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13 Gold Towel Bar Sets (Avoid Making This Mistake)

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Looking for gold towel bar sets to update your bathroom in 2023? Here are our favorites available online and the mistake you need to avoid!

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Gold Towel Bar Sets

If you’ve been in the market for gold towel bar sets you know there are many variations of gold finishes. There are yellow, orange, brass, antiques, and champagne to name a few. So a few weeks ago we made the mistake of purchasing two gold towel bar pieces from Pottery Barn.

I kinda thought it would be hard to match the finish but it was $20 for the pair so I made the purchase. I originally thought we would use it in the upstairs bath but the gold was too dark compared to the Kohler Faucet we have.

Photo by Ksenia Chernaya from Pexels

The Dilemma

Here are the two pieces from Pottery Barn in the Tumbled Brass gold finish.

Linden Bathroom Hardware • Shelf


Linden 24″ Towel Bar


These are the Kohler fixtures from the Purist Collection.


As you can see the two gold-finished do not match. So I set out on a quest to match the two pieces for the downstairs bathroom and find a new set that would match the upstairs Kohler faucet and shower body. That has proved to be quite the challenge.

If I did not let my abundance issues get in the way I would have ordered these two pieces from Pottery Barn when I ordered the 21 x 34″ gold trim Vintage Rounded Rectangular Recessed Medicine Cabinet.

Sadly I did not do that. Instead, I was determined to find the perfect gold to match. OMG images online are not exactly what they are in person.

The Options

First, I tried this set from Amazon but it was too yellow and did not match.

GAPPO 3 Piece Bathroom Hardware Accessories Set Brushed Gold

Next, I found this set on Rejuvenation. I originally ordered the four pieces but then two were canceled. After waiting two weeks I received the toilet paper holder and towel bar but they were too yellow again! I really loved the style but it did not work in either bathroom. I knew I would have the same matching issue so I returned this too.



I tied one more time and ordered this set from amazon BUT again it was too yellow. I thought since it said Antique Brass it might match but NOPE! Again it was a fail!

Round Towel Ring Antique Brass Hanger Hand Towel Holder

Toilet Paper Holder Antique Brass

Finally, I accepted the fact that I had to buy the two pieces from Pottery Barn for a total of $75.39 with shipping. The issue is it will not arrive until January 2021 which is a few weeks after our deadline. Since this was the best decision for this situation I will just have to wait to install the last two pieces.

Clearly, I was trying my best to keep the cost down for this project. If there was no budget I would have just ordered the Kohler Purist Gold Towel Bar Set for a total of $471.31 for the upstairs bathroom. The finish is Vibrant French Gold which is the same as the faucet.

As you can see the price is super over budget. This is why the hunt for the perfect alternative. I LOVE the Purist collection but it is pricey. Below are all the finishes it is available in. There are so many!

At one point I also thought about this set from Anthropologie but decided against black.

Darwin Towel Bar

I even bought a black set from Home Depot that I planned to add gold to. Oh, the dilemma. I returned that one too!

The Final Purchase

In the end, I purchased a towel bar and toilet paper holder from Floor Decor. It is a pretty warm gold that pairs great with the Kohler faucet finish.


These are the other available pieces in the collection.

I also purchased this Hearth & Hand™ with Magnolia towel hook from Target.


For the Shower Curtain Rings, I purchased the Hearth & Hand™ with Magnolia Decorative from Target.


Lastly, I bought this shower rod off Amazon that I still have to hang and hem those white curtains.


These finishes match and complement each other so we are good to go upstairs. Downstairs I just added the two missing pieces to the $20 pieces I already had. I did not plan to spend that much but in the end, those and the mirror would be the only spurges.

Oh we also did this vinyl floor that was quite the spurge as well.

Update! As I was writing this I literally canceled the 2 matching pieces from Pottery Barn and decided to add a toilet holder and towel hook in chrome. I am going with the mixed metal trend and think I can get away with it. Stay tuned for photos in a future post.

Best Gold Towel Bar Sets

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13

As you can see there are so many gold finishes and styles to choose from.

Moral of the Story: Purchase the pieces from the same collection or spend A LOT of time trying to match the finish.

Pro Tip: Purchase the pieces from the same collection or spend A LOT of time trying to match the finish.


Lesson learned my friends. Hopefully, this will save you the trouble of purchasing and then returning multiple sets.

Happy Bathroom designing!

I hope you have a great day full of Unicorns & Rainbows!

xo Nicole

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