Best Gifts Under 100 That’ll Make Your Holiday Shopping Easy

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Looking for the best gifts under 100 for your loved ones? Check out my favorite CB2 products that’ll make your holiday shopping super easy!

No matter who you’re shopping for, gift giving can be challenging when you’re trying not to overspend. Just because you’re on a budget, doesn’t mean you have to settle for something you don’t like.

This roundup of best gifts under 100 are all from CB2. They have a luxurious finish and are perfect to fulfill your gifting needs.

If you’re someone who counts gift giving as their love language, look no further! We have you covered with selections that’ll impress your loved ones and leave you feeling appreciated.

It’s easy to go overboard when you’re looking for the perfect gift, so shop from the list below to make this season memorable.

From the latest home decor gifts to hosting essentials we’ve got you all set! Shop the unique gift ideas below that you can snag for $100 or less.

They’ll make awesome prezzies for your loved ones and you’ll be satisfied knowing they’re wallet-friendly too!

Spoil friends and family with these uber-chic gift ideas under 100. They’ll feel the love!

This post is all about the best gifts under 100.

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best gifts under 100 round up

Best Gifts Under 100 For 2023

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Here are the best gifts under $100 so you can get classy selections without spending too much:

Best Overall: Double Bowl Hanging Planter

This planter gift set is perfect for anyone who enjoys adding nature to their space for decor.

Best For Cooking lovers: Brass Recipe Box

The chic box is awesome to keep all your recipes organized. The brass finish will totally make a statement in your kitchen.

Best Home Decor: Gold Candle Bowl

This large candle bowl is great for a housewarming gift and can be used as decor once the candle is out.

Best For Hosting Dinners: Jungle Print Serving Tray

A pretty tray to serve your essentials at dinner parties and be the star of it too.

Best For Vintage Item Collectors: Polished Brass Desk Clock

This clock is the best gift under 100 for anyone who enjoys vintage finds to decorate their home.

Best For Your Entertaining Your Guests: Marble Chess Game

Challenge your friends with a game of chess with this gorgeous marble chess game set.

Luxury Gifts Under $100

best gifts under 100 roundup

1. Brass Recipe Box // 2. Double Bowl Hanging Planter // 3. Picture Frame With White Mat // 4. Saga Cast Iron Teapot // 5. Marble Chess Game // 6. Jungle Print Serving Tray // 7. Polished Brass Desk Clock // 8. Handblown Glass Decanter // 9. Marble Jewelry Tray // 10. Gold Candle Bowl // 11. Dame Glass Tray

1. Brass Recipe Box

best gifts under 100 gold brass recipe storage box

This solid brass box is perfect for storing all your recipes and notes. The chic gold finish makes it a fabulous decor and storage piece.

It’s a CB2 exclusive that’ll store 4×6 cards and be a kitchen indulgence. It’ll keep all your recipes organized for many years to come. Relive the memories of your childhood as you choose which ones to make!

2. Double Bowl Hanging Planter

best gifts under 100 gold plant and fruit double hanging storage bowl

Add life to your space with this double-bowl hanging, storage piece. The champagne gold finish will make a great gift and make your plants look even prettier. It’s awesome for storing plants, fruits, herbs, or any of your essential favorites.

With an adjustable drop to fit your space, customize this stainless steel decor piece. It revamps your kitchen as well as hallway space, use it to make your home look elegant!

3. Picture Frame With White Mat

custom picture frame with green border

If you’re gifting someone creative, this green-border frame is a great fit! With its clean white mat, it makes any piece placed in the center shine. Exhibit a soothing seascape or a memorable photo in gallery-style mode with this sleek frame.

Buy one or compile a collection with an assortment from the four different sizes available. The green aluminum edging will enhance the beauty of what’s inside it!

4. Saga Cast Iron Teapot

tea lover cast iron black teapot

This black cast-iron teapot is a great gift and investment for your tea-loving bestie! It’s not only durable but retains heat exceptionally well, keeping your tea at the perfect temperature for longer.

