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13 Tools For Vlogging You Didn’t Know You Needed

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Looking for the best tools for vlogging in 2023? Check out our favorites you didn’t know you needed!

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Tools For Vlogging

Going away to college is a memorable experience for any freshman and one way to remember the journey is to “document the process” as my mentor in my head Gary Vee says.

Gary may not be for everyone but I personally LOVE everything about him!

If you are looking to start a vlog and youtube channel this year there are some basics you will need.

From the best camera to tripod to software we cover it all.

Check out all the tools you’ll need to create awesome videos this year

This post is all about the tools for vlogging you didn’t know you needed.

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Best Tools For Vlogging

If you are thinking about doing a video Vlog in College here are the supplies you’ll need:

tools for vlogging collage

1. Canon PowerShot G7 | 2. Tripod | 3. Mac Book Air Laptop | 4. MacBook Air Case | 5. Power Strip Surge Protector | 6. USB-C TO USB Adapter | 7. USB-C Charge Cable (2m) | 8. Flash Drive | 9. MacBook Adapter Extension Cable | 10. iMovie or Final Cut Pro | 11. Ring Light | 12. Laptop Lock | 13. Camera Case

Tools For Vlogging:

  1. Canon PowerShot G7– Camera recommended by a YouTube Vlogger
  2. Tripod– To help when you need an extra hand
  3. Mac Book Air Laptop– Great starter computer for Vlogging
  4. MacBook Air Case– Protect your computer in this clear case
  5. Power Strip Surge Protector– Never enough outlets in college
  6. USB-C TO USB Adapter– To connect USB devices to your computer
  7. USB-C Charge Cable (2m)– Cable to charge or sync your iPhone
  8. Flash Drive– Keep a backup of your work
  9. MacBook Adapter Extension Cable– Helpful when you need a longer cord
  10. Editing Software- iMovie or Final Cut Pro
  11. Ring Light– Awesome to create the best lighting while filming
  12. Laptop Lock– Keep your laptop safe
  13. Camera Case– Protect your camera with this handy case

You will notice that many of the tech products on the list for vlogging are the same as what is recommended for college freshmen as well.

So basically they will cover your vlogging and school needs which is a bonus!

Vlogging is a great way of sharing your story and documenting the journey.

Don’t forget about those super cute REDBUBBLE stickers to personalize your laptop while you document the journey.

Hopefully, this post is a great resource to get you started in vlogging.

If you do start comment in the link on your handle so we can follow along!

Have an awesome day full of Unicorns + Rainbows!

xo Nicole

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