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The Ultimate Contemporary Sofa Side Table Guide To Level Up Your Home

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Looking for the ultimate modern and contemporary sofa side table guide? Here is a round-up of my favorites that will look perfect in your home!

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Sofa Side Table

As we know I love a good sofa side table. Whether it’s a sexy cute drink table or a small accent table there is just something about them.

They speak to me and I love them. I think they are a great way to add personality and originality to your home.

For most people, your sofa is an investment piece and you want it to be timeless. Because it can be such a large investment you are less likely to go creative there.

The side table however is a great place to express your personality and design style.

In this post, I’ll share the round-up of all the side tables I have been stalking online recently.

My design style is definitely contemporary modern so that’s the look of many of these beauties.

This post is all about the ultimate modern and contemporary side table guide.

sofa side table

Sofa Side Table Styles

When it comes to the styles of tables there are many to choose from. While the widths will vary ideally, a side table should be equal to or just below the arm of the seat it’s next to.

Before we begin I wanted to address the most common question.

What’s the difference between a side, end, and accent table?

Simply put the difference is the following:

Side Tables go to the side of another piece of furniture. (I know common sense but we tend to overthink things, NO?!) They typically have a larger surface area around 18″ to 26″ wide and tend to have a stronger element of style.

End Tables go at the end of a piece of furniture. They are typically smaller than side tables usually 12″ – 18″ wide and can often fit into tight spaces. 

Accent Tables are not the main focus in a certain space. The term comes from the meaning of the word “accent,” which means stress, or emphasis. An accent table can be used for decorative reasons in any room.

Next, I’ll discuss the sofa side table style options to help you decide which is right for your space.

Types of Sofa Side Tables


1. Drink Table // 2. C-Table  // 2b. Drink C-Table // 3. Drum Accent Table // 4. Martini Sofa Side Table // 5. Nesting Sofa Side Table // 6. Skinny Side Table // 7. Folding Sofa Side Table // 8. Tray Table // 9. Wood Stump Table // 10. Trunk Style // 11. Cart Table // 12. Sculptural Sofa Side Table // 13. Multi Level Table // 14. Laptop Table // 15. Pedestal Table // 16. Tulip Sofa Side Table

1. Drink Table | Cute Side Tables

Drink tables are cool stylish tables that are the perfect size for your drink of choice.

Whether for your morning coffee or your favorite cocktail they serve as somewhere fabulous to put a drink down.

2. C-Table | Contemporary End Table

Siena C Table from Crate & Barrel


A C-table has a clever cantilevered top that resembles the letter C.

This table is perfect to enjoy the comforts of your couch while also enjoying the technology of your choice.

Sofa Drink Table

Murray Drink Table from West Elm

3. Drum Accent Table

Layered Rectangle Drum from West Elm


Similar to the shape of a drum these tables are cylindrical in shape and quite compact. They are made of wood, metal, and marble.

The beauty of these contemporary end tables is they are usually large enough for a lamp and some accessory pieces.

4. Martini Sofa Side Table

Beaufort Brass Martini Table from Arhaus


A Martini Table is any small table used beside a chair, sofa, sectional, or seating space that is primarily for the use of one person.

These contemporary end tables were formerly called cigarette tables but have evolved to be elegantly called Martini Tables. These stylish trendy tables are larger than a drink table but smaller than your average side table.

5. Nesting Sofa Side Table

Ginette Nesting Side Table from Lulu And Georgia


A nesting table is a table designed to be placed in a group of one or two other tables. The tables are usually graduated in size and are often ‘layered’ or ‘stacked’ to emphasize the varying heights. 

These contemporary sofa tables are especially great when you have company as the table can be moved as needed.

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6. Skinny Side Table

Oxford Marble and Brass Side Table from CB2


A skinny side table is just as it sounds a narrow table that is perfect when you need a convenient place to put your drink.

These contemporary end tables are typically between 10″-14″ and are great next to your sofa, bed, or between two chairs.

7. Folding Sofa Side Table

Acrylic Folding Table from CB2


Folding tables can be one of two styles. Those that completely fold down and those that have leaves that fold. They can be made in many sizes, configurations, and designs. Materials can be plastic, metal, wood, and more.

The folding table that can be stored away is great when you are tight on space but enjoy entertaining.

8. Tray Table

Shagreen Removable Tray End Table from Wayfair


A tray table is perfect when you like to entertain or need to serve guests.

These contemporary side tables come with a detachable tray (typically with cutouts) that can be removed as needed.

9. Wood Stump Table

Wood Stump Accent Table from Target


A wood stump table is a great way to bring an element of nature to your home.

These modern sofa tables can be round, square, or organically shaped. They can be solid or the tops attached to a metal base. Wood stump tables are often unique since they are inspired by the natural elements of a tree stump.

10. Trunk Style

Trunk-style Accent Cabinet from Walmart


This storage trunk end table combines style and unique functionality.

Its cool and clean simple design is perfect for storing blankets or anything you want to be hidden away.

11. Cart Table

Peekaboo Acrylic C Table from CB2


A cart table typically has wheels so it can be moved throughout your space as needed. This one from CB2 serves as a cart table on wheels and a c-table that can side under your sofa or chair.

Another example is the classic bar cart that can be placed next to your sofa when you are limited in space. This way your guests can make a drink and have a place to put it down after.

Not everyone has an abundance of space to work with so this will serve a dual purpose.

