Cloffice Ideas That’ll Help You Work In Style

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Looking for stylish cloffice ideas that are super inspiring in 2024? Check out our favorites that are sure to get you motivated to work!

If you are not familiar with the term cloffice let me fill you in.

A cloffice is a closet and home office in one space. It’s a perfect idea for a style or fashion blogger as well as everyday girls and men.

This trendy design idea combines two different functions in one room helping you be even more productive.

If you search the term on Pinterest you will find a ton of inspiration. I’ve pulled my favorite cloffice ideas images that I’m sharing here today.

There are also links to help you recreate the look.

Enjoy the post and let me know what you think of these cloffice designs in the comment section below.

This post is all about cloffice ideas that are super inspiring.

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Photo by Anastasia Shuraeva from Pexels

How to Design a Cloffice

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When designing a cloffice there are key elements you’ll want to include.

Cloffice items:

  1. Desk
  2. Office chair
  3. Desk Accessories
  4. File Cabinet
  5. Lighting
  6. Task Lighting
  7. Window Treatment
  8. Shelving
  9. Wall Calendar
  10. Bookcase
  11. Closet Organization
  12. Rolling Rack
  13. Pretty Hangers
  14. Rug
  15. Gallery Wall/ Artwork
  16. Office Decor
  17. Wallpaper
  18. Mirror
  19. Sitting Area
  20. Accent Chair
  21. Meeting Table
  22. Greenery
  23. Neon Sign

Those are all the items/ ideas I love at the moment.

Now let’s get into the details of these categories. Shall we?!

1. Desk

I am a fan of L-shaped desks personally because I like to spread out while I work.

If you are creating a walk-in cloffice with closet shelving on both sides and the desk in the center then I’d go with the secretary desk.

That would work especially if you are just working on a laptop.

Since I use a large desktop Mac I prefer the larger size.

2. Chair Cloffice Ideas

Love that desk from High Fashion Home paired with the black velvet TOV office chair.

Your chair is an area you will want to splurge especially if you’ll be working at the computer for long periods at a time.

I like a wide comfy chair since sometimes I cross my legs in Indian style while I work. I know weird but it’s a thing.

3. Desk Accessories

Cute office supplies are a necessity in any office. There are so many I love that have a glam touch of gold. Update your glam cloffice with pretty white and gold accessories.

4. File Cabinet Cloffice Ideas

A file cabinet is a must-have to keep all your important papers organized.

That white and gold one from Wayfair keeps going out of stock. I’m hoping it’s available when I get around to doing my cloffice design.

5. Lighting Cloffice Ideas

Lighting is the jewelry of a room and an area where I tend to splurge.

My heart skips a beat at the sight of a pretty chandelier. You are going to want a show-stopper chandelier in your modern home office design.

6. Task Lighting

When it comes to modern cloffice ideas task lighting is great to have.

It is perfect for those times when you just need a little light. It also helps set the mood and create an atmosphere.

7. Window Treatment Cloffice Ideas

Window treatments are a great place to add texture and interest to your walk-in cloffice. I personally love long panels from floor to ceiling for the drama they create in a room.

This was the first image that came up when I heard about the new cloffice trend. This design is by a blogger who just quit her job to blog full-time.

I’m mentioning that because I find it super inspiring. With the internet, the sky is the limit as to the career you can create for yourself.

Dream big my friends!

8. Shelving Cloffice Ideas

Floating shelves are great for displaying inspiration and decor in your glam home office.

I love the artwork on display in this glam cloffice.

9. Wall Calendar

Calendars are essential in my life. I am working with around five a month these days to stay organized and productive.

Large wall calendars are a great way to see an overview of everything you have on your schedule.

10. Bookcase

Bookcase or etagere bookcases are great for storing books and office supplies. They are so pretty too!

Add baskets in your stylish home office design to hide items and display decorative items on the shelves.

11. Closet Organization Cloffice Ideas

So I have always been obsessed with the Martha Stewart closet system. She used to have a line with Home Depot which I have in three closets in my home.

Now she has a collection with California closets which I have also seen on Wayfair.

It is gold and white which is perfect for your cloffice design.

12. Rolling Rack

A freestanding rolling rack can be moved as needed for photoshoots.

I love the gold and white design.

13. Pretty Hangers

I think every girly cloffice needs gold hangers… just saying.

14. Rug Cloffice Ideas

Add a fun fur or antelope rug to your stylish home office for a glam touch.

It will help warm up your space as well.

15. Gallery Wall/ Artwork

A gallery wall is perfect for expressing your personality. It also will keep you motivated to keep grinding.

We have a gallery wall in the Airbnb over the desk which adds so much interest to the space.

16. Office Decor

Personalized home decor items are a great way to add interest to your office. I love to look at pretty things as I work. It helps inspire me to keep hustling.

Pillows help you create a color palette or “look and feel”. If you have a rug or artwork as the jumping-off point the colors of your pillows will come from there.

17. Wallpaper Cloffice Ideas

Peel and stick wallpaper is another way to add a wow factor to your modern home office design. I love the black and white print in the inspiration image but the large peony print is my fav!

You can just add it to one wall as a focal point especially if it’s a busy pattern.

18. Mirror

If you are a fashion or lifestyle blogger you need a full-length mirror. It is great for everyday use as well.

I’ve been obsessed with the Anthropologie Gleaming Primrose Mirror for some time now. Need to make that happen!

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19. Sitting Area Cloffice Ideas

A cute sitting area is perfect for visitors if you have extra space. Just adding a cute accent chair and table can do wonders for the mood of a room.

If you stick to a neutral color palette you can change the look and feel of the space just by changing the accent color.

20. Accent Chair

This is the concept of the accent chair and side table. See how cute?!!

If you are afraid of the pink velvet chair go for the better price version from Target.

The other option is a neutral chair and then add the pop color to your pillows. Either will make an impact in your office at home.

21. Meeting Table

A girl can think and dream big!

We are going to need a cute table and chairs for those meetings we’ll be having with our future employees.

22. Greenery Cloffice Ideas

There are many benefits to adding greenery to your room. Aside from the fact that they are pretty they also have the below benefits.

The benefits of adding greenery and plants include:

  • They help to reduce stress.
  • Increase productivity.
  • Reduce sickness and absence rates.
  • Make workspaces more attractive.
  • They clean the air.
  • Help to reduce noise levels.
  • Can boost creativity.

23. Neon Sign

Every cloffice needs a neon sign. They are super fun and perfect to add to your personality.

We have this one in our sitting room which we love. It sets the intention of our home and lets our guests know this is a drama-free space.


I hope you love these Cloffice ideas as much as I loved pulling them together. So looking forward to designing mine shortly.

Hopefully, this post will inspire you to design your new space.

Have an amazing day full of Unicorns & Rainbows!

xo Nicole

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