These pruning shears feature super-sharp blades, an ergonomic handle design, and a safety lock system. Stylish and durable just how we like it.

12. Pink Sloggers

The best clogs for comfort in the garden and are available in pink.

They feature a moisture-wicking insole and can be hosed or wiped clean. Also vegan friendly and made in the USA from 100% recyclable material.

Win-win for the environment.

13. Garden Cart

This is awesome for wheeling all those pretty flower plants around your garden.

Throw your supplies and a bottle of water in there and you are good to go.

14. Pink Soil Knife

Super cute pink knife and a portion of each purchase price going to support the American Cancer Society.

The durable knife features a 6″ blade with markings perfect for depth gauge markings.

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15. Plant Sprayer Mister

The perfect mister for freshening your plants. This one comes in gold or two additional finishes.

It also makes for a stylish accessory to leave out on the counter as a home decor item.

Perfect to keep your plants clean and healthy.

16. Garden Storage


The ultimate garden storage unit is sure to keep you organized.

It features moisture-resistant solid mahogany and wired brushed eucalyptus wood in a weathered gray finish.

Stylish and super functional all in one.

Not only are these supplies helpful but they are super cute as well!

Just in case you are not doing the gardening yourself you can still look stylish as you help the actual gardener. For me, this is the case.

I do not have a green thumb but I love the end result of a beautiful garden.

My husband is the one in our family with this superpower.

Many nights you will find him outside watering his flowers in the front and back. It brings him joy and satisfaction.

He truly takes pleasure in seeing his garden grow each year.

The best when his flowers are in full bloom in early September.

They are just so pretty!

Have an awesome day full of Unicorns and Rainbows!

xo Nicole

This post is all about flower garden essentials.

Share your thoughts:

Let me know how your flower garden turns out.

I love to hear about it in the comments below.

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