Best Sustainable Gift Ideas You’ll Feel Good Giving

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Looking for sustainable gift ideas? Check out my favorites that are chic and eco-friendly. This way we can all contribute to helping our planet.

“Sustainability” has become a huge buzzword for products around us. It’s a great way to be more mindful and make small environmental changes that’ll make a big impact. If we move towards sustainable choices for gift giving, we can make a great change together.

Each of our picks from the list below is from The Little Market. A great resource that brings artisans from all around the world together. By buying these unique products, you’re supporting these artisans and making a great eco-friendly choice.

Looking for something unique, for mom, your best friend’s baby shower, dad’s picnic, or housewarming, we have you covered. The list below was carefully curated for all your gifting needs AND the best part is they’re sustainable.

Remind your loved ones and the planet how much they mean to you by choosing from our options below!

This post is all about sustainable gift ideas.

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sustainable gift ideas roundup

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Sustainable Gift Ideas For Eco-Friendly Living

Here are the best sustainable gift ideas for 2023:

Best Overall: Candle Gift Set

This candle gift set is great as a housewarming gift.

Best For Chocolate lovers: Hot Chocolate Gift Set

This gift set comes with mugs, chocolates, and a hot cocoa prep kit. It’s perfect for anyone who loves chocolate.

Best Home Decor: Corn Husk Peonies

These sustainably made peonies are fabulous to make any corner of your home more beautiful.

Best For Hosting Dinners: Etched French Blue Glass

Host dinner parties with these fascinating french glasses that are perfect for drinks.

Best For Baby Showers: Baby Shower Gift Set

This gift set is awesome for new parents and comes with a frame so you can add a personal touch!

Best For Your Cooking Needs: Hand-Carved Salad Servers

Your health-conscious friends will love this! Help them prep their salads with this chic serving set.

What makes a product sustainable?

A product is usually considered sustainable if it: Doesn’t deplete natural, nonrenewable resources. To make your gift-giving easier the list below is eco-friendly and supports artisans.

This way you’ll make gifting feel even better!

How do I make gift-giving eco-friendly?

Gift giving can become wasteful with unwanted gifts and all the wrapping paper. For ideas to make the holidays more mindful and sustainable check out the resources below.

Each product helps support artisans all around the world. You’ll enjoy environmentally friendly gift-giving while supporting artisans in need.

How do I know these gift ideas are sustainable products?

The Little Market is committed to building relationships with artisan co-ops, community-based organizations, and social enterprises that adhere to fair trade standards in developing handmade products. It’s the main reason why our gift ideas all come from them.

They prioritize working with women-centered groups, encourage empowerment, and promote basic human rights. They’re committed to environmentally sustainable practices, exercise transparency in all stages of production, and support community development.

This makes all their products unique and one of a kind. You can gift or purchase something from our sustainable gift list that’ll not only support artisans but make you feel amazing too.

Little Market Sustainable Gift Ideas

sustainable gift ideas roundup

1. Candle Gift Set // 2. Corn Husk Peonies // 3. Hand-Stitched Kantha Quilt // 4. Woven Coaster Boxed Set // 5. Etched French Blue Glass // 6. Hand-Carved Salad Servers // 7. Pretty Things Inside Gift Tote // 8. Sustainable Peony Candle // 9. Baby Shower Gift Set // 10. Naturally Dyed Indigo Journal Set // 11. Hot Chocolate Gift Set

1. Sustainable Candle Gift Set

pink and clear candle sustainable gift ideas in box

This gift set has beautiful countertop essentials paired with a hand-poured candle. The meaningful home gift set features pieces from around the world and is sure to be a fan favorite.

The artisan pieces are great to add to your vanity table to store all your essentials. Not to mention it’s decorative too!

2. Eco-Friendly Corn Husk Peonies

Eco conscious corn husk Peony Flower Bouquet

Sustainably made from corn husks, this bouquet of peonies is a constant reminder of spring days. The handmade bow is the perfect touch, making it easy to gift or decorate your space.

