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15 Armless Accent Chair Styles That’ll Totally Make Your Home Look Magazine Worthy

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Looking for armless accent chair styles to update your home? Check out my favorites that’ll make any space look magazine worthy!

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Armless Accent Chair

If you’re looking to add personality and style to your home an armless accent chair will do the trick. There are many styles, colors, and fabrics to choose from in this category.

Adding a pair of modern armless chairs is the perfect update to that sofa and loveseat combo that’s a thing of the past. They’re great for extra seating or creating a moment in an empty corner.

Not only are the armless side chairs practical but they’re awesome for making a statement in your living room design. If you’ve been sourcing accent chairs this roundup is fabulous for living rooms, bedrooms, offices, and more!

This post is all about the best armless accent chair styles.


What do you call an accent chair with no arms?

An accent chair with no arms is called a slipper chair. This chair style has no arms, is upholstered, has a high back, and has short legs.

It’s great for smaller spaces where you need extra seating that feels expansive. Since these chairs have no arms they create a light and airy vibe.

What is the difference between a side chair and a slipper chair?

The main difference between a side chair and a slipper chair is in the silhouette and design. The side chair can have arms, taller legs, and a similar height to a sofa seat.

The slipper chair typically has no arms, a low profile, and a high back. This chair is great for a bedroom, foyer, or living room where you need a spot to put your shoes.

Either option will add personality and comfort to your interior design.

Best Armless Accent Chair Styles Of 2023

Here are the best armless accent chair styles of 2023:

Best Overall: Channel Stitch Armless Chair | Crate & Barrel

This upholstered channel stitch chair will add comfort, style, and personality to your interior design.

Best Budget: Sherpa Armless Chair With Metal Legs | Target

At just over $200 this is the most affordable armless chair of the bunch.

Best Splurge: Zander Swivel Chair | McGee&Co

For those with unlimited funds, this unique accent chair is fabulous!

Best Swivel: Chenille Armless Swivel Chair | West Elm

This armless chair has a fashion-forward design and swivel base that’s great for turning towards the action.

Best Leather: Armless Motion Recliner | Arhaus

If you’re looking for a leather armless motion recliner this style is for you!

Best Style: White Linen Lounge Chair | CB2

The graphic design of this armless side chair will make a statement in any space it’s in.

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Armless Accent Chair Shopping Tip

The only way to know exactly what will fit and look best in your space is with a floor plan.

It’ll also help you avoid returns if something is too big or small. If you’ve ever walked in a space and it felt off chances are it did not start with a floor plan or “road map” of the space.

Avoid this costly mistake by downloading your FREE how-to-measure guide today!

This video will help you put your measurements into a FREE floor plan program. The beauty of having your layout computerized is you can tweak the placement and size of furniture very easily.

Gone are the days of creating a floor plan by hand on graph paper. This online resource will simplify your life and the design process.

Living Room Armless Chairs


1. Linen Lounge Chair // 2. Modern Velvet Armless Chair // 3. Channel Stitch Armless Chair // 4. Leather Armless Motion Recliner // 5. Contemporary White Accent Chair // 6. Pink Velvet Chair // 7. Corduroy Armless Chair // 8. Armless Swivel Chair // 9. White Armless Accent Chair // 10. Target Armless Side Chair // 11. Plinth Base Chair // 12. Modern Armless Chair // 13. Black Boucle Fabric // 14. Teak Armless Chair // 15. Chenille Swivel Chair

Modern Armless Accent Chair Resources

1. Linen Lounge Chair


Elevate the look of any room with the addition of this high-contrast lounge chair. It has a modern graphic base with white linen upholstery.

The dark wood black frame, covered leather button tufting, and welt trim add to the sophisticated vibe. This modern armless accent chair is sure to make a statement in any room of your home.

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2. Modern Velvet Armless Chair


The Strato velvet armless chair from CB2 will make a stylish addition to any modern home. The luxe camel velvet upholstery is soft to the touch and has a timeless vibe.

This velvet chair is so comfortable you’ll feel like you’re sitting on a cloud. The vintage ’70s-inspired armless chair features channel tufting on all sides.

Make a statement in your modern contemporary living room design with the addition of this armless side chair. Both the camel velvet and pearl boucle are in stock but you can customize the fabric and color as well.

Just add your favorite modern accent table and you’re good to go!

3. Channel Stitch Armless Chair


This modern armless chair features a channel-stitched seat with a simple back cushion. The rounded edges and curved details help soften the hard edges of traditional modern design.

Made of 100% cotton performance fabric clean-up will be a breeze and stress-free. Relax in comfort and style on this beautiful contemporary side chair.

Add this natural armless chair to create a focal point in your living room design. If you’re afraid of the lighter fabric go for the charcoal option instead.

4. Leather Armless Motion Recliner


Elevate the look of your family room, den, or living room with the addition of this leather armless chair. It has a sink-in design and two-button motion control so you can recline for complete relaxation.

