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21 Outdoor Space Ideas For When It’s Cold Outside

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Looking for outdoor space ideas for when it’s cold outside? Check out this patio decor that will update your space and keep you warm!

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Outdoor Space Ideas

If you are on the East coast you know it’s been super cold lately. Personally, I hibernate in the winter and don’t come out till the spring.

I don’t enjoy the cold unless it has a purpose like skiing or ice skating.

That said we rarely sit out on the front porch in the winter because it’s too COLD.

Inspired by the wind chime chakra I bought today in HomeGoods I thought why not pull some outdoor space ideas to go with it?

I mean NOT everyone is in the cold right now.

My son is in Cali and my daughter is in Hawaii so clearly they are feeling this cold weather.

That said here are my favorite outdoor finds of the moment which include a fancy space heater and firepit to keep warm.

Enjoy the inspiration, my friends!

This post is all about outdoor space ideas.


Best Outdoor Space Ideas

Before I share the ideas I wanted to share some more info about that wind chime chakra I bought.

I have been reading a book on The Feng Shui of Abundance. It talks about the Bagua Map, your wealth area, and how to bring abundance to your life.

One of the things that were mentioned was hanging a wind chime outside the house. Two of the main reasons wind chimes are used are because they create sound energy vibrations and bring in the metal element.

First, sound is one way that feng shui practitioners shift the energy of a space. Second, the metal element represents clarity, efficiency, and joy. 

Wind chimes have two main roles: to cure or energize.

A metal wind chime should be put in the North, West, or northwest zone. When you hang a wind chime in the West direction, it automatically enthralls good luck in the family and also helps the family member to bring honor to lives.

They also reduce or slow down negative energy with their pleasant metal sound.

The wind chime I bought is even better because it has seven stones aligned in an ascending column, just as the seven chakras are aligned along the spine of the human body. Woodstock Chakra Chimes combine color and sound to underscore the ancient meaning of the major energy centers of the human body. 

I’m all about good energy these days so I’m willing to try and hang anything.

Also, the one we had before broke and needed to be replaced.

It may be a little whoo but my mind is completely open to trying new things that feel right to me. I’ll let you know how it goes.

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The Round-Up

Now for the outdoor space ideas that will keep you warm on the inside out.


1. Woodstock Wind Chimes | 2. Outdoor Teak Sectional | 3. Commercial Patio Heater | 4. Ikat Mix Indoor/Outdoor Rug | 5. Outdoor Fire Pit | 6. Simple String Lights | 7. Outdoor Drum Side Table | 8. Large Metal Candle Lantern | 9. Candle Holder with Spike | 10. Polka Dot Indoor/Outdoor Pouf | 11. Turtle Planter | 12. Black And Ivory Pillow | 13. Tasseled Indoor Outdoor Lumbar Pillow | 14. Faux Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree | 15. Metal Watering Can | 16. 2pk Patio Club Chair Linen | 17. Gold Cement Citronella Candle | 18. Woven Throw Pillow Cream | 19. Sunbrella Gray Tile Outdoor Throw Pillow | 20. Sunbrella Solid Indoor/Outdoor Cast Pillow | 21. Cathy Terepocki Ceramic Stool

I hope this post gave you some inspiration to design your outdoor space. Whether it’s now or in the warmer months you’ll have the resources to get started when you are ready.

Have an amazing day full of Unicorns & Rainbows!

xo Nicole

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