The teapot has an organic texture making it beautiful to be used as decor in your kitchen too! It comes with a mesh net to help you mix and prepare your most wanted tea flavors without the hassle of buying tea bags.

5. Marble Chess Game

marble black and white chess game set

Hand-polished and carved by artisans in India, this marble chess set makes a timeless gift for chess lovers. The marble finish and monochromatic color scheme give the traditional chess set a classy modern twist.

It makes an amazing housewarming gift and you can also use it to accessorize your coffee table with its clean delicacy. Make this purchase to get a modern twist while supporting artisans.

6. Jungle Print Serving Tray

colorful jungle print decor serving tray

This jungle print color tray makes a fabulous piece to serve your guests with or use as decor! It makes a unique gift under $100 with its rich, playful design.

A classic statement piece that makes an instant impact and adds personality to any space. Gift this tray and let the receiver thank you for all the compliments coming their way!

7. Polished Brass Desk Clock

timeless vintage gold brass desk clock

For your friends who love thrifting and finding classy vintage pieces, this vintage finish clock is the perfect gift! The ridged edges and black hands establish a timeless finish that’ll go a long way.

This clock can be placed on your work desk or TV table and give your space a chic art deco twist. This is the best gift idea under 100 for your bestie who always shows up late. Just saying!

8. Handblown Glass Decanter

black blue chic handblown glass decanter

This glass decanter is small in scale but is sure to make a big statement! It’s the ideal gift for anyone who loves hosting dinner parties or wants to polish up their bar setup.

With its vintage, glass shape, watch the decanter change its hue in natural light. Serve your favorite drinks in style and be the perfect host with this essential item.

9. Marble Jewelry Tray

marble two section jewelry tray

Spoil your mom or best friend with this marble jewelry tray. It has two sections deep enough to store essential pieces, making it super convenient to use.

The tray would look fabulous on your dresser, bathroom counter, or as a keyholder on your console table. The organic structure makes it a chic fit for any space.

10. Gold Candle Bowl

large gold candle bowl

If you’re a candle lover or have someone in mind, this is the essential candle gift bowl you must buy. The bowl can be repurposed once the candle runs out, making it a 2-in-1 awesome gift.

This candle bowl shines bright by the candlelight within and can help you achieve a sophisticated overall look.

11. Dame Glass Tray

chrome plated beveled clear glass tray

This tray is a great choice to gift your mom or sister. The design is extravagant but you won’t go overboard with your budget.

The framed, chrome-plated, beveled glass tray is versatile enough for a bar, coffee table, or bathroom. Use it as a serving tray or stacked on top of coffee table books.

I hope this roundup of best gifts under 100 helps you pick presents that are unique and tasteful. Make gift-giving chic with some budget-friendly, classy selections.

What is a thoughtful gift?

A thoughtful gift will show your family, friends, or coworkers you appreciate them. The roundup below has you covered with our top selections from CB2.

They’re all unique and sure to wow everyone on your list. Not to mention they’ll leave you feeling appreciated.

What to gift a rich person who has everything?

Getting gifts that look luxurious while staying under 100 can be tough. We understand you’re busy and want something classy.

All of our gifting options are chosen to help you enjoy gift giving by getting exactly what you’re looking for!

Every product has an irresistible finish which makes it great for decorating any space. You can enjoy a luxurious piece for under $100 that’ll put a smile on your receiver’s face!

Is $100 a good gift?

Yes! If you’re on the hunt for something that’ll please the most important people in your life, these best gifts under $100 are fabulous. Each selection has been carefully crafted to meet your needs.

They’ll be awesome for your best friend’s dinner party, your mom’s new apartment decor, and even your chess-loving brother!

With an under $100 budget, you can get them something they’re looking for or help them try something new.

Choose from our guides and make gift-giving easier! Please your loved ones with unique finds that’ll go a long way.

You’ll feel appreciated when your gift-givers thank you!

This post is all about the best gifts under 100.

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