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Best Coffee Table Styles 2024 (Ultimate Buying Guide)

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Looking for the best coffee table styles of 2024? Check out this ultimate buying guide to update your living room!

OMG!! If you are in the market for the best coffee table this round-up is for you! I have to say I LOVE a good coffee table design. What I mean by that is so many styles look more like a piece of art than furniture.

This is another category that is perfect for expressing your personality and style in your home. When it comes to choosing the perfect cocktail table there is a variety of shapes, styles, types, a mix of materials, and functions.

All key deciding factors you’ll want to consider.

With the holidays right around the corner, it’s the perfect time to change up a thing or two in your home. Since the coffee table is typically in the center of the room it’s a great place to make a statement and create a focal point.

Your modern coffee table will anchor your living space and join together your sofa, sectional, or lounge chair seating arrangements. It truly is a beautiful way to balance out your space.

This post is all about the best coffee table styles of 2024.

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black and white living room coffee table with unique sofa
Miles Willis McDermott’s monochromatic interiors • Wanderlust Fulfilled

Best Coffee Table Styles

This post may contain affiliate links, which means that if you make a purchase, I might make a small commission at no extra charge to you. Please read my full disclosure here. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

When it comes to shopping for unusual coffee tables there are many resources online. If you’re looking for modern coffee table options I have a go-to list to help you get started.

Here are the best coffee table styles:

  1. Acacius Round Table
  2. Jacques Cocktail Table
  3.  Ombre Drum Table 
  4. Truro White Stone Coffee Table 
  5. Indoor / Outdoor Table 
  6. Targua Moroccan Inlay
  7. Reclaimed Wood 
  8. Horseshoe Linen Cocktail Table 
  9. Charcoal Brown Pedestal Table 
  10. Wood Cocktail Tables 
  11. Beacon Inlay Table 
  12. Neo Tables 
  13. Bernhart Cocktail
  14. Saarinen Oval Coffee Table 
  15. Tribeca Glass Tables

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How to choose a coffee table

Before we get into all the resources let’s talk about the most commonly asked questions on the topic. The answers below will help you pick the best modern coffee table for your home.

The different types of coffee tables are:

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How big should a coffee table be?

Your unique coffee table should be approximately two-thirds the length of your sofa. For example, if your sofa is 90″ long you will want a coffee table that is about 60″ long.

How high is a standard coffee table?

The height of your modern coffee table should be no lower than 1-2 inches from the seat height of your sofa. Standard coffee tables are 16-18 inches high while sofas with a higher seat would look better with a 20-21 inch high table.

How far should your coffee table be from your couch?

The ideal space between a sofa and a coffee table is 14-18 inches. This will give you enough leg room but you will still be close enough to grab your cocktail or the remote.

How do you shop for a unique coffee table?

No matter which coffee table style you choose it is important to always start with a floor plan of your space. I know I sound like a broken record but without the floor plan, you won’t know the exact size coffee table you need.

This is especially important when you’re shopping for a coffee table with a U-shape or L-shape sectional. The worst thing that can happen is your coffee table gets delivered and doesn’t fit in your space.

Trust me no one is happy when that happens!

Whether you are shopping online or in a furniture store images are deceiving. This is especially true when shopping in person.

You have to remember the lighting and scale of the store are NOT the same as the space of your home.

To begin the design process download this how-to-measure guide so you have a “map” to follow. This way you have a clear idea of the exact size of the coffee table that will fit in your space.

Once you have your measurements follow the video below to create your furniture layout. After it’s in you can come back and tweak the design as you source furniture.

That’s the beauty of a computerized floor plan compared to one by hand. It’s super easy to make changes with the click of a button.

room floor plan bog youtube thumbnail

Shopping For The Best Coffee Table

There are so many retailers in this category but I have found it best to limit the options. When I start the design process I first dream and look at all the trendy styles.

At first, I’m looking for the vibe I am after so budget is not a factor. After I let myself dream a little the next step is to find the best coffee table in the style and price I am after.

By going through these steps you will not limit yourself out of the gate. This is the best way to design a space that is unique and will express your personality.

round up of the best places to buy coffee tables

Living Room Budget Worksheet

One thing I’ve always struggled with is keeping track of all the budget, furniture, costs, store links, delivery, etc. for a room design. I’m a visual learner so seeing the big picture on a spreadsheet is always super helpful.

The Best Coffee Table Trends of 2024

With HPMKT happening soon it’s a great time to talk about the trends in coffee tables. Now you may be thinking what trends? Don’t I just look for a round or rectangular coffee table?