The best part is; that they’re handmade in the Philippines. Every purchase supports artisans in rural communities of the Philippines with dignified income opportunities.

3. Hand-Stitched Kantha Quilt

hand stitched sustainable quilt made in Bangladesh

This Kantha quilt is a one-of-a-kind work of art, with a unique design! Upcycled from vintage cotton saris, each quilt features an intricate pattern on one side and a white side with detailed stitching on the back. For a special touch, every blanket is embroidered with the name of the woman who made it.

Enjoy it as a picnic blanket or as your daily bedtime favorite snuggle piece. It’s ideal for a full- or queen-sized bed.

4. Planet Friendly Woven Coaster Boxed Set

environmentally friendly sustainable woven coasters

These environmentally friendly coasters are great for your kitchen table and home décor. Their intricate design and color scheme make them easy to pair and use.

Sturdy and made to last, each coaster has been carefully handwoven from sustainable star grass and locally sourced papyrus.

5. Eco Safe Etched French Blue Glass

Hand made in Mexico, tall etched flower texture glass sustainable gift ideas

Handmade in Mexico, support artisans by purchasing these sustainably made glasses. Their exquisite hand-etched design is always a showstopper.

You can use them at dinner parties, for everyday use, or even as a housewarming gift. Make a sustainable purchase and feel good knowing the mark you’re leaving behind is sustainable.

6. Hand-Carved Salad Servers For Sustainable Living

hand carved twisted wood salad servers

This sustainable yet modern salad server set is a fabulous gift for salad and dinner party lovers! Gift them with this set that’ll be a great product for their home.

Hand-carved with intricately twisted handles, these olive wood salad servers add beauty to any dining table. What’s even better? Each purchase supports Wood Carvers of Kenya artisans.

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7. Eco-Friendly Pretty Things Inside Gift Tote

reusable handmade tote bag

For all the tote bag lovers, this is the perfect eco-friendly gift. This stylish tote is perfect to fill up with all your essentials.

This reusable handmade bag is water-resistant and a gift that keeps on giving. The pretty message on the outside is sure to put a smile on your receiver’s face!

8. Sustainable Peony Candle

sustainable gift ideas hand poured, clean burning candle with a fresh fragrance of blooming peonies

If you’re a peony lover, this gift is a must-have!! You can now enjoy a bouquet of peonies every day, all year long with this delightful fragrance.

This hand-poured candle features a fresh fragrance of blooming peonies that you’ll never forget. Add elegance to your coffee table or your bedroom with its fresh scent.

9. Zero Waste Baby Shower Gift Set

Baby shower gift set with stuffed bunny, frame and candle

Treat new parents with this present for their little bundle of joy. Choose from a selection of stuffed toys, candles, and frames to pair your favorites together!

It’s a gift to remember and make the moment even more special for the new parents. It also makes a great present for your best friend’s baby shower.

10. Naturally Dyed Sustainable Indigo Journal Set

tie dye sustainably made journals gift set

Write down your daily reminders in sustainably made journals or gift this hand-dyed set. Each journal features one-of-a-kind designs and is sustainably hand-made by artisans in India.

Artisans collect discarded cotton fabric and transform it into paper for these journals. They then naturally dye the pieces with blue colors derived from indigo leaves that are native to India.

11. Fairtrade Hot Chocolate Gift Set

gift set for chocolate lovers with two white mugs and hot cocoa

For all sweet tooth lovers, this gift is the best sustainable choice! With chocolates and a hot cocoa kit with mugs, cover their sweet cravings with this gift set.

Send a sweet message with a note to make the receiver’s day even sweeter! You’re not only treating your loved ones but also supporting artisans in communities globally.

I hope these little market-sustainable gift ideas help you pick items for your loved ones. Leave your imprint on this world by making an eco-friendly choice!

You’ll do good while feeling awesome and enjoy your purchase even more.

Have an amazing day full of Unicorns & Rainbows!

xo Nicole

This post is all about sustainable gift ideas.

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