This accent chair is built to last and is part of the Rowland collection from Arhaus. If you have a larger space you should totally add a pair with an accent table between.

For those who prefer a darker color check out the graphite leather armless chair. Either option will be a fabulous update to any living space.

5. Contemporary White Accent Chair


If you’re looking to add luxury and sophistication to your living space this armless side chair is for you. It features plush cushions and a casual silhouette that’s loaded with style and comfort.

The back is upholstered in a soft sherpa while the seat has a textured boucle. This accent chair is sure to elevate the vibe of any modern contemporary home!

6. Pink Velvet Chair


This stylish TOV accent chair will add a touch of glam and femininity to your interior design. It has soft velvet upholstery, channel tufting, and a gold base.

The chair is perfect for smaller spaces and would look super cute as a pair in a corner with your favorite accent table. Friends will totally want one for their home after they sit and relax on this glam accent chair.


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7. Corduroy Armless Chair


Bring back the ’70s-inspired lounge seating with the addition of this black corduroy armless chair. It has a cool but sophisticated vibe that’s perfect for updating any dated space.

The minimal wood frame is covered in luxury automotive upholstery that gives the silhouette a modern edge.


Use this armless chair in your living room alone or create a modular sectional with the versatile piece. Either look is sure to add a ton of attitude and style to your interior design.

You’ll make a statement while adding loads of texture and dimension.

8. Armless Swivel Chair


If you’re tight on space this creme upholstered chair is compact but super cozy. The armless profile is perfect for any open concept contemporary space.

It’s upholstered in a textured fabric that’ll add interest and dimension to your interior design. Swivel chairs are great because they allow you to turn in any direction to face the action.

You’ll never feel left out when you’re chilling in this modern armless accent chair.

9. White Armless Accent Chair


I know what you’re thinking “this chair is so WHITE”! Yes, it is but it’s also so stunning!

Designed by Leanne Ford for Crate & Barrel it features a casual but comfy silhouette that screams CHILL OUT! The pillow is attached to the frame so no need to worry about it sliding off.

It also has an FSC ®-certified wood frame so it’s good for the environment as well. Add a pair or set of four if space allows for hours of conversation with friends and family.

10. Target Armless Side Chair


This affordable armless chair is great for those on a budget or anyone just starting out. At just over $200 it’ll make a big impact on a small budget.

The channel tufting and black metal legs give this armless chair a modern vibe.

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11. Plinth Base Chair


The Sereno chair is based on the iconic ground-hugging french design from the 70s. It has a slouchy curvy look that’ll add sophistication to your space.

In the below design, there’s a pair with a teak stool in between. The tonal ivory bouclé fabric is great for adding texture and dimension.


A pair will make a statement and is great for adding extra seating. The cozy chair features a pillow-like construction, wide channel ergonomic design, and a loungy but supportive shape.

It has a walnut plinth base that’ll add warmth and interest to your design. This chair is sure to command attention in any living space.

12. Modern Armless Chair


This armless chair may be small but it’s definitely mightly. It has form and function in a stylish silhouette. The sleek open design is great for making smaller spaces appear larger.

It has black metal legs with an upholstered seat in a rich Angora fabric. This chair will add texture, dimension, and interest to any room in your home.

It’s fabulous as a pair in a living room, on either side of a console table, or in any empty corner that needs some love. No matter where it’s at and how many this small accent chair will be the star of the show!

13. Black Boucle Fabric


Elevate the look of your living room with this black boucle accent chair. It has a contemporary design, low profile, and gold metal base.

There’s only one shown in the below design but if you have the space add a pair! It’ll make an impact on your living room especially if you add a cute accent table between.


Gone are the days of the sofa loveseat combo so this armless accent chair is perfect for extra seating and an updated look.

Believe it or not, this black armless chair is from none other than WALMART! Actually, the entire design was curated from Walmart and came in at just under $4500 which is awesome!

Save time and money by replicating this design. You’re welcome, my friends!!

14. Teak Armless Chair


Add sophistication and style to your home with this teak armless chair. It’s great for both indoor and outdoor spaces with its durable sunproof and moisture-safe fabric.

This white upholstery is the perfect contrast to the natural teak base. This armless chair has an organic vibe that will add warmth and zen vibes to any space.

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15. Chenille Swivel Chair


Last up is another armless swivel chair option. This one is from West Elm is it’s totally customizable. You can choose from a plethora of fabrics, colors, and textures.

The accent chair has a fashion forward design that’s perfect for watching TV or reading your favorite book. It’s also contract grade so the trendy style is built to last.

If you love the curvy furniture trend this style is for you. It’s great for any empty corner and both small and large spaces.

I hope these armless accent chair resources brought you value and inspire you to design a home you love!

Have an amazing day full of Unicorns & Rainbows!

xo Nicole

This post is all about the best armless accent chair styles.

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