No, my friends, it’s not that simple! We want to express our personality, be unique, and not look like a furniture showroom.

Current coffee table trends are:

  • sculptural pieces of art
  • bunching tables
  • multi-layered
  • multi-function
  • mixed materials
  • modern manipulation
  • natural elements
  • unexpected textures
  • nesting tables

That said let’s get into the details of each.

Best Marble Coffee Table Styles

modern marble coffee table roundup

When To Use Marble Coffee Tables

As you can see above marble coffee tables come in a variety of colors, styles, shapes, and sizes. The thing to remember about the stylish tables is they are a natural material. That said you will want to take precautions to keep them beautiful.

You can do this by always using a coaster on your table. Drinks tend to “sweat” which can damage your table so you’ll want to protect against this.

Why do drinks sweat?

When water vapor in the air comes into contact with something cool its molecules slow down and get closer together. When that happens, the gaseous water vapor turns back into liquid water droplets. That’s condensation!

The other thing you can do is use a cleaner that is specific for marble, granite, and natural stone. You should always first test the product in a hidden area just in case. This way you won’t damage your table trying to clean it.

My favorite granite cleaner is sold on Amazon and I refill the bottle every few months. It is a bit pricey but so worth it for the protection and peace of mind it gives me.

Marble Cleaner

Marble Cleaner

Burl Wood Coffee Tables

burl wood coffee table roundup

What Are Burl Wood Coffee Tables

In the natural material category is the burl wood coffee table which is stunning in my opinion! In case you are wondering “what exactly is burl wood?” let me tell you.

burl is a tree growth in which the grain has grown in a deformed manner. It is commonly found in the form of a rounded outgrowth on a tree trunk or branch that is filled with small knots from dormant buds.

The burl forms large, knobby-looking growths on the base and trunk of the tree. These deformed sections would otherwise be discarded if it weren’t for furniture makers, artists, and sculptors who see the tree’s flaws as beautiful.

The most common types are redwood, maple, walnut, oak, and cherry. Each piece is unique and different from the next and that is one of the reasons they are so rare and valuable. You can get pieces large and small, and extreme variations in the grains and color of the wood.

Now that you understand the beauty of burl wood you can see why a coffee table in this material would be a conversation starter in your home.

Although the Burlwood coffee table is unique and stylish they are still pretty rare. Not all vendors carry them and they are not cheap. Click the link for more details on this trendy coffee table style.

Best Square Coffee Table Styles

square coffee table roundup

Square coffee tables are fabulous when you are trying to connect your seating arrangement to your living room. They’re perfect when you have a square or U-shaped seating layout. The materials and finishes of these bad boys are endless.

No matter your style or budget there will be one for you in this category. I tend to skew more contemporary and modern so naturally, that is the style shown above. If you’re traditional or transitional there are more classic options available as well.

This category comes in a variety of sizes, materials, and textures that will be a focal point in the center of your living room.

Rectangle Coffee Tables

rectangular coffee table roundup

When To Use Rectangle Coffee Tables

The modern rectangle coffee table is often what you will see in front of a sofa or in the middle of two sofas opposite each other. For many people, this is the go-to style that they think of when sourcing a new coffee table.

This is another category that can be found in every size, color, and material. If you are looking for a modern style the clear acrylic style is a great choice.

For those with small kiddies, an upholstered table is a nice option. If you entertain a lot and need extra seating go for the metal upholstered ottoman style. My personal favorite is the mixed-material marble and metal rectangle coffee table.

Check out all the options by clicking the Shop Now link above.

Best Round Coffee Table Styles

round cocktail tables round up

When To Use Round Tables

Round coffee tables are especially great to use with your sofa, chaise couch, or L-shape sectional. If you have a lot of square or rectangle shapes in your design adding round elements will create interest and balance in your living room.

The round nesting coffee table is nice when you like to entertain since it can be expanded for more surface space. While this shape may seem like a classic with all the size, material, and style options they are far from ordinary.

No matter your price point or budget there is a round coffee table perfect for you!

Bunching Tables

bunching tables roundup

What is a bunching table?

Bunching coffee tables are super cute small tables that are typically 20-25″ wide. The tables come in round, square, hexagon, and abstract shapes.

The beauty of the bunching table is you can move them around in your living room to change up the layout. Guests can also move them so they function when you have company over.

Square bunching tables can be placed two in a row instead of the traditional rectangular table. You can place four together to create a large square coffee table for open spaces.

Placing three hexagon bunching tables in the center of a sofa and chairs adds interest and style to a room. This is perfect instead of a traditional round coffee table.

