15 Best Modern C Table Ideas For Your Living Room

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Looking for the best modern c table ideas for your living room? Check out my favorites that are perfect for any modern home!

The modern c table will make a fabulous addition to any room in your home. These tables are both stylish and functional.

They’re available from a variety of retailers at multiple price points. No matter your design budget there’s a contemporary c table for you.

This style accent table is great next you a bed, sofa, or side chair. They’re awesome to place at the front of the sofa or over the chaise area.

The beauty of the shape is it’ll tuck under the base of your living room sofa and wrap around the arm or seat. It’s the perfect silhouette for anyone working from home on the couch.

Think of it as the modern-day version of your grandfather’s snack table only cooler. If you’re in the market for a unique accent side table you’re going to LOVE this roundup!

This post is all about the best modern c table styles.

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modern c table in wood, metal, cement

Best Modern C Tables Of 2024

The c table is used as a place to put down a drink, book, or hold small electronic devices. It’s great to add it next to or in front of your sofa.

This table is awesome for those who work from home because the top surface can be angled over the sofa arm or your lap. The beauty is you’ll be able to pull it closer to you than the traditional side table with a central base.

The standard height of a modern c table is between 18-24 inches. A general rule to use as a guide is your end table should be within two inches of the sofa arm height.

Shop The Roundup

Here are the best modern c table ideas you can shop online.

modern c table in wood, metal, cement

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1. Drink Table // 2. Marble Side Tables // 3. Acrylic C Table // 4. Marble Laptop Table // 5. Modern Glam Tables // 6. Wood Top C-Side Tables // 7. Leather Sling C Table // 8. Brass Round C-Table // 9. Metal End Table // 10. Outdoor Side Table // 11. Oak C Table // 12. Metal Side Table // 13. Bronzed Iron Table // 14. Black Agate Tables // 15. Side Table With Drawer

1. Drink Table

round side table

This C-shaped base slips easily beneath sofas and chairs to maximize floor space. We have this exact table in our sitting room and it looks amazing.

tov gray chaise with gold trim and fur throw

This super cute drink table will get many compliments from friends and family. You can also move it throughout your living room to change the look and keep it fresh.

2. Marble Side Tables

c table with brass base

C-tables have a clever cantilevered top that resembles the letter C, hence the name. This sofa side table is perfect for enjoying the comforts of your couch while also enjoying your choice of technology.

The polished white marble top compliments the modern brass frame. Elevate the look of any room with the addition of this elegant accent table.

3. Modern Acrylic C Table

acrylic cart table with wheels

Add this acrylic c table to any small room that you want to feel more expansive. Since the table is clear it won’t add the usual bulky mass as a classic solid style would.

The best part is the casters at the base make it super easy to move to any area in your home. It has a c shape silhouette that’ll slide under your couch or accent chair.

This clear lucite table can also double as a bar cart if needed. Not everyone has an abundance of space to work with so this style will serve a dual purpose.

4. Marble Laptop Table

laptop table with gold base

With many people still working remotely a laptop table is a perfect addition to any space. These tables typically have the c-shape style so they can slide under your sofa or chair.

Many laptop side tables have a shelf or drawer at the top. This is super helpful for storing work supplies or remote controls.

Pottery Barn even has a version with sides that extend out so you have a larger work surface.

This one from World Market is super cute because it mixes style and function. Love the gold base with the marble top.

5. Affordable Modern Glam Tables

marble laptop table with marble top and gold base

For those on a budget, this affordable accent table from Target is fabulous. It’s great to use as an end table, sofa side table, or accent table.

At 16″ wide it’ll be just what you need in any small space. The modern glam silhouette features a faux white marble top and gold metal frame.

This table is awesome to pull up next to you while relaxing on the sofa. For small spaces add a pair to either side of your modern sofa.

6. Midcentury Modern C Table

wood top c table with gold base

This c table has a t shape base that slides perfectly under any modern sofa or bed. It’s available in walnut or dark mineral with a light bronze base.

You’ll add style and function to your living space with the addition of this affordable accent table. The investment is just under $200 which is great for adding a focal point to your interior design.

7. Leather Sling Black Modern C Table

metal and leather sling c table

If you need storage solutions in your living room or bedroom this c table is for you! The stylish design features mixed materials and a relaxed leather sling that’s awesome for holding books or magazines.

It has a black granite top that’s just the right size for drinks, remotes, a laptop, and more. For those who love the minimalist design style the clean sleek lines of this accent table will complement your space.

8. Brass Round C-Table

gold brass c table

Maximize the square footage of your living room with the addition of this brass c table. The space-saving surface top is just the right size for a drink or book.

It has a rustic vibe that’ll add texture and dimension to your room. The classic c shape will slide right under your accent chair or sofa for a practical solution.

9. Metal Modern C End Tables

wood and metal c table

If you’re on a super tight budget you’re going to love this affordable metal c table. It’s on sale right now for under $30 which is an amazing find.

Choose between the walnut or espresso black finish when placing your order online at Walmart. Either one will add much-needed style and function to any room it’s in.

10. Patio Outdoor Side Table

outdoor wood side table

Elevate the look of your patio, front porch, or backyard deck with the addition of this wood c table. It’s awesome for drinks and snacks for everyday use or while entertaining.

This table is contract grade so it’s built to last and will be in your family for many years to come. Choose between three moisture-resistant solid mahogany and solid eucalyptus wood colorways when placing your order online.

11. Oak C Table

baja c table grey

For an organic vibe, this c table is awesome. It’s made of white oak with unique grain, knots, and markings. The timeless silhouette has clean lines and simple geometry.

This table will add an elevated look to your bedroom, living room, den, and more! It’ll tuck away under your sofa or chair to help maximize your square footage.

Choose between the grey or natural colorway depending on the look and feel you’re after. Either one will make a statement in your modern interior design.

12. Metal Side Table

metal side table

The asymmetrical shape of the accent table will function the same as the other c tables in this roundup. It’s made of iron metal and has a geometric design.

This unique contemporary table will provide a much-needed contrast in any neutral space. There are only six left so order sooner than later before it sells out, especially if you want a pair.

Enter the code INSPIREDDESIGNTALK15 for 15% off your Lulu and Georgia order! Happy shopping!

13. Bronzed Iron Table

c table

Add form and function to your bedroom, living room, or basement with the addition of this modern c table. It’s great to add next to your sofa, bed, or accent chair.

The rectangular table top is the perfect size for a drink, snack, or working on your laptop. It has a dark bronze hand finish with gold undertones.

14. Black Agate Tables

black agate tables

This c table will add a sophisticated organic vibe to any space it’s in. It’s hand-crafted by Indian artisans and has a stone table top with an iron metal base.

Due to the natural stone material, each table will be original and unique. Essentially your c table will be a one-of-a-kind made just for you!

15. Side Table With Drawer

side table with drawer

Lastly, this modern c-shaped side table will add function and style to your living room or bedroom design. It’s great for SMALL spaces where you need an area to put down a book or drink.

It’s portable and lightweight making it easy to move around throughout your home. The small drawer is awesome for storing remotes, pens, or a notepad out of view.

The overall dimensions are 15.75 L x 10.25 W x 24.5 H inches. Make sure to measure your space before you place your order to be sure the size meets your needs.

There are two comments at Target where the buyers said the table was too small. You can avoid this issue if you measure first. Just saying!

I hope these contemporary modern c table styles inspire you to design a home you love!

Have an amazing day full of Unicorns & Rainbows!

xo Nicole

This post is all about the best modern c table styles.

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