7 Dorm Room Extras Every Freshman Needs

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This is a post all about the dorm room extras that may come in handy while away at college so you are ready for anything.

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Dorm Room Extra

There are so many things to think of when going away to college especially if it’s far from home.

I’ve mentioned this before but my daughter is attending Hawai’i Pacific University this August so we are trying to prepare as much as possible.

We pretty much have to do most of the shopping when she goes since can only transport a limited amount on the plane.

As of the latest update last night, she may now have to quarantine for 14 days after she arrives on the island so it’s possible she’ll be traveling solo!


Dorm Room Extras For Freshman

This is a quick post on some awesome add-ons she may want to have so she’s ready for anything.

dorm room extras

1. Tool Kit // 2. First Aid Kit // 3. Umbrella // 4. Safe // 5. Sewing Kit // 6. Flashlight / 7. Batteries

1. Tool Kit

May not be as necessary during the first year but if you move off campus after this will definitely come in handy. Usually, the off-campus house students rent is not always luxurious.

2. First Aid Kit

Just in case an accident happens you will be prepared with some bandaids and alcohol.

3. Umbrella

Always a good idea because you never know what the weather will be like.

4. Safe

Great to keep your cash, cards, jewelry, passport, and other valuables safe. You just never know since many schools are sketchy outside the campus area. This one will hide the fact that you may have some trust issues lol.

5. Sewing Kit

More for the crafty creatives because if you are anything like my daughter this will NEVER be used lol.

6. Flashlight

You never know when one will come in handy. Even though your phone has a light you may also want to save the battery life during a blackout.

7. Batteries

More for the student who is NOT flying to college but you may want to pick some up once you arrive.

This post is meant to be a reminder of DORm room extras that may come in handy while away at college.

Hope it was helpful!

Have a great day full of Unicorns + Rainbows!

xo Nicole

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