Outdoor Patio Decor (Shop The Look) Save or Splurge

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Looking for the best outdoor patio decor to upgrade your exterior space? Check out our favorites that you’ll enjoy no matter your budget!

The warm weather is coming and you know what that means it’s time to get outside. Whether you are looking to upgrade your current space or create from scratch this post will inspire you.

If you have started the sourcing process you may be overwhelmed with the options. All of my favorite retailers have outdoor patio decor that I love.

The key to getting started is to create the look and feel of the space you want to design. That way you know the pieces you need and can establish your budget.

This post shows one neutral patio design from two vendors. One is higher priced while the other is budget-friendly. For a more curated look, you can combine pieces that are high and low as shown in the feature image.

Keep scrolling for all the details on how you can achieve this look.

This post is all about outdoor patio decor you’ll love.

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Outdoor Patio Decor Ideas

The featured design is a neutral modern outdoor patio space from Arhaus and World Market. Both have awesome unique pieces with Arhaus being at the higher price point.

That said you can always splurge on a few high-end key pieces and then mix in furniture and decor from World Market as well.

Combining multiple vendors is always best because you will create an original design that shows your personality. When I design I like to mix 5-7 vendors which makes the design special.

Another feature of this design is the neutral color palette which is the perfect backdrop for adding in any accent color you’d like. By just changing out a few pillows, the pouf, and decor you can create a new and fresh look.

That said let’s get into the design.

Shop The Look: High And Low


In the above image, you can see both the high and low designs side by side. The look is very similar so it’s easy to pick and choose from each which is your favorite.

Both feature an all-weather, resin wicker sectional with cushioned seats.

The World Market is available in the colorway shown while the Arhaus can be customized to grey or bark wicker. Grey is more trendy so if you are going for a more timeless look then go for the bark.

The Montauk Arhaus option is on sale for $7000 while the Gray Zahara from World Market will cost you under $2000. That’s a difference of about $5000 so depending on your budget will determine which is best for you.

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Either will look super stylish and updated in your outdoor space.

Another difference for me is the hanging chair which I love. Arhaus used to have a version but they’ve updated it with the Sevilla Swivel Chair. Both would look fabulous but I have a sweet spot for the hanging chair option.

It is super comfy and perfect for curling up with a good book.

Do you have a favorite from either design?

Arhaus Outdoor Design Inspiration (Splurge)

outdoor patio decor arhaus

1. Plant Stand | 2. Hardin Pillow | 3. Outdoor Pillow | 4. Bantu Outdoor Pillow | 5. Coronado Pendant | 6. L Shape Sectional | 7. Outdoor Coffee Table | 8. Outdoor End Table | 9. Performance Rug | 10. Swivel Chai | 11. Herrick Pouf | 12. Etta Outdoor Pillow | 13. Lounge Chair | 14. Terrazzo Stool | 15. Square Lantern

So you can compare apples to apples I have calculated approximately what each design will cost you.

The Arhaus as shown would be $12,646 but I would choose between the two chairs and double up.

If you have space add the single swivel chair but go for two of the Lounge chairs. Then you can place the cute Terrazzo stool side table between them.

Get two poufs if you have room to create balance in the design.

Remember to always do a floor plan first. Yes even for the outdoor patio decor. Trust me that way you know what will fit and will have way less returning to do.

Do two of the black metal side tables one for each side of the sectional that way you have a place for your summer cocktail.

Also multiple pillows, not just the four that are shown.

World Market Outdoor Patio Decor (Save)

outdoor patio decor world market

16. Terracotta Planter | 17. Gray Sol Pillow | 18. Lumbar Pillow | 19. Throw Pillow | 20. Gold Lantern | 21. Modular Outdoor Sectional | 22. Outdoor Coffee Table | 23. Accent Table | 24. Indoor Outdoor Rug | 25. Egg Chair | 26. Outdoor Pouf | 27. Black And Ivory Pillow | 28. Accent Chairs | 29. Accent Stool | 30. Rattan Lantern

For the World Market design same thoughts as above but here I would get multiple gold lanterns. I love a pop of gold and just one won’t be enough unless you mix in a few other gold decor items.

The accent chair comes in a set of two which is awesome and will save on the budget.

Now for the total here which comes in at $4169 for one of each item shown. That’s about a difference of $8477 which can make or break the bank for some.

Sidenote: On the modular sectional you can also make it bigger but adding in more armless seats. The beauty of modular sectionals is you can configure them to work perfectly for your space.

How To Mix High Low Outdoor Patio Decor

So what I love to do when designing is choose my favorite splurge pieces from high-price vendors and mix those with budget-friendly items.

That way I get the best of both worlds and no one is the wiser as to which is which. It’s my secret because to everyone else the design looks elevated and luxurious.

If you plan the pieces out you can do this too. Your friends and family will have no idea what you spent but will think it was a lot.

outdoor furniture design inspiration

Here is the mixed design which would cost $11,090 because the sectional is from Arhaus. If you went with the World Market option it would be $6000 so you can see mixing the pieces will make a huge difference in the overall cost of the design.

If this is your forever home, consider splurging if not go for the budget-friendly design. Your new space may now accommodate these pieces and it will suck if you spent a lot.

I hope this was helpful and gave you ideas on how you can design your outdoor patio.

Have a fabulous night full of Unicorns & Rainbows!

xo Nicole

This post is all about outdoor patio decor you’ll love.

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