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Wondering why the new blog Inspired Design Talk was created? This post will answer all your questions and get you up to date!

For anyone who has been following the old blog, you may have noticed the name Inspired Design Talk for quite some time now.

That’s because in my head I always knew that’s what I wanted to name my blog.

Many of the bloggers I follow have catchy names and those are also the URL of their blogs as well.

This was something I knew I wanted and it’s now a reality!

Nicole of the new blog inspired design talk sitting on a blue sofa living room

Before we get started click below for the Shop The Look | Neutral Living Room from Pinterest.


What is Inspired Design Talk?

The main purpose, mission, WHY, or whatever you’d like to call it, of this blog is to INSPIRE others!

Secondly, it will be to help solve problems by sharing valuable resources, tips, and information.

The beauty of separating the blog from IQ Design is that now I can share anything. Whatever I am currently inspired by or learning I will share.

Naturally, I will continue to share Interior Design inspiration because it makes my heart skip a beat.

Along with that, I will speak to anything else I am noticing readers are struggling with.

As I learn new things and find my way I’ll share that knowledge with my readers.

What kind of topics will you cover?

Just as before there will be a HEAVY focus on interior design inspiration from products to resources, helpful tips, and DIY.

There will be loads of links to purchase all the awesome goodies we are sourcing.

Along with this, we will also talk about Dorm Rooms and Airbnb since both are hot topics in my family these days.

The beauty of having the blog separate now is I will also talk about lifestyle and where I’m at in my own life.

Whether it’s business, blogging, fashion, recipes, travel, self-help, mindset anything and everything that I’m experiencing in life and the entrepreneur journey could be a topic here and there.

I am super excited to share All Things Pretty with you all so please FOLLOW along and SHARE the blog too!

Why is it called Inspired Design Talk?

Because it’s just that talk about all things design and inspiration to get you out of your comfort zone.

Why did you start a new site?

More like why didn’t I? There are so many reasons I should have done this a good thirty blog posts sooner!

One of the main reasons was I had a lot of mistakes I needed to fix on the Blog.

Long story short I want my blog to be user-friendly, fast, and easy to navigate.

With the previous blog getting bigger with more content it was getting harder to categorize and keep it from overpowering the Interior Design site.

I also talked about other things not related to interiors that a visitor wouldn’t know since it was hidden in the blog context.

The bottom line is that the blog was starting to take over and was bringing me so much JOY I had to honor it with its own designated HOME.

Does the old blog still exist?

Yes, it does BUT as Inspired Design Talk evolves it may go away. There is a lot of useful inspiration there so make sure to check it out before it goes away.

Can I submit topic suggestions for you to consider?

Yes! Please comment below on any struggles you are having or topic ideas for review and consideration.

I am so grateful to share with you all on this platform and hope you find value in following along.

xo Nicole

Last Updated on December 11, 2023 by Nicole DelaCruz

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