The arrangements are endless which is why I LOVE these cute coffee tables so much.

They are also available in a variety of colors and materials. You can get them in wood, metal, cement, marble, brass, and more! Check them out by clicking the link above.

Cool Coffee Table For Millenials

Ok, so I just had to add this one in because it is super cool! I saw this in person at HPMKT and it is the perfect coffee table idea for a dorm, apartment, or home.

If you like to entertain and have friends over this is fabulous for storing cold drinks.

Everything you need to enjoy the game or chic flic will be super accessible and ready to grab. No need to miss any of the action when you have this coffee table with storage ideas.

BTW there are only 8 left in stock of this cute coffee table so order sooner than later. Wayfair tends to sell out of all the goodies super quick!

Modern Nesting Tables

modern nesting tables roundup

What are nesting coffee tables?

Nesting tables are a grouping of multiple tables that are at different heights. They are great for large and small spaces. The tables can be stacked for everyday use or pulled apart when entertaining.

Nesting coffee tables are great for adding personality and style to your interior design. They are available in a mix of materials and price points.

Best Bone Inlay Tables

bone inlay tables roundup

What is bone inlay?

Since the days of ancient Egypt, craftsmen have been using inlaid bone to decorate furniture and home decor.

Bone inlay is a technique that involves fixing intricate, hand-carved pieces of camel bone and/or mother-of-pearl into a wooden frame. The frame is filled with an uncolored or colored resin.

The art of bone inlay began in the royal palaces of Rajasthan where Maharajas commissioned extravagant inlay furniture pieces. Bone inlay can be found in cabinets, chests, tables, chairs, mirrors, lamps, and more!

Bone inlay is a three-step process that takes as long as a month to create.

First fragments of the camel bones are used to create the layout of the design. The detailed pattern is then attached to the wood frame.

Lastly, resin is filled around the bone shapes to create the background. When the resin is colored it creates a beautiful contrast against the camel bone and/or mother-of-pearl.

Modern Concrete And Cement Coffee Table Ideas

cement coffee table roundup

Are concrete cocktail tables good?

Concrete is a mixture of cement, aggregate, and water making it a great material for coffee tables. They’ll provide a home with a simple but modern look perfect for indoor and outdoor spaces.

Many are low profile so your decor will stand out and be a highlight in your living room.

Are concrete tables durable?

Concrete coffee tables are very durable and strong. They’re heat and scratch-resistant making them the perfect choice for high-traffic areas.

These tables will give your space a timeless look that’ll last many years to come. Add one to your living room design for an updated look.

Just regularly wipe your concrete table down with mild soap and water to maintain its beauty.

Modern Oval Coffee Table

modern oval coffee table roundup

Whether you’re doing a complete makeover or just updating one piece a modern oval coffee table will make a fabulous addition to your living room. When it comes to design and style there are so many finishes, materials, and shapes to choose from.

Oval coffee tables can be found in wood, metal, stone, and more! Many of the pieces look like a work of art with their sculptural silhouettes.

These tables are available in every price range. Naturally, the more unique and original the design the higher the cost.

They look great in front of sofas and help define a living space. This style table is perfect to update the classic rectangular shape that’s common in many homes.

Oval tables are awesome for little ones or elderly guests since there are no sharp corners to knock into. No matter the style of your room there’s one perfect for you.

Lulu And Georgia Coffee Table

lulu and georgia coffee table roundup

Where is Lulu and Georgia located?

Lulu and Georgia is located in Los Angeles but the company is an e-commerce business accessible online to all. The site has curated furniture and home decor, elevated essentials, and statement pieces.

Who makes Lulu and Georgia furniture?

The founder and CEO of Lulu and Georgia Furniture is Sara Sugarman. She started the online furniture and home decor shopping site in 2012.

Sara comes from a luxury flooring family business and is no stranger to the world of interior design. The company was named after her grandfather, Lou, and her father, George.

Lulu and Georgia furniture is sourced in the United States but also imports one-of-a-kind pieces from India, Turkey, and China.

How can I get a discount on Lulu and Georgia?

Glad you asked! As a reader of the blog, you’ll save 15% off at checkout with the discount code INSPIREDDESIGNTALK15. The savings will help you shop guilt free and design the home of your dreams!

You can thank me later AFTER your Lulu and Georgia furniture is delivered to your home. I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again sharing is caring, my friends!

I hope this round-up was super helpful and inspiring as you go through your design journey.

Let me know in the comments which ones are your favorite. I’d love to know.

Have an amazing day full of Unicorns & Rainbows!

xo Nicole

This post is all about the best coffee table styles of 2024.

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