12. Sculptural Sofa Side Table

Thai Twisted Acacia Wood Stool from Walmart


The sculptural table is one that is functional and looks like a piece of art at the same time.

They can be made of wood, stone, and other similar materials that can be formed into an interesting shape.

Speaking of the shape they are typically geometric or organic and have a feeling of movement.

This one from Walmart can double as a cute side table or stool.

13. Multi Level Table

2-Tone White and Grey Marble Side Table from CB2


The tiered table is one that combines top levels of different heights. They can be arranged on top of each other or in more organic.

It is perfect if you like to trinkets on your table but also needs extra space.

This modern end table from CB2 is super functional and cute with its mix of trendy materials.

14. Laptop Table

Margaux Laptop Table from World Market


With many people still working remotely a laptop table is a perfect addition to any space. These tables typically have the c-shape style so they can slide under your sofa or chair.

When shopping for laptop side tables many also have a shelf or draw at the top which is helpful if you need to store work supplies.

Pottery Barn even has a version with sides that extend out so you have a larger work surface.

This one from World Market is super cute because it mixes style and function. Love the gold base with the marble top. It is available in a black top option as well.

15. Pedestal Table

Arteriors Scout Side Table from Lulu and Georgia


A pedestal table is one that has a central supporting column or pillar.

It is a piece of furniture having a smooth flat top that is usually supported by one or more vertical legs.

This curvy Arteriors hourglass-shaped pedestal side table is a visually stunning accent piece for your living room. One of my favorite vendors always has unique furniture pieces.

16. Tulip Sofa Side Table

Nero White Marble Accent Table from Crate & Barrel


The tulip table was designed by Eero Saarinen, an architect by profession and a furniture designer at heart. He came up with and executed the idea because he wanted a table with smooth, uninterrupted curves and charisma that wouldn’t look cluttered at a glance.

The table consists of a platform base that rises from the ground in the shape of an inverse tulip and seamlessly integrates into a smooth, round tabletop.

This one from Crate & Barrel is an updated sofa side table version of the classic design. It’s available in three finishes but naturally, I’m drawn to the gold base and marble top.

Now that you have all the styles down here the round-ups that have a variety of modern and contemporary sofa side table options.

Drink Tables

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1. Odesa Accent Table // 2. Silhouette Pedestal Table // 3. Natural Quartz Lilian Table| 4. Mid-Century Table // 5. Murray Table | 6. West Elm Drink Table // 7. White Marble Top Table // 8. Eclipse Table // 9. Briony End Table // 10. Cannon Table // 11. Silver and White Table

Sofa Drink Table


12. Small Accent Table | 13. Silver Small Table | 14. Statuette Side Table | 15. Marble End Table | 16. Side Table | 17. Laptop Table | 18. Spiral Table | 19. Inlay End Table | 20. Round Metal Accent Table | 21. Brass Table | 22. Black Marble Table | 23. Pedestal Side Table | 24. Marble C-Table

Marble Side Tables


1. Cube C-Side Table | 2. Top Hat Marble Table | 3. Leonia Round Marble Table | 4. Marble Drink Table | 5. Marble & Brass End Table | 6. Hudson Drink Table | 7. Buenos Aires Drinks Table | 8. Black Marble Drink Table | 9. Marble Accent Table | 10. Norah Accent Table | 11. Solid Marble End Tables

Gold Accent Tables

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1. Modern Round Marble Side Table // 2. Waterfall Mid Century Modern Table // 3. Modern Enamel Top Accent Table // 4. Azura Brass C-Table // 5. Clear Acrylic End Table // 6. Antique Brass Nesting Accent Tables // 7. Round Metal Accent Table // 8. Cecilia Raw Brass Metal Accent Table // 9. Beaufort Brass Martini Table // 10. Tulip Side Table // 11. Rose Quartz Side Table // 12. Giza Brushed Gold Side Table // 13. Gold Martini Table // 14. Pavo Side Table // 15. Marble and Brass Side Table

Modern Black Side Tables

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1. Ludwick Accent Table // 2. Jedrek Martini Table // 3. Black Wood Side Table // 4. Westleigh Side Table // 5. Black Drink Table // 6. Concrete Accent Table // 7. Marble Drink Table // 8. Metal Side Table // 9. Wood End Table // 10. Jori Pedestal Side Table // 11. Ebony End Table // 12. Marble Side Table // 13. Black Lacquered Linen Side Table

Contemporary Side Tables

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1. Interiors Radnor Drink Table // 2. Electrum Accent Table // 3. Martini Side Table // 4. Raven Side Tables // 5. Large Modern Glass Side Table // 6. Black Side Table // 7. Bowtie Table // 8. Furniture Rockstar Side Table // 9. Coral Modern Round Side Table // 10. Red Marble Side Table // 11. Contemporary Side Table // 12. Trendy Wood Side Table

Contemporary Side Tables

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1. Acrylic Tray Table // 5. Ebern Designs Alviva Desk // 6. Modern Chic Accent Desk // 7. Faux Marble Tray Table // 8. Tray w/ Low Stand // 9. Folding Tray Table Champagne // 10. White And Gold Tray Table // 11. Vizela Tray Top Cross Legs End Table // 12. White and Gold Metal TV Tray // 13. Black and Gold Tray Table

There you have it the ultimate sofa side table guide you need for your home!

I hope this was helpful and gave you the ideas and inspiration to get your design project started.

Have an amazing rest of the day full of Unicorns & Rainbows!

xo Nicole

This post is all about the ultimate modern and contemporary side table guide.

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