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19 Baby Boy Nursery Decor That’ll Help You Design The Cutest Room In The House

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Looking cute and trendy baby boy nursery decor? Check out my favorites that will give you ideas and inspiration for your next project!

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Baby Boy Nursery Decor

As I was sourcing products online I stumbled on the H&M Kids room section. That lead me down a rabbit hole of all the cute and trendy furniture and home decor they have for babies.

Since I already did a baby girl post, 3 Walmart Nursery Design Ideas That Are Super Cute, I decided it was time for the baby boy nursery decor post.

When designing kids’ rooms I always like to start with the theme. This will give you a jumping-off point to pull your colors from.

For boy’s rooms, there are many themes that’ll inspire you. Some popular ones include space, dinosaurs, sports, camping, outdoors, and critters to name a few.

The theme of the design shown is a combination of dinosaurs, outer space, and teddy bears. If you have been looking for ideas and inspiration for baby boys you are in the right place.

This post is all about baby boy nursery decor.

Photo by Minnie Zhou on Unsplash

Baby Boy Nursery Decor Ideas

Before we get into the round-up I wanted to share some of the inspiration I found on Pinterest. If you need ideas for any project always be sure to check there first.

Trust me… You will find sooooo much inspiration! I recommend choosing three images to be your main source of inspiration. Selecting more can create overwhelm and we do not want that!

Now for that inspiration for the baby boy nursery decor.

I love the neutral colors of the above inspiration. Also the natural element of the whicker side table and greenery.

Wall-to-wall carpeting is not my thing but I do love the fur throw area rug. The artwork over the crib is a cute idea too.

This is the dresser inspo from Crate & Barrel for the round-up board which I’m obsessed with.

Again I’m very much about the neutral colors, natural elements, and animal decor. They’re all perfect and very fitting for a baby boy’s nursery design.

Clearly, I love the products in Crate & Barrel like this Snoozer Cream Glider and Ottoman designed by Leanne Ford. I love everything she does and this furniture collection is stunning.

How cool is this chair?!

The family-friendly, irresistibly nubby boucle fabric offers practicality and durability in a sophisticated hue that pairs beautifully with the honey-hued wooden base.

Such a thing of beauty!

Lastly, this image would be perfect for a gender-neutral nursery or baby boy. I know I said three but the middle two could count as one since they are both technically from Crate & Barrel.

Loving the layered rug look, natural pouf, and white and gray color palette.

Now that you have a visual of some spaces here are the cute decor ideas for your project.

Best Nursery Decor 2023

Some highlights from the design below are that freaking dino head which I’m OBSESSED with. How cute would that look in your nursery?

This design also incorporates olive and black colors to add contrast to the otherwise neutral palette. The artwork and round rug are super cute too!

Now let’s get into all the resources of this concept board.


1. Climbing Astronauts // 2. Dinosaur Art Dinosaur Print Boys Wall Art // 3. Open Weave Pendant // 4. New Moon Removable Wallpaper // 5. Dinosaur Wall Decoration // 6. World Map Rug // 7. Dinosaurs Poster // 8. Black and Natural Thornhill Crib // 9. Dark Green Dresser // 10. Animals Crib Fitted Sheet // 11. Campfire Night Light // 12. Tanner Solid Wood Side Table // 13. Snoozer Cream Glider and Ottoman // 14. Pantone: Box Of Color Board Book // 15. Crossweave Curtain // 16. Patterned Duvet Cover Set // 17. Wanderer Throw Pillow // 18. Solar System Mobile // 19. Storage Basket with Lid

Baby Boy Nursery Decor Resources

1. Climbing Astronauts


These fun climbing astronauts are perfect for any baby boy nursery. They give the illusion of falling and climbing up the wall.

The delivery time on these may take a minute so order sooner than later if you love them!

2. Dinosaur Art Dinosaur Print Boys Wall Art


If you are looking for cute artwork for your baby boy nursery decor Etsy has you covered. This is a digital file that can be downloaded, printed, and then added to your choice of frames.

Artwork is great to use as a jumping-off point when choosing your color scheme. If your space is neutral just pull out the colors of the prints to use as a pop color in your nursery.

Just remember to make sure you repeat to color in at least three places for balance and flow.

3. Open Weave Pendant Light


This stylish peek-a-boo shade is a great choice for your modern nursery design. The name of this modern pendant light will encourage hours of play with your little one.

The open weave will make the nursery feel light and airy. It features a diffused light, adjustable height, and shape that was inspired by paper lanterns.

This pendant light will grow with your little one as he ages up to a big boy room making it a timeless option.

4. New Moon Removable Wallpaper


Peel and stick wallpaper is perfect to add style and personality to your nursery design. This design comes in multiple size options so measure twice before your order. You know that old saying right?!

Your baby will be dreaming of the nighttime sky with the fun black and white phases of the moon print. The neutral two-tone design makes this wallpaper the perfect backdrop for your nursery design.

And the best part is it’s removable so need to worry if you change the nursery theme in the future. Just peel it off and you’ll have a blank slate ready to go.

5. Dinosaur Wall Decoration


I’m totally OBSESSED with this cute dinosaur wall decor from H&M. It’s made of padded soft velour with appliques and embroidered details.

At just under $20 this affordable nursery wall art is great for adding style and personality to your design.

6. World Map Rug


Your little one will spend hours of time playing on this world map rug. Not to mention he’ll get an education on the countries and animal names too.

This fun rug will help you teach your baby boy to travel the world and enjoy his many experiences. This is another great place to start when choosing your color palette as well.

7. Dinosaurs Poster


Teach your baby all the dinosaur names and characteristics. This fun poster is printed on FSC® certified recycled paper and ready to be hung.

The size is 50×70 so it’s sure to be a focal point in your nursery design.

8. Black and Natural Thornhill Crib


If you are looking to make a statement in your nursery design this darn brown and natural crib is perfect. It has an elevated design that is sure to level up your little one’s room.

It features a mix of materials that include natural cane, a dark brown wash finish, and gold-capped feet for a luxe touch.

The ash and poplar construction make this crib as durable as it is fashionable. It also easily converts to a toddler bed with an optional toddler rail (sold separately).

If you are interested in this feature purchase ALL coordinating products together or you will be sorry later.

9. Dark Green Dresser


Many people go with blue for their baby boy room but my son’s favorite color has always been green. That said this stylish dark green dresser will elevate any nursery design it’s in.

It has a deep earthy glaze finish that lets the natural wood grain show through. The powder-coated gold drawer pulls and base adds a sophisticated vibe to this modern dresser.

There are grooved drawer fronts, six spacious drawers, and soft-close glides. A tip restraint kit is included to secure the dresser to your wall to prevent tipping.

10. Animals Crib Fitted Sheet


Add this fun colorful print to your nursery and create your design around it. The woodland illustrations are the perfect outdoor touch that is a nature lover’s dream.

Made of 100% organic cotton this fitted sheet will give your baby boy a comfortable night’s sleep.

11. Campfire Night Light


Camping can be quite a childhood pastime and this lamp will be a reminder of all the fun memories. You won’t be able to roast any marshmallows but it will provide your room with just the right amount of light.

Add it to a side table or nightstand for a stylish and practical nightlight.

12. Tanner Solid Wood Side Table


The Tanner solid wood side table is sure to be durable for many years to come. It’s inspired by the Japanese art technique of Shou sugi ban. This black side table will add texture and warmth to your nursery design.

It features a solid wood frame, heavily sandblasted surface, and a high sheen finish. The unique table design will make a statement in your baby’s room.

13. Snoozer Cream Glider and Ottoman


Did I mention how much I LOVE Leanne Ford? I know I did and this super cool glider and ottoman does not disappoint. Leanne is known for her laid-back neutral vibe that is just as timeless as it is trendy. It’s the perfect balance of the two!

This rocker is sure to get hours of use and be your favorite spot for reading, lullabies, and late-night feedings.

The boucle chair has rounded arms, plush upholstery, and exaggeratedly deep channel tufting. It has family-friendly nubby boucle fabric that pairs perfectly with the honey-hued wooden base.

Just add the coordinating storage ottoman to complete the look!

14. Pantone: Box Of Color Board Book


The Pantone color books are great for all my creatives who have spent hours playing with the popular color chips. This is a fabulous way to teach your baby all the colors of the rainbow and more!

15. Crossweave Curtain


Gorgeous curtains for the nursery or any space in your home. The Belgian flax cross-weave curtain is sold as a set or individual. It comes in three lengths and can be purchased unlined or with a blackout lining.

It has a subtle texture that’ll add a touch of luxury and sophistication to your nursery design.

16. Patterned Duvet Cover Set


How cute is this twin duvet cover set?! It’s made of woven organic cotton fabric with a printed pattern. The duvet cover opens at the foot end and comes with one pillowcase with a super cute character design.

This set is sure to be the highlight of your baby boy nursery decor.

17. Wanderer Throw Pillow


Encourage your baby to wander and explore from a young age. Remember everything good is on the other side of fear!

18. Solar System Mobile


So I guess now that Elon Musk and Richard Branson have made traveling to space a thing… It’s no longer just a dream. The sky is the limit for you and your little one. Just saying!

19. Storage Basket with Lid


Last but not least is this super cute bear face basket with a lid. If you are looking to add personality and unique pieces to your nursery design this basket is for you!

I hope this post gave you ideas and inspiration as you design your baby’s nursery. Don’t forget to have fun and enjoy the process.

Have an amazing day full of Unicorns & Rainbows!

xo Nicole

This post is all about baby boy nursery